published Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

TSSAA OKs Signal Mountain and Soddy-Daisy's fight penalties

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TSSAA letter
TSSAA letter

TSSAA sportsmanship bylaws do not apply to the July 16 skirmish between the Signal Mountain and Soddy-Daisy football programs, the TSSAA announced in a letter mailed Monday to each school's principal.

The incident happened at Signal Mountain High School at a passing-league scrimmage on the Signal Mountain sideline and included players, fans and at least one Signal Mountain parent.

The TSSAA said its bylaws "do not extend to events at practices or summer workouts." Therefore the TSSAA accepted the punishments suggested by the two schools, although it had obviously different views of the two proposals.

The TSSAA willingly accepted Soddy-Daisy's three-step self-proposed punishments, which included a one-game suspension of head coach Kevin Orr, requiring every player to miss one day of practice during a teachers' in-service day this week to help move furniture and prepare the school for the first day of classes and an assurance that Soddy-Daisy athletic teams would be more closely monitored in the future.

"It wasn't just a fight. It got extra ugly," Soddy-Daisy principal John Maynard said. "We wanted the TSSAA to know that we take those type situations very seriously. I had thought of suspending everybody involved, but there were so many players involved, it was impossible to figure out who was fighting and who was trying to be a peacemaker. The more I thought about it, I really felt strongly that Coach Orr is responsible when this type thing happens, so I suspended him from the season opener against Baylor."

Maynard went on to add, "The kids with 'SD' on their helmets can't be involved in a donnybrook like that. Where things went awry weren't in how Coach Orr handled it once it happened, but the overall atmosphere of the day that led to the fight."

The state association was less impressed with Signal Mountain's proposed plan. In a letter addressed to principal Dr. Tom McCullough, TSSAA executive director Bernard Childress wrote that "Signal Mountain High School did not address the seriousness of the situation."

That school's self-proposed penalty was to identify one parent involved in the fight and to prohibit him from attending any Signal Mountain High athletic event for one year.

"We felt like our issue was we were allowing our parents to get too close to the playing field," Dr. McCullough said. "When the kids got into it, the parents tried to break it up, but we'll never allow the parents to get that close to the field again.

"John [Maynard] had a different situation that he had to deal with. Ours was allowing the fans to get too close to the field, and we've dealt with that."

According to the TSSAA's letter, Signal Mountain submitted one report stating that two parents were identified as participants and had been prohibited from the school's athletic events for one year. But a follow-up report said only one parent had been identified.

"It has been verified that there were Signal Mountain players, coaches and fans on the field during the skirmish," Childress wrote. "It appears that the Signal Mountain High School administration did not hold the football coaching staff and players accountable for their actions. The coaching staff was in charge and responsible for the actions of their players. The administration chose, however, to ignore the fact that the coaches failed to provide the appropriate sportsmanlike environment.

"It is our opinion that the lack of action taken by Signal Mountain High School administration to address the seriousness of the situation did not set the proper tone needed by the total athletic program moving forward."

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joepulitzer said...


August 3, 2011 at 5:55 a.m.
obviously said...

Word from a parent on Signal is that Wild Bill told his principal that if he was going to be suspended or punished, that he would just quit for the rest of the season. It's getting ridiculous up there. Playing with kids who flunked out of other schools, lack of discipline, the list goes on.

August 3, 2011 at 6:27 a.m.
GoEagles said...

1 – Those who do not live on the Signal Mountain, leave your petty jealousies at the door. We have won at football since Day 1 and you can’t stand it. Deal with it!

2 – The Signal Mountain player who caught the pass on the play in question was jumped on by three Soddy Daisy players after the play was well over. The parent who was involved took responsibility for his actions and has accepted the consequences.

3 – The TSSAA states that they do not have jurisdiction over the summer-time 7-on-7 activities, so the ultimate blame lies at the feet of the TSSAA. Either sanction the activities or ban them. Stop burying your heads in the sand and only coming out when forced to do so.

