published Monday, October 25th, 2010

Letters to the Editor

Do your homework in East Ridge race

I swore several years ago that I would stay far away from East Ridge politics. However, when I read that Bob Johnson was running for the office of mayor again, I almost fainted. I hope that the voters of East Ridge do their homework on this man.

He walked out of a council meeting and resigned without giving any warning whatsoever. At the beginning of a council meeting, he and one other councilman announced their resignation and walked out.

If he loved East Ridge, he would not have just walked out on a meeting. He stated some reasons at the time for leaving, which if they were true, show his lack of tenacity and courage. However, I believe that if he were to think really hard and be honest with himself and the public, he knows why he resigned.

Sure, he had caught a lot of flak over the awarding of bids to contractor friends, when they weren’t the lowest. Sure, he had those calling for his ouster. But the real reason is in the audit. I plead with the citizens of East Ridge. Do your homework, look at what the 90s were like and ask yourself: Do we want to go back to that? Elect a real mayor.


Election about race, culture

I think more and more the November elections have less to do with the recession and jobs and more to do about race and culture. This is somewhat damning, I know, but if you go back to the white South backlash in 1964 to the civil rights legislation, you can see what I mean.

Indeed, the anti-government Obama rage prevalent in the tea party is shades of Pulaski, Tenn. This is borne out by slogans, such as “I want my country back.” Also, the preoccupation with guns and Fourth Amendment rights.

Finally, the election is not about the deficit and government spending, because if it were, you would not have Republicans pushing for an extension to the Bush tax cuts for the rich.

By the way, Obama lowered the amount of withholding taxes taken out for 90 percent of working Americans.


GOP hindrances erode public faith

The good news for Democrats across the nation as well as in Tennessee is that no matter what the election outcome in January, the Republicans will have a greater obligation to govern rather then merely snipe and obstruct.

Republican obstructionism hasn’t maintained the status quo. Its effect is not neutral; it corrodes the public faith in government’s ability to address the issues and problems.

It, however, demonstrates that Republicans can beat something with nothing. It demonstrates, for example, that John Maynard Keynes is still a prophet with honor but without influence, though events keep vindicating his prophecy.


Sevierville, Tenn.

Fleischmann shows lack of respect

Where’s Chuck? Chuck Fleischmann chose not to attend the 3rd District congressional debate at LMU on Oct. 19. He gave no reason for his absence. He has failed to respond to numerous e-mails asking for clarification of his position on various issues.

Why is he so non-responsive to the people he wants to represent in Congress? He must feel that with an “R” next to his name, all he has to do is keep his mouth shut and get elected.

Chuck must believe in the old saying “better to stay silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Shame on you, Chuck, for disrespecting the voters of the 3rd District.


Tazewell, Tenn.

Red Bank needs to re-elect Pierce

Red Bank citizens, I encourage you to re-elect Floy Pierce as your commissioner.

I have known Floy for over 30 years and found her to be honest, respectable, kindhearted with strong values and a person with deep faith. She loves her community and has worked long and hard over the past eight years with the citizens of Red Bank.

She has gone beyond her duties to help with the senior citizens, police and fire departments, to lower taxes, bring in new businesses and work on preventing crime in the area.

Her special interest is helping the senior citizens her love and compassion to meet their needs even when she has other commissioners coming against her for their own personal gain.

With her business skills, knowledge and her love for the Red Bank community, she is a valuable asset looking for every opportunity with an open mind and heart to bring Red Bank back to a thriving community where families want to live and feel safe.

We need skillful leaders, and Floy Pierce would serve you well for the city of Red Bank. I urge the Red Bank citizens to re-elect her as commissioner.



Ads for Davis are negative lies

Lincoln Davis should be ashamed of himself. The ads he is running don’t hurt the adults involved, but Dr. Scot DesJarlais, 4th District congressional candidate, has children. One of these children is the son of the woman in the ads. They can read and go to school and probably hear these negative lies. This child’s mother should also be ashamed for allowing this garbage to be printed.


Jasper, Tenn.

