published Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Kyriakidis touts independence in congressional race

As the owner of the Acropolis restaurant and a major in the Army National Guard, Savas Kyriakidis says he has been busy fighting economic and military battles in recent years and didn't build enough ties to run as a Republican candidate in Tennessee's 3rd Congressional district.

But the 44-year-old attorney, businessman and soldier said Wednesday he believes he can upset the odds and win a new career as an independent in Congress.

"In this election, I am the true conservative Republican, but I don't really think party politics is producing the best choice," he said. "Oftentimes, it's giving those of us who are the most connected, or the best entrenched or those that have made the right deals."

Kyriakidis, who is running as one of six independent candidates on the ballot, said he supports a more limited role for the federal government, focusing on economic growth, educational improvement, environmental quality and energy independence.

Social Security and health care programs should transition to programs that lessen government's role and put more responsibility on the individual for future generations, Kyriakidis said. He also said he would support a "fair tax" on consumption -- a type of national sales tax -- to replace the current federal income tax.

Kyriakidis wants to repeal the health care plan adopted by Congress this year, block approval of any "cap and tax" on carbon emissions and "stop outrageous federal spending."

His conservative agenda picked up the endorsement and contribution this month of Chattanooga Tea Party President Mark West, who praised Kyriakidis for joining the Army at age 33 and fighting in Iraq and serving in the Army Special Operations division.

"His years in the military have honed him into someone with great leadership qualities," West said.

Kyriakidis said he expects his campaign will spend about $75,000 in the race, including about $50,000 of his own money. Although that is less than 10 percent of what Republican Chuck Fleischmann has spent in the primary and general election campaign, Kyriakidis said his campaign is like many of the military ventures he has been on.

"It's targeted and with the right shot can be successful," he said.

Savas Kyriakidis

* Age: 44

* Party: Independent

* Education: Graduate of the University of the South and the University of Dayton Law School

* Career: He practiced law for more than two years before entering the military at age 33. He is owner of Acropolis Four Star Grills and an Army major serving as command judge advocate for the 20th Special Forces Group

Web site:

3rd district candidates

* Republican -- Chuck Fleischmann

* Democrat -- John Wolfe

* Other independents: Don Barkman, Mark DeVol, Gregory Goodwin, Robert Humphries, Mo Kiah

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TeaParty330 said...

The founding fathers never envisioned the United States maintaining more than 1 million persons in a standing Army that spends as much as the rest of the world combined with military bases and intervention all over the world. We are now involved in military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan that Congress never declared as wars under the constitution. Why do my fellow constitutional conservatives get blinders on when it comes to one of the biggest parts of government -- military spending? The government didn't even budget for these wars for years and continues not to fund the pension liabilities for Major Kyriakidis and other soldiers in the military. The Veteran Affairs department is funded totally out of operating funds, even though it has promised hundreds of billions of dollars of future obligations. If government should run like a business as the good major says, then fund military pensions in an actuarial sound manner and when we go to war make sure Congress declares war as required by the constitution and properly accounts for the expenses of that war as required by proper accounting standards. That's the true conservative position. You can't complain about "outrageous federal spending" and ignore military, VA and related spending in the budget. You can't be a constitutional conservative and think we should continue to ignore Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution

October 21, 2010 at 6:34 a.m.
sideviews said...

The fastest way to end the war in Afghanistan is to make the American people properly pay the taxes to support the war. If American taxpayers rather than Chinese lenders were paying for the Afghanistan war, the public would quit supporting it and the United States would quickly withdraw. The war in Afghanistan has now cost the United States more than $357 billion, or more than $1,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States -- and nearly all of that money has been borrowed and heaped on to the federal debt. How many of you are willing to write your $1,000 check to the government for that effort?

October 21, 2010 at 6:42 a.m.
BigRidgePatriot said...

Thank you TFP for giving Kiriakidis exposure.

It looks like voters looking for an alternative to Fleischmann are consolidating behind Kiriakidis. He did very well at the debate Saturday and won the straw pole by a huge margin. He has also been dominating the pole on the Pulse.

October 21, 2010 at 2:46 p.m.
pemallard said...

Savas hasn't been in the race very long and having only been at one debate that's pretty good that Mark West and everyone else is supposedly jumping up to support him. He is putting out advertisements for his candidacy in his uniform which is against the UCMJ to do that. His performance at the debate on Saturday was not very impressive and the audience was packed with his friends which one was from Georgia and can't even vote in this election. Go to and search for tennessee politics and you can see all the debates and until recently Savas hadn't been to any. To claim he is the best choice is obviously politics as usual as Mark DeVol has been in this race with Conservative values, he supports the Fair Tax and is not accepting money from Lobbyist and Lawyers like Chuck Fleischmannn. You can see the debate for yourself.

October 21, 2010 at 7:47 p.m.
dogwood said...