4 – If the TSSAA really, truly cared about the health and welfare of the student-athlete only conditioning workouts would be permitted for all sports for the period after the 4th of July until 3 weeks before Labor Day weekend. Practice and playing football in the early Tennessee August heat and humidity is just asking for trouble. The 1st football game (and all athletic activity for that matter) should not be played until Labor Day weekend. Ooops, I forgot, that might decrease the money the TSSAA gets for athletic related events.

August 3, 2011 at 7:01 a.m.
stoneface said...

I live on Signal Mountain and I am disappointed and embarrassed by the actions of our athletes, parents, coaches, and school administration. Winning is not justification for poor sportsmanship.

August 3, 2011 at 7:18 a.m.
Onlooker said...

Just an another example of how Bill Price runs the Signal Mtn school. Really Dr? McCullough, Maynard had a different problem to deal so? Since when does breaking up a fight involve throwing punches and just how do you inforce the ban on the parent to not be allowed to attend any games this year. I think he should be allowed to go to the games but have to wear a orange reflective vest with the words inscribed, "I punch young kids". I believe the term is "Lack of Institutional Control"

August 3, 2011 at 7:20 a.m.
fairmon said...

What is the justification for spending education funds that could be used toward educating all students to enable a limited number to participate in athletic competition between schools? Those type programs should be funded by parents and participants with regulated voluntary funding. It is sad when kids can't have books they can take home to study while the school spends significant money on coaching staffs, equipment and other expenses to support a small percentage of students. You won't find such misdirected priorities in those countries excelling in education.

August 3, 2011 at 8 a.m.
tarheeljosh said...

I hope the residents of Signal Mountain and the parents involved with the school will start to take notice of the issues that are compounding and demand appropriate changes. The lack of good judgement displayed by the football program alone (and the apparent lack of responsibility for their actions) over the last couple of years is giving Signal Mountain High School a strong reputation as a place to avoid. Jealousy is by no means a motivation here. Winning without class is not winning at all in the grand scheme of things. Your objective should be to created young men with character, not arrogant teens with entitlement issues. As is the norm, I'm sure the majority of players on the team are great young men, but the school should take a strong stance to teach all of these young men to be responsible for their actions. I appreciate the school's ban of the parent(s) involved. That crossed a line that should never be approached. In summary; we all love the game, but it's just that...a game. It's time for us all (myself included) to take some of the emotion out of it and recognize that it really is supposed to fun; a temporary escape from the seriousness of daily life.

August 3, 2011 at 9:03 a.m.
LZD2011 said...

Exactly what I have heard sooooo many people say about Bill Price. The team plays off the actions of their coach and Coach Price is NOT a good example of good sportsmanship at all! I have heard when they have played teams in the past that they thought they could beat fairly easily that Coach Price had said, "Boys, we are gonna score 100 points tonight!" Well, I am sure they could but where is the sportsmanship in that? I know the night he said that it was pouring rain and there were less than 20 muddy jerseys and lots of snow white jerseys on the sidelines. The "big dogs" were in the ENTIRE night. I truly believe Price's time is coming where he will get his dues and I hope I am there to see it! He won't be at SM long anyway cause as soon as the talent runs out he will move on and hopefully SM can get a coach that they can respect instead of always having to make excuses for.

August 3, 2011 at 9:48 a.m.
obviously said...

Go Eagles, I don't think petty jealousy is the correct term, it's more of a lack of respect for the way your program is run. If you guys were a class act and running a "clean ship", then not one word would be said. And the fact that the administration is being told what to do by the Head football coach is embarrassing and pathetic. Be realistic for a second and take off your SMTF colored glasses. No jealousy here my friend. No respect, definitely.

August 3, 2011 at 10:10 a.m.
ElleEmMo said...