Cagle has cost city enough

I can’t believe our Soddy-Daisy ex-city manager Janice Cagle is a candidate for commissioner.

Her poor judgment along with that of Mayor Shipley has cost the taxpayers of this city enough.

Not only did we as taxpayers pay the bill for $5,000 for an investigation of wrongdoing regarding the arrest of Mayor Shipley’s uncle (or non-arrest), but we are still awaiting the outcome of a lawsuit against our city, Mayor Shipley and Ms. Cagle. It is not a surprise that Mayor Shipley is in support of Ms. Cagle. One might wonder how many other issues we taxpayers are not aware of.

We cannot and should not forget these things on Nov. 2.



Glasscock gets the job done

In a recent letter to the editor, Carolyn Lewis, a former employee for the city of Red Bank, praised Floy Pierce for her dedication in helping build the new community center in Red Bank.

My dad, Joe Glasscock, actually came up with the funding and “volunteered” my 32 years of construction experience to stabilize the old termite-damaged pavilion. In the six weeks that I gave my time and experience. I was proud to have worked with the public works men on this project. They did the landscape work, helped install trusses and did a truly great job with the interior finish work.

My dad also worked tirelessly with the state of Tennessee to get the Highway Patrol Center built next to the Recycle Center on Dayton Boulevard. Most recently, he helped relocate a Chattanooga restaurant to the old Esquire Cleaners building.

I see him working every day on projects like these to benefit Red Bank.

If you want to elect someone who has the experience to get the job done, and he does it simply because loves the city he has lived and worked in for over 55 years, then vote for my father, Joe Glasscock, for Red Bank city commissioner.


Signal Mountain

Wood understands people’s struggles

I recommend Teresa Wood, who is running for District 28 state representative.

I’ve known Teresa for 10 years. There is no hidden agenda in her approach.

Teresa Wood is the type of fresh personality we need in Nashville. She knows the value of hard work. After determining not to accept defeat, she earned her GED, then a bachelor’s degree and a law degree. She and her husband, Tony, took in a grandchild for five years. Having dealt with the frustrations of the current education system, Teresa determined to help make a difference.

As small-business owners, Teresa and Tony understand the struggles of the working man and woman. They have a great appreciation for the dollar and know how to function in tough times.

Education, along with safer neighborhoods, stronger families, keeping taxes low and state income tax out, are some of the issues she has discussed openly while pledging to demonstrate the same hard work ethic she displayed in this race.

I believe Teresa Wood brings a freshness that has been amiss in recent years in the 28th District. The incumbent is to be congratulated for her service, but changes need to be made with time.

Please vote for Teresa Wood, state representative, District 28.


Let Roberts help Red Bank

I endorse John Roberts for commissioner of Red Bank.

I am sure many of you may think “of course she supports him” … as I am also his wife. Those of you who know me know that I am not easily won over.

Matter of fact, it took years of friendship before I agreed to even go on a date with him. Therefore I can fairly say that not only am I his biggest supporter, but I am also his biggest critic.

John has so many great qualities from which our city would benefit. He considers both sides in an argument; he can admit when he is wrong (after I tell him that he is); and he is amazing at thinking “outside-the-box.”

He has always loved Red Bank, his hometown. We love to live here and want to start our family here.

I cook in the kitchen, while he “cooks up” new ideas to bring in business and improve our city. So, why don’t you try out a “new recipe” and let him cook up something for us all. We appreciate your support on Nov. 2.


Kyriakidis can aid all in the district

Well, you independents, it’s time to show your independence in November.

Let’s show the world that Tennessee is finally ready to make changes that neither of the major parties understand. We need to protect our children and grandchildren from the financial burden our leaders are recklessly putting on them as well as all of us today.

I lived across the street from Ted and Betty Kyriakidis and their family for many years and could not have had better neighbors. They are the hardest working family I have ever seen. They have depended on working hard for financial independence. This hard work has given them the opportunity to raise a wonderful family, which brings me to ask you to vote for their son, Savas, who is running for Congress in the 3rd District.

