published Friday, March 9th, 2012

5 at 10: Friday mailbag

From the "Talk Too Much studios," let's go.

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    UTC head basketball coach John Shulman watches from the sidelines during Saturday's game against UNC Greensboro at McKenzie Arena.
    Photo by Doug Strickland /Chattanooga Times Free Press.

From StuckInKent

I'm a big Mocs and Vols fan, and even a UK fan sometimes (my wife and her family are huge UK fans, I live in the Lexington area due to my current job, and went back to UK to get my MBA, so all those things forced me into some sort of allegiance to UK).

I want to thank you for writing. I really do read the 5 at 10 every day. I appreciate you doing it. It's one of the highlights of my work day.

Here's my question: If the Mocs do indeed get rid of Shulman, who are some people on your short list to replace him? If that's too tough, what sort of candidate would you be looking for? A D-2 coach who had had success? A big six conference assistant? A flameout from a big six conference as a head coach? (Possibly Horn at South Carolina?) An assistant off of a Butler, VCU, or Murray State?



Thanks for the kind words and for reading the 5-at-10. It's a lot of fun, especially when the give-and-take later in the days gets going.

Before we answer your question we have to notice that's an interesting blend of fan backgrounds you have there.

We're not going to talk specifics in regard to UTC men's basketball coach John Shulman, because we believe he'll be back next year if he wants to be. (Shulman may decide he's had enough and look for other opportunities, but unless something has drastically changed in the UTC financial office — a big donation, finding six-figures between the sofa cushions in the lounge, a winning Tennessee Lottery ticket, et al. — firing Shulman appears to be fiscal impossibility.)

That said, if the discussions to fire a coach are happening, among the first questions that need to be asked and answered is, "Who are we going to hire to replace him?"

Here's a few items on our check list:

— For a situation like UTC's, the first qualification should be someone who has had success at a mid-major level at some point. If you went and threw a lot of coin at someone who has his spent almost his entire career on a bench in the SEC or as a Duke assistant, you are ignoring the problem-solving facet of the job. When big programs have problems and issues, they throw money at it. Johnny Point Guard is struggling in class, let's hire an extra tutor. Jimmy Small Forward is skipping class, let's hire someone to walk him to the door. We need an influx of talent, let's expand the recruiting budget. UTC is not afforded that luxury.

— Preferably someone with some head-coaching experience.

— Don't be afraid to hire someone that may leave in two years or someone looking for a second chance. If it's a Mr. Hot Shot on the way up, and you give him his big break, well, so be it. Even if he does leave for greener pastures, at worst, Johnny Mocs Fan gets two-three years of high-quality hoops and a possible home game against whichever future big-conference foe hires Mr. Hot Shot.

— Be creative, and don't leave any name un-approached (and yes, we'd see if Bruce Pearl was interested).

Thanks for the question, and thanks again for reading.

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    Vanderbilt center Festus Ezeli (3) goes in for a basket as Tennessee forward Dwight Miller (25) and guard Cameron Tatum (23) defend during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game at Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tenn., Saturday, March 3, 2012.
    Photo by (AP Photo by Adam Brimer/Knoxville News Sentinel)

From CelticVol

Hey 5@10,

What a week for the Tennessee Vols. The basketball Vols finish 2nd in the league, the Lady Vols win the SEC tournament, and the baseball Vols beat the other UT. My question for you this week involves the ability of one to play well despite being sick. This question came to me after watching Jarnell Stokes play on Saturday. Stokes stated that he had a 106 or 107 fever in the early morning hours on Saturday which in and of itself is a question probably reserved for Dr. B. (since he is a doctor after all, right?) Is that really possible to have a fever that high and not be taken to a hospital? Stokes performance was great but what sick performances do you think are the greatest?

P.S. Have you seen the new Gatorade commercial featuring Michael Jordan’s 1997 Game 5 Flu Game? How many cases of Gatorade do you think JordanRules bought after seeing that commercial?


It was an excellent week for Johnny Vols Fans everywhere. (There's no way to overstate the job Cuonzo "The Conz" Martin has done. Simply outstanding. That was a nice run through Nashville for Pat Summitt and Co., and here's saying that UT baseball is ready for big things with Dave "Don't call me Pedro" Serrano.)

As for the flu question, the MJ game was the first one to come to mind. If Memory serves Sampras played through being seriously ill in the U.S. Open one year, maybe 1996.

As for playing hurt/ill, here's a top five in 10 words or less — yes the ever-popular 5-in-10 by the 5-at-10:

1) Jack Youngblood with tough blood: Rams DE played two playoff games with broken leg

2) Kirk Gibson's '88 homer to sink the A's: Two bad knees and a stomach bug... didn't matter

3) Emmitt Smith's separated shoulder vs. New York: Smith ran for 170, had 10 catches with one arm

4) Byron Leftwich needs a lift at Marshall: Carried to the line by teammates because of a broken tibia

5) Tiger being Tiger at 2008 U.S. Open: He walked 90 holes on a shredded knee and won

As for you hilarious point about JordanRules — our resident regular who feels Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever (and he is) and is quite defensive about it, yes we think JordanRules may have needed one of the Gatorade trucks to deliver the order. In fact here's a quick top three "commercialed" moments in recent sports memory that happened live and were better than any commercial could have been:

1) Jordan drinking Gatorade battling the flu and dropping 38 on the Jazz in a two-point win.

2) Tiger chipping in on No. 16 in the 2006 Masters, and his Nike ball pausing for two everlasting seconds with the Swoosh high and proud before falling in the cup.

3) Dee Brown stopping and "pumping" his Reebok Pumps before winning the 1991 dunk contest. (Although this likely was the beginning of the end for the dunk contest, so there you go.)