I think it's unfair to demonize all things - and people of - Signal Mountain based on this incident. However, I find it quite unfortunate that Dr. McC, and Price really, missed a true opportunity to do what's right. How sad for them. But with those two, I'm not at all surprised by this. They always seem to excuse the bad behavior away. If one thing, football in this case, consumes your life and identifies your entire existence (Price), the last thing he's going to do is jeopardize it for HIM - and ignore what's best for the kids, school, etc. I believe the kids are an after-thought to Price.

I commend Soddy-Daisy's principal and football coach for having perspective on what's truly important. Although they were punished, they can hold their heads high by not hiding behind mommy and daddy and frankly, just the reality of consequences for actions.

Frankly, I think Mr. Childress' statement says it all.

And most important - an adult HIT a child. I don't care if the kid was 17 years and 11 months old - it's illegal. Period. If this was a parent at another school - I'm sure they would have been arrested.

August 3, 2011 at 10:39 a.m.
LZD2011 said...

It sure should be an eye-opener to the "powers that be" on Signal Mtn. that most people posting about this are talking about Bill Price and not about Soddy-Daisy's coach. hmmmmm.......makes ya think doesn't it?

August 3, 2011 at 11:49 a.m.
whatsnottaken said...

Football fracas is one thing. An adult hitting my kid is another. The issue as I see it is, if you ever hit my kid for any reason, I'll see to it you don't ever throw another punch.

August 3, 2011 at 12:24 p.m.
orangenblack said...

We are not playing flag football or softball. This is football, it is a violent sport and tempers will flare at times. (the parent should be banned from coming to the games for a while) And don't have parents on the side lines! I love having "Wild Bill" around, he gives some other "real" programs something to do locally. Keep up the great work Bill, see ya week 5! You better be ready!

August 3, 2011 at 5:04 p.m.
MemphisGuy25 said...

I agree with several of you who see how sad it is that Bill Price has more control than the SM administration. Dr. McCullough should wear a shirt that says "My head football coach runs my school and I have no control over him or his classless football team or how his parents act." Praise to John Maynard and Kevin Orr for setting an example and that this will not be tolerated in any sport from now on at Soddy Daisy High School. If it was true that Bill Price said he would quit if he was suspended or punished then the "spineless" Signal Mountain administration should have called his bluff to really see if he would do and then if he did then MOVE on to somebody new who could begin to instill some discipline and control over the Signal Mountain team and create a reputation for creating better students, players, and sons instead of having these entitled rich kids whose mommies and daddies are there to tell Wild Bill how things should be done. I really wish TSSAA had been able to do something and really hit Signal Mountain hard with sometype of punishment. Shame on Signal Mountain. I hope that in the near future Signal Mountain will Hire new administrators and a whole new football staff that will come in and tell the parents to "back off", ONLY play Signal Mountain kids, and create a new atmosphere to where everybody will be saying "Bill who?"...

August 3, 2011 at 6:32 p.m.
GoEagles said...

"Those without sin should cast the 1st stone." I didn't realize that so many people in Hamilton County and Tennessee lived without sin??? How many of you actually know what happens on a daily basis within the SM FB Program? All you know is the negative episodes and Bill Price's reputation. How do you know that the players were not punished by Coach Price? Just because the penalties were kept in house doesn't mean they did not happen. Was Bill Price penalized in some other way, privately? I do not know? Does Bill like to win, a lot? Yes! Has he tried to run the score up on teams at one time or another? I must admit that in my opinion he has. But as the "Ole' Ball Coach" once said, it is the defenses job to stop my offense. I guess then Bill should tell the players to stop playing hard??? That is not Bill nor is it the way the game should be played. Remember what your mother probably said, "if you can't say something nice about someone, then don't say it at all." I hope to see all of the sinless people on the Mountain on August 19th when Signal Mountain plays East Hamilton. Otherwise, please do yourself and us a favor and stay away.

