The e-Edition is an enhanced online version of the complete daily paper. If you have a subscription, you can enter the e-Edition and read the paper just as you would at the breakfast table, coffee in hand. Browse through archived papers of the past year, or jump right to your favorite section or column. With your online account, you can also manage aspects of your subscription. Take charge of your account and these aspects:
*Vacation Starts and Stops
*Comment on service, report lost or missing newspaper, etc.
*Change of address/contact information
*Subscription renewal

MyTFP allows you to create an account on our website without a subscription. By creating an account, you can post comments on stories, videos, and the political cartoon. Joining is free, and you can customize your account with as much (or little) information as you want. With your TFP account, you can:
*Share your opinion by commenting on site content
*Create a profile and personalized avatar
*Manage what others can see my adjusting your privacy settings
*Cast your vote on site contests, polls, etc
*Create a network of friends with the same passion for news