Desperate men say desperate things. Clearly Savas's surge of support is causing angst to other candidates. The truth is that there is a filing deadline for every election which all of the candidates, including Savas, had to meet. DeVol states he has been campaigning for over 18 months, yet claims that he is not a politician. And now he is apparently angry that a better candidate has emerged and is speaking with a forked tongue about that candidate while Savas contiues to espouse what he believes and what his credentials are. What does it say that Savas has surpassed him in a few weeks of hard hitting and far reaching campaigning where he has participated in every debate he has been invited to and even some that he was not. As for the UCMJ perhaps consulting a JAG might better reveal what the code says? Do not doubt for a moment that all of the rules of ethics have been followed every step of the way on this highly accomplished soldier's campaign. Are angry, untruthful attacks against Savas supposed to convince us that you are the kind of person we want to send to Washington? I think not. I want a representative who has already walked into the fire and come out a true leader; a representative who will lead the 535 and not get lost in the shuffle; a representative who will speak out for what he believes in rather than belittling others to make himself look better. I want a representative who understands the intracacies of Federal regulations, who can smell a rat when he reads legislation so that We the People are not taken advantage of any more. I want a candidate who is a proven leader and there is no better proof than standing up in the heat of battle, saying 'follow me men' and being unfailingly followed because your leadership inspires confidence and faith. My biggest question is this: DeVol harps on putting up a big dollar pledge which he will forfeit if he does not honor his self-imposed 3 term limitation. Is it coincidence then that DeVol's pledge to serve only 3 terms equates to 6 years of service which is one more than the 5 years of service required to be eligible for lifetime benefits including a pension, health benefits, and social security? The 3rd District of Tennessee needs a strong leader with a history of service to represent us in Washington and that leader is Savas Kyriakidis.

October 21, 2010 at 11:46 p.m.
moe1971 said...

Savas Kyriakidis is set apart from all other candidates in this race. What sets him apart are NOT things like how he advertises, who endorses him or how many friends he has. It isn't even how many debates he has participated in or how well he did in said debates. (Yes that is debates, plural. You need to do some fact checking pemallard). What sets him apart is who he is. It is the combination of his faith, character, integrity, leadership skills and life experiences that have culminated to make him a rock solid candidate and a breath of fresh air! He has a proven track record of sacrificial service as a war veteran, and offers intelligent, viable solutions for the problems plaguing our nation. If you listen to him in his many radio interviews, debates, forums, t.v. spots, etc. you will hear a man who sincerely believes in God, his country and the people that he intends to serve as their Congressman. He understands the leadership skills necessary for this task and clearly and concisely demonstrates them. All of this translates to the people as confidence and hope. Now, those are two words almost NEVER associated with politics. Like I said, he is a breath of fresh air.

October 22, 2010 at 12:05 a.m.
pemallard said...

My reasoning for him not being in the race long enough is, In one speaking engagement Savas wanted to give illegals tracking Id's like the one the military ID's have, at the same debate he said that the borders shouldn't be patroled by the National Guard, his argument was weak saying that that wasn't a good use of the guard. I disagree, the civilians at the border do not have enough firepower to stop the drug warlords at the border that is indiscriminately killing in our country. Try to get an illegal to get a tracking id, that is a joke. I don't have a problem with Savas personally, I don't think he understands what we need in Congress, and I don't think he seriously wants to be our Congressman. I think he is doing this for attention actually, maybe to lose and run as mayor later. He's a nice guy but if he quits his commision in the National Guard and then wants to run that would also be better because he is exploiting his military service as well. Listen to him speak and listen to all the military key words he injects into his conversation, it's like he is using that to influence the vote. I am still voting for Mark DeVol, he has been so serious about going to Congress and representing the people in the 3rd District as a representative, not a career politician like Chuck Fleischmann or Zach Wamp. I have been watching all the debates and attending quite a few, that's more than I can say for Savas, if he was really serious he would have started last year to show the voters he is dedicated and commited to the job. This is one job you have to be serious about and it's more than speaking points I want to hear. I want to hear about solutions to the problems. I don't think you have any answers, which isn't surprising since all you can talk about is how you jump out of planes for me. (Bradley County meeting)

October 22, 2010 at 8:36 p.m.
pemallard said...

UCMJ, I don't need a JAG officer to point out to me that you can't campaign for office in uniform. I am a vet, my husband is a vet and both my boys just came back from Iraq. Don't pull that one me, it's lame. Any vet knows better.

October 23, 2010 at 11:49 p.m.
pemallard said...

I saw Savas' filing papers, he filed late in the campaign Sept 16th 2010. He used his business address as his address. Exactly where does Savas live, does he meet the residency requirements? Does he live in Alabama where he drills?

October 23, 2010 at 11:54 p.m.
NoPolitico said...

Mr. K obviously has some serious support among the commentators here. They might be careful what they wish for. His strong advocacy for his religion, his anti-muslim comment on his video on his web site, all suggest this is someone who believes in his version of America - not the constitutional one. The voters in the third district have a tough choice. Vote for a democrat or republican (Wolfe or Fleischmann) and get more partisan politics in DC, or vote for fringe independents like Kiah and Kyriakidis and get a really polarized Congress. DeVol is a touch better, but hardly anywhere near the center. For my money, I'd look to the quiet guy in the race - Barkman. He isn't on the speaker's circuit very much, but what he has to say makes more sense than all the others combined.

October 24, 2010 at 8:39 p.m.
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