August 3, 2011 at 7:39 p.m.
flyhigheagles said...

Waaaaaaah!!!!!! The worst thing about this incident, is that this event gave all you Signal Mountain haters something else to whine about. Yea for Dr. McCullough, and "Wild Bill" for the way they handeled it. If anything Principal Maynard over stepped his bounds and got involved in a football matter. Nobody said anything about the other 2 skirmishes that happened that day on different fields with different teams??? Or the other hundreds of skirmishes that happen between players every day on every practice field in the county. The players get hot, they start pushing and shoving, there's no referees, so fights break out. It's Football not checkers!!!! I'll be the first to admit that the parents should not have been on the sideline, and any parents involved in hitting a child should be punished, if not prosecuted. But, don't "punish" the players (or give them an easy day off from practice) by moving furniture and supplies in the airconditioning. Thats not even punishment. And especially why do you punish the SD coach. He was just trying to coach, and the next thing he knows a fight breaks out between players. The coaches were just trying to break up the fight. Come on Principal Maynard, let the coaches dicipline their players in the way they see fit. I know that "Wild Bill" was harder on all his players the week after, and he withdrew the team from all other 7 on 7 competitions for the rest of the season. That was much more punishing and detrimental to our team and team performance, than pushing furniture in the airconditioning!!!! Go Eagles and Go Wild Bill!!!! We'll see the the rest of you whiners on the football field.

August 3, 2011 at 9:28 p.m.
politinc said...

It is pure arrogance to think the people of Chattanooga are jealous of the Signal Mtn. High School for Entitlement. I have known John Maynard for almost 20 years. He grew up on Signal Mtn. and attended Red Bank High School. He apparently learned from his time at Red Bank as a student, teacher and coach the definition of class. He was a class coach at Red Bank and leads Soddy Daisy with class. As a resident of Signal Mtn. I know first hand what goes on at the schools and in the community from my friendship with some of the staff members there. To make sure they're telling the truth, I can go to the Athletic Club in the mornings and hear all the noise from the treadmills everything that happens at the school and anything else I want to know. Jealousy? Yes, I'm sure every Hamilton County parent is jealous that their child can't attend a school that found a way to run off the principal because there was a "pocket protector and calculator" fight in the parking lot and a school board member had his offspring involved. Heaven forbid, Eddie Gravitt hold a school board member's kid accountable. I'm sure folks are jealous of the Signal Mtn. High School's student section being removed from a basketball game because the were yelling the "N" word at a black ref. I'm sure folks are jealous they don't have a teacher soliciting sex from kids and is still allowed to teach there this year. I'm sure folks are jealous their kids can't go out and get caught drinking by the police and still play in football games. I'm sure all of those situations were aslo the fault of TSSAA. For years, the residents of Signal said they needed there "own" high school because they didn't want their kids "down there" with all those kids at Red Bank that get in trouble and cause problems all the time. Jealous? Yeah, right. The first trip Signal Mtn. High School should take this year is a "class" trip to Soddy Daisy High School. That way kids from the mountain can meet a principal with "class" and a school with more "class" than Signal will ever have.

August 3, 2011 at 9:38 p.m.
MemphisGuy25 said...

Amen politinc!!! That's the truth!!! Come on flyhigheagles are you serious?! How can you support Tom McCullough and Bill Price? Unbelievable but typical of the Signal Mountain fan who thinks that Signal Mountain High School is the best school and nothing will EVER change that thought. Removing Signal Mountain from 7 on 7 competition for the rest of the summer is a slap on the hand and a big huge joke of a punishment! Give me a break! Will Bill is only hard on his team when they are trying to embarrass opponents and attempting to get all kinds on junk started (Trash talking, fighting, etc.) He wasn't "hard" on them because he could care less! All he cares about are getting his W's and moving on to the next best thing. It's ridiculous that the Signal Mountain community doesn't realize these things about Bill Price and Signal Mountain High School.