He is a wonderful, honest, successful, Christian man who can help everyone in our district. Please shake up our state and the whole world and vote for Savas Kyriakidis this November.



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Freedom_Czar said...

There are a number of problems we face in our country today and not the least of these is "PC" or political correctness. The truth is, like it or not, when you put a lid on discussion of things that matter to people you don't get a better society. You get multiplied problems that boil under the surface until all at once things blow up.

The left sides with Muslim extremists because they both believe they should NEVER be criticized. They want to be known as open minded and tolerant but as soon as a different point of view is expressed it becomes hate speech.

We need to elect people to office who will vow and follow through with a commitment to outlaw two things in this country. (1) Political Correctness and (2) Sharia Law. Both are incompatible with our 1st Amendment and our Constitution.

October 25, 2010 at 8:59 a.m.
eeeeeek said...

In one day I find myself in agreement with Freedom_Czar and Michael Moore.

Political correctness and religious laws are incompatible with the First Amendment and The US Constitution.

If hell wasn't an imaginary place, it'd be frozen over presently.

October 25, 2010 at 9:23 a.m.
eeeeeek said...

Where is Chuck? That's him over there in the red and white striped shirt and hat....

Never mind, that's Waldo.. At least that character is easy to find.

October 25, 2010 at 11:06 a.m.
Francis said...

mr. bodine......your last sentence is nonsense....obama allowing anyone to keep more of what they earn is a liberal's a lie.

just wait to see what happens if his agenda is not thwarted.

anyone who works and pays taxes will suffer more and more under obama..not just your dreaded "rich"

yeah..anyone who opposes the most high, lord obama is a racist. we get it. by you dull libs repeatedly implying anyone who opposses obama is racist you only make it worse for libs are obsessed with skin color. i judge obama on the content of his character, not his skin color.. ..and the content is pretty foul.

you libs hatred of the rich..and anyone who makes more than you coming through loud and clear...

i think jethro bodine would have more insight.

October 25, 2010 at 12:15 p.m.
eeeeeek said...

Whenever I've seen someone ranting like Francis in public, the display is usually accompanied by a twitch, spasm or whatever term you are familiar with.

That kind of hate can only lead to stroke, hypertension or even a heart attack.

I guess it's fortunate for her that she has no heart.

October 25, 2010 at 12:23 p.m.
hambone said...

Francis the GOP troll strikes again!!

Same old BABBLE!!

October 25, 2010 at 12:25 p.m.
acerigger said...

Sharia law=SHINY OBJECT!

October 25, 2010 at 12:50 p.m.

Thank you, acerigger. Are the religious laws and tenets of Christian churches or Orthodox Judaism any different? The vast majority of Muslims in the United States do not concern themselves with Sharia law. And no one on the left supports Muslim extremists.

October 25, 2010 at 1:14 p.m.
anniebelle said...

Yes, of course francis s. is right -- that's why Warren Buffet and George Soros are Democrats and not lying, thieving repukes. Republican politicians are nothing but puppets for corporate fascists. They will take all your money, yes even you francis, and leave you holding onto to your little flag, your gun and your bible, lol.

October 25, 2010 at 2:19 p.m.
acerigger said...

Yes,I wonder where anyone gets the idea that the"left" supports muslim extremists,(Outer Beckistan I guess).I think Newt(lie to your face)Gingrich is flogging this Sharia law nonsense, although wacky Sharron Angle(Nev. Senate candidate) made up a town in Texas that supposedly invoked Sharia law(the town doesn't exist),and the mayor of Dearborn,Mich.called her an out-right liar for claiming that his town had Sharia law! Don't be fooled,these people are liars trying to distract from the real issues like jobs,where's their plan? Illegal wars,they want more of it! Consumer protection,"dog eat dog"is fine with them, and the list goes on.

October 25, 2010 at 2:58 p.m.
EaTn said...

acerigger--- it's a hangover from the Bush years. Use lies and scare tactics over and over and the gullible will continue to believe and support it.

October 25, 2010 at 4:29 p.m.
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