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InShapeMD: new era in weight loss here for Chattanoogans

Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2012
InShapeMD’s weight loss team offers natural alternatives to weight loss.
InShapeMD’s weight loss team offers natural alternatives to weight loss.

Losing weight and keeping that weight off can be a difficult endeavor, one which requires mental fortitude and a solid and supportive team of experts. It should not be done without some form of direction or instruction.

That’s where In-ShapeMD comes in. For nearly a decade the prescription-based weight loss business has been helping Chattanoogans incorporate healthy nutrition, exercise and proper supplementation from vitamins and minerals to help them lose weight, according to general manager Lee Nevils.

InShapeMD will soon be making the foray into the all-natural, vitamin- and antioxidant-driven realm of weight loss programs. Weight loss, and anti-aging, for that matter, should be addressed at the cellular level, in conjunction with key lifestyle changes, said Nevils.

“The best way to anti-age is from the inside out,” he said.

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InShapeMD’s new service will calculate the amount of antioxidants found in one’s body and formulate a supplement plan based on such fi ndings. The program will also focus on the body’s micronutrient levels and how to better increase those levels through the customizable supplement plan, Nevils explained.

“This nutrition, exercise and supplement plan is intended to address long-term weight loss,” he said. “It’s a safer and more comprehensive way to treat weight loss.”

The results of this new health and wellness weight loss program are comparable to InShapeMD’s current prescription-based programs, he noted.

“They are meant to complement each other so that people have more options for weight loss,” said Nevils. “We’re trying to create a more natural alternative to prescription based programs.”

To begin the new program a client will get a baseline reading of their antioxidant and micronutrient levels, then a diet plan will be incorporated, and, finally, a multivitamin supplement package will be catered to the client’s needs.

The benefit of the program is that there is something to quantify and compare in these antioxidant levels, because with increased antioxidant levels there will be an increase in energy levels in the body, according to Nevils. Clients can see the immediate relationship between what they weigh and how the multivitamin supplements are working to curb the weight, he said.

Higher antioxidant levels also mean that the body can better combat diseases like diabetes, cancer, stroke and hypertension, Nevils noted.

The program not only addresses safe weight loss, but also works to keep the weight off. Nevils stressed, however, that it takes time and effort to lose weight and keep it off, which is something many mainstream diet plans rarely address.

InShapeMD’s programs offer options for those who seek to lose weight at a more rapid pace, according to Nevils. The programs come in varying tiers based on how quickly one wants to or should lose weight. The more weight that needs to be lost, the quicker the program will be formulated to lose that weight.


InShapeMD offers hands-on instruction and guidance for all its clients in a safe environment. The business is located at 6231 Perimeter Drive, Suite 113, and can be reached at 475-5088.

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