August 3, 2011 at 10:10 p.m.

From reading the above comments, it is obvious to me that most of the posts are motivated by a dislike, or even hatred, of Bill Price and/or Signal Mountain High School. Most coaches have their share of haters, and Coach Price is no exception. In football circles, he is known as a hardnosed, aggressive, and sometimes obnoxious coach. No argument from me. However, among coaches and players who truly know the man, few would accuse him of being out of control, dirty, undisciplined, or unsportsmanlike. His haters and those who listen to gossip might, but not those who really know the man. It is very easy to criticize and make false accusations when posting anonymously and when one's comments needn't be backed up with fact. There is a reason hearsay evidence is not allowed in court. Dislike of Signal Mountain is nothing new, and it pre-dates the formation of our high school. It is actually one of the main reasons people fought the building of the school for so many years. I would even place Mr. Hargis in that category. He never misses an opportunity to write a negative headline about Signal Mountain, while ignoring egregious incidents involving other area schools. Even the few kind words he has written about us are delivered in a very backhanded way. Some posters seem well intentioned, but are misinformed, under informed, or naive enough to believe gossip. As for politinc, some of our detractors actually live on Signal Mountain, and you are obviously one of them. I do not believe the Athletic Club treadmill gossip or the gossip of disgruntled employees constitutes "knowing first hand what goes on at the school and in the community." I liked Eddie Gravitt also, but isn't it time to stop grinding that ax? Those who believe Bill Price runs the school and the adminstration or that the "mommies and daddies of the rich entitled kids tell Coach Price how things should be done" are so far out of touch with reality that the remainder of their comments bear no merit. Signal Mountain High School and what happens up here is not dissimilar to other high schools in the region; it just seems that we are the only ones who garner the constant attention of the press. I encourage everyone to think back to things that happened at their high school and that are still happening at the high schools their children attend before jumping on the "Bash Signal Bandwagon".

August 3, 2011 at 11:05 p.m.
politinc said...

My statements above were not gossip, but facts. It's interesting that stating facts about incidents involving Signal students, coaches and teachers is seen as grinding an "ax." I'm assuming the author was attempting to say axe. Perhaps, the author's call name should be changed to "I Don't Want To Hear The Real Story" and I would guess that Paul Harvey knew how to spell. I guess now we have a "Bash Signal Poor Spelling Bandwagon." All aboard!!!

August 3, 2011 at 11:19 p.m.
rosebud said...

Are all the rumors true about ineligible players on the Sig Mtn team? For the past 2 years, I've heard about star athletes lying about their address, etc to be on the football team. I've heard rumors about "recruiting" and about stud athletes being plucked out of urban schools, and suddenly they're able to attend Sig Mtn and play football. What's the truth?

August 3, 2011 at 11:23 p.m.
flyhigheagles said...


August 3, 2011 at 11:32 p.m.

Here's a link just for you, politinc.
To answer rosebud's question, all successful athletic programs attract gifted athletes. "If you build it, they will come." The T$$AA thoroughly evaluates all transfers to determine their eligibility to participate in sports. 'Recruiting" is prohibited by the T$$AA, but students are free to transfer schools if the local school board allows it.

August 3, 2011 at 11:40 p.m.
Ferrell said...

Webster's definition of SPORTSMANSHIP: Conduct (as fairness, respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning and losing) becoming of one involved in sport.

Here is the bottom line in my opinion: The greatest gift of sports is building character and confidence in young men and women. There is nothing about SM's FB program that would move someone to describe them as respectful or gracious. Sorry Coach Price and Dr. McCullough, I forgot, it's football. There's no room for class, respect, graciousness or sportsmanship. You are teaching these young athlete-students to be leaders right??????????

The overall culture in SMMHS is out of control. It was obvious last year when Dr. McCullough called out Coach Price for in his words "covering up" for his players illegal behavior to ensure the success of the football program. And then, one day later, Dr. McCullough apologized for calling out his coach and I'm assuming Dr. McCullough probably got ripped from some of the big money FB and SMMHS boosters. They probably threatened his job status if he didn't change his tune.

This is the epitome of the "tail wagging the dog" as the big money boosters and the FB coaches are running the show on the mountain. To say there is a lack of institutional control is a major understatement. And the craziest thing to me is when you talk to residents of Signal Mountain, they really don't seem to grasp that their dream school has completely sold out for sports (especially Fball) glory. And as the incidents continue to mount and the reputation continues to build for SMMHS it is forging a new perception of the Signal Mountain community as a whole.

Eventually, a big dog, or a group of big dogs on the mountain is going to realize SMMHS can be an awesome school and also have class, character and display good sportsmanship. Whenever someone or some group decides to confront this train wreck of a culture head on- now that will be a "good scuffle."

August 3, 2011 at 11:40 p.m.
sunnyday13 said...

Watch your words diligently. Words have great power to bless or to wound. When you speak carelessly, negatively, or even falsely, you damage others as well as yourself... Sure are a lot of people in glass houses around here throwing very big stones at some very good people. Thank you RestoftheStory for a voice of reason, but they don't want reason, they want more gossip, accusations, sensationalism, and excuses to throw more stones!

August 3, 2011 at 11:57 p.m.

Ferrell, I assume you do not have children attending Signal Mountain High School. If you believe our coaches, teachers, and administrators have not "built character and confidence in the young men and women" at Signal Mountain; or, if you believe our children are disrespectful or ungratious, you obviously do not know any of them personally. As for the underage drinking incident last year, Mr. McCullough accused Coach Price of "covering up" the incident, before he knew that the players had already been disciplined by the coach and appropriate authorities. BIG MONEY BOOSTERS? Give me a break. If we had big money boosters, we would have concession stands, bathrooms, and a field house at the stadium like the private schools do. For your information, we do have an awesome school with tremendous class, character, and good sportsmanship. Please base your comments on personal observations, not innuendo, gossip, and incomplete newspaper articles.

August 4, 2011 at 12:08 a.m.
GoEagles said...

The true mission of any school is to educate, correct? After all, long before there were football teams/games there was education. And reading many of these posts it appears that many people believe the priorities on Signal Mountain are misplaced where football and Bill Price rule and governs all else. Well let’s look at the facts on education alone. (This information is coming from the “Right2Know” web site that was advertised at the top of my Free-Press web page today and compares schools in Hamilton County (HC) against each other. And since everyone wants to compare Signal Mountain to Soddy Daisy in there comments, I will do the same in my comparison. (

  • Proficient or Advanced in Math (9-12) = Signal Mountain (SM) – 87% (4th in HC); SD 75% (HC – 67%; State 40%)
  • Proficient or Advanced in Reading/Language plus writing (9-12) = SM - 95% (2nd in HC); SD 77% (HC 68%; State 70%)
  • ACT Composite Scores (3 yr. average) = Soddy Daisy (SD) – 20.4 (4th in HC) *TCAP Writing Scores (0-6 scale; 3 yr. average) = SD – 4.2 (this is also the HC and state averages) {Note SM has not been opened long enough for either of these last 2 statistic.}
  • Graduation Rates = SM – 91.2% (3rd in HC); SD – 87.6%
  • Students suspended = SM - 39, SD – 136
  • Students expelled = SM - 0; SD – 17 Finally, let us not forget the “No Child Left Behind Act.” SM is rated as in “Good Standing”; SD is listed as “Corrective Action.” It has been well publicized by this paper and the media of the troubles that Howard HS has had. Because of this, the government allows students from a “failing school” (the government’s terminology not mine) to attend a school in good standing. Howard and SM are partnered, so that students from Howard that wish to attend SM may do so. (SM = 1.4% black; SD = 1.9%) As a resident of SM, I will confess that the majority of the 1.4% black students are not “residents” of the Mountain. Rather they are students that, by law, have a right to attend Signal Mountain coming from Howard HS. In summary, it appears where SM is supposed to be excelling, in the classroom, they are champions there. I know for a fact that SD has a lot of good people that want the best for their school as do all schools, so my goal here was not to “throw SD under the bus”, but rather to demonstrate that SM is doing what they are supposed to be doing – educating our kids. So the question is, is the animosity that is being directed at our highly successful football program just a way for those that do not care for SM (or for the sport of football for whatever reason) to cast their stones at us? We are not perfect. We never said we were. But “remove planks from your own eye before you try to remove the speck from our eye.” We are loud and proud for our school, our teachers, our students and our success! Deal with it!
August 4, 2011 at 9:07 a.m.
obviously said...

These are the "SMMHS colored glasses" I was talking about. @TRotS, if you truly are in on the Chattanooga area coaches circle, then you would know that not one coach in the county thinks highly of Bill Price. You cannot tell me, honestly, that he is running a clean, respectable program up here. My brother is a coordinator at a HS in Hamilton Co., not Soddy btw, and gets first hand info that is not all gossip. Bill Price absolutely did tell his principal that he would quit if he suspended him for two games. And to rosebud, I dont know how much they recruit, probably as much as anyone, but I know the kid they got from LFO had a hard time academically there, didnt even play last year because of grades, and he's good to go up here on the mountain? Like I said, and politinc said very well, to think that anyone in East Tennessee is jealous of SM is pure ignorance. Of course you pull out the testing and discipline percentages, but Soddy has close to 2000 students compared to maybe 800 at SM?

August 4, 2011 at 9:42 a.m.
sunnyday13 said...

Obviously you have no clue! The kid from LFO did not play last year because he hurt his knee and had it surgically repaired. Please post only information that is true not false. By the way, Coach Price has been coaching 25+ years and has never had a kid suspended for fighting on the field. Maybe your brother should look at his own program before making comments about another!!!

August 4, 2011 at 10:35 a.m.
reallythetruth said...

The real issue.... rather than bashing an administration, coach, or people lets get to the real issue. Fact: was the actions of both teams ridicolous: YES! Could they have been stopped: NOT IN THAT SITUATION! Here is the real issue.... SMMHS running of their 7-on-7 passing camp was horrible and that is the main issue. There was not enough room for fans & parents (which lead not only to fans being to close, not to mention one lady from BCHS that just about died from a head to helmet collison from a player diving to make a play!), No refs to keep control on the field, Scheduling teams to play rivals.... Summary: No Refs, Parents to close fields, & rivals equals everything that happened! I am not making excuses for the boys and their actions, but I am trying to get everyone to focus on the bigger issue. YOU MUST RUN THESE 7-on-7 passing camps better to avoid these issues. B/C of that the responsibility falls on the head coach & staff for the running of the passing camp. That is the truth and not some tainted I hate or love SMMHS comment. If your going to host an event, then do something besides provide two fields.... one of which dropped off a hill about 5 yards past the back right corner! As far as all the other bashing or love fest lets choose to support students and put them in situations to succeed. When they do succeed lets stick out our hand and say "Great Job." Especially when they are doing it the right way......

August 4, 2011 at 3:30 p.m.

I think that we all are losing focus on this issue. The issue is that a fight broke out and a parent threw punches at a player. As a adult we are responsible for our own actions. So what this parent is band for a year of events!!!! This incident was recorded by a parent and the adult throwing the punches can be identified! I say press charges!! If we show our children that there are no consiquences for our actions, then who will????

August 4, 2011 at 4:29 p.m.
govols11111 said...

the truth is everyone has an opinion and has selective hearing and vision to all these events and going to see what happened how they want no matter what the facts are. and about the sportsmanship and class issues ask the players that are on the field and hear and see everything what they think because the parents have no clue what goes on. and as for coach price he is an old school type coach that just wants to win and until you have been in a huddle practice or weight room with him at signal then you really shouldnt judge him on what he did at other schools. all this mess will blow over anyways on the 19th when football kicks off

August 6, 2011 at 1:08 a.m.
MemphisGuy25 said...

I really wish that somehow, someway that Signal Mountain would fall flat on their face this year and lose multiple games and not advance far in the playoffs so that all you Signal Mountain supporters would come off that high horse that you are on and be a little bit more humble about your school and their athletics. The perception of Signal Mountain High School, students, parents, and fans is not going to change until you all realize how arrogant and obnoxious you all are when it comes to talking about Signal Mountain football. It's sickening to hear. What schools did you support 5 to 10 years ago when Signal Mountain High School was not even built? All the Signal Mountain supporters need to see that people wouldn't bash you all or talk bad about your coach and players if you all wouldn't promote them and worship them like they are the best football players in the United States and that NO school will ever be better than Signal Mountain. People get tired of listening to how people are jealous and people are scared of the big, bad Signal Mountain. Get over yourself and grow up. Wake up and realize that "The world doesn't revolve around Signal Mountain High School." Signal Mountain is one of the best teams in Chattanooga but the reputation of how they are perceived causes fans and outsiders to not care one bit about Signal Mountain. Best of luck to every team that plays Signal. I hope that some of them can give them a taste of their own medicine and bring Signal Mountain High School down just a notch or two...

August 6, 2011 at 12:07 p.m.
please said...

I have read alot of the post on this story and stories from the past. I understand all "sports" chatter that goes on during a particular sport season and of course football is at the top for the most. But I have to say this goes beyond. I am a Signal Mountain resident and so happy for the community being able to get the high school that was so badly wanted. I'm sadden that a few individuals have put such a black cloud over what so many worked hard for and have continued to work hard for. Our family was contributors to the sports boosters program from day one without even having a child in any of the sports. And I will admit I have never cared for Price but didn't want my opinion of his coaching to affect our wanting to help the sports programs get off the ground. I had faith that one person could not have such a hold on a school. But I have been in the school and have watched what takes place. Last years problem before state was an absolute let down, yes KIDS disappoint us put they are kids, it was the way in which our principal and coach handled it and was tragic. It was at that time our family made a decision there is much better places to contribute our money. I know our decision to not contribute to the sports program will not break the program but feel others will follow if these types of issues keep happening. At some point what goes up must come down and from all indications Price won't stay. We will see. In reading my my above statement that I did not have a child participating in sports that was at the beginning when the school opened and critics of my post my say I have no knowledge of sports or how they work, well you are wrong I was raised in a sports family and have been and continue to be involved beyond these hills and we are active on a national level and deal with the politics on a weekly bases and when winning deal with the haters and losing deal with the winners. So in a nutshell I know what I am talking about. I will agree our school has alot of haters but I also think the school has brought it on them self. I am proud of the accomplishments the school has had in such a short time. But when SPORTSMANSHIP (lack of) it really makes it all a little less sweet, for us that understand SPORTSMANSHIP. My last comment also is I wish everyone could take all this energy they have put into this type of craziness and apply it to much more important issues. Say maybe EDUCATION.

August 7, 2011 at 11:12 a.m.

Reply to please, Although I may disagree with your basic premise, I respect your opinion. I hope you will continue to financially support the academic mission of all the schools on Signal Mountain by contributing to the Mountain Education Foundation. As I am sure you know, the MEF is the non-profit fundraising organization that supports the varied needs of all the schools on the mountain, which are not met through the funding shortfalls of the Board of Education. Although I will continue to support a number of the various "Booster" programs at the school, the majority of my financial support still goes to the MEF for the betterment of the entire education system on Signal Mountain.

August 9, 2011 at 7:51 a.m.
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