  • photo
    Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Rod Beck pumps his fist after earning a save following the final out with bases loaded against the Toronto Blue Jays, Thursday July 26, 2001, at Fenway Park in Boston. The Red Sox won 6-3. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

From Eljefe

What would you say is your All Sport’s Bucket List? We can have an attainable and unattainable (but still cool) category.

Here are mine respectively: Disclaimer: Huge Boston Fan. Insert your own team as applicable

1. Attend every Red Sox game for a single season.

2. Own a Sport’s Bar (Like a Buffalo Wild Wings with all those gadgets)

3. Sit in the Booth with Jerry Remy

4. Play water polo with the national team. The sport is just hardcore. No speedos though

5. Shoot around with Ray Allen. Heck I’ll just feed him the ball. Heck, I’ll clean the gym when he is done.

6. Watch a blood relative play in the Little League World Series.

7. Play in the Manning Thanksgiving Day family football game. Seriously, I’ll take Momma Manning and the investment banker.

8. Drop some line with the “Mad Fisherman” Charlie Moore

9. Walk all 18 at Augusta with Palmer and Nicklaus. I really mean just walk and let them talk.

10. Hunt with Bo Jackson. Again, just hang out for the day.

11. Hold the Heavy Bag for Tyson. I was going to say spar but that would likely get uglier than his singing at the end of Hangover 2.

12. Surf the North Shore of Hawaii. Admittedly not a sport but it just looks real fun.

13. Take BP against Nolan. Oh yeah, he pitches me inside I’m charging the mound.

14. A little game of horse with Bird and Jordan. We’ll play for Mickey D’s French fries

15. Golf foursome including: Barkley, Bill Murray, Fred Couples. “Skin’s Game rules.”

16. Dodge ball with the Big Unit, pre-steroids Clemens, and the Eck

17. Home Run Derby at Fenway: One off the “Pole” made famous by Mr. Johnny Pesky and one over the Monster

18. Penalty Kicks at the All England Club

19. Drag Racing “Funny” Cars

20. Have some beverages with Junior and work the conversation around to “Tell me about yer daddy.”

Happy Fathers’ Day and Stay thirsty my friend


Outstanding list. Simply outstanding.

You list is almost too good to top. We've been blessed as far as the sports bucket list. We've played Augusta, we've been to the Derby, saw the 1996 Dream Team win the golf in Atlanta, been to a Super Bowl, the Final Four, every SEC football stadium save Arkansas, watched a game at South Bend, been to Omaha and the College World Series and spent a spring break trailing through Florida for 14 spring training games in eight days. Rode shotgun going 180 in one of those Richard Petty NASCAR doo-dads at Atlanta Motor Speedway and rode a bull.

So it goes when you have a sports-related job and a few years of "less-tha-inspired" studying at centrally-located SEC school like Auburn.

As for our bucket list of things we want to witness as a fan:

1) Duke-UNC from the Duke student section in Cameron

2) Tiger in the hunt at St. Andrew's in the British Open

3) A game in Lambeau that it's so cold, you have to drink beer to warm up

Those are specific venues as much as anything, but the common thread to special sport events is the electricity the setting and the surrounding generate. There's a different buzz there, and you can feel it. When Tiger makes a run at Augusta, you can feel it in the roars through those Georgia pines. When the Cameron Crazies start going nuts and the camera starts shaking, you can feel it through the TV screen. Sometimes those events happen at high school football games or at the World Series, but when they happen — and you're there — you know it.

From the list of talks, experiences, et al.

1) A round-table discussion with Saban, Bowden, Dye, Fulmer and fill the blank college football coach where everyone was sworn to tell the truth. Wow, what kind of answers would that provide.

2) Buy Vin Scully a beer and start the conversation — not unlike the end of "Almost Famous" which is a SERIOUSLY underrated movie — with "Sooooo, tell us what you love about baseball."

3) We're stealing your foursome idea with Barkley, Murray and we'd sub out David Feherty rather than Couples, who can be kind or persnickety when the mood hits him.

  • photo
    Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, right, listens as quarterback Peyton Manning speaks during a news conference in Indianapolis, Wednesday, March 7, 2012. Manning's record-breaking run as quarterback of the Colts ended Wednesday, when Irsay announced the team would release its best player.
    Photo by Associated Press /Chattanooga Times Free Press.

From Chas9

Peyton, we hardly knew ye.

Is it like Ruth and Boston? Aaron and Atlanta? What's the Mt. Rushmore of legends being let go while still winning?

From an emotional standpoint — something that hurt the fan base, but everyone could see it was the right thing at the right time — Peyton Manning and the Colts parting ways this week reminded us about the press conference the Braves had when they traded Dale Murphy to the Phillies. Everyone knew he was going to be dealt — and he wanted to make one more run at the World Series and the Braves were facing a youth movement.

We'll give 9er two Mt. Rushmores:

Players who were excellent, changed team and became legends — Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, Greg Maddux, LeBron James

And here's the four players we're most happy we didn't have to see in another uniform — Cal Ripken, Walter Payton, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson.

  • photo
    Comedian Chris Farley, new cast member of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" is shown on Sept. 18, 1990. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

From scole023

I know there's a Final Four contest, right? Right? C'mon, you know I like to win stuff.

OK, my question is your question. You asked us what was the best SNL character, but you didn't tell us what your answer was. Tell us.

(And the NCAA tournament contest better be cool.)


Thanks as always for the kind words, and yes there will be a NCAA tournament contest. In fact, we're thinking of a couple.

Last year we had the "Overrated/Underrated Invitational" in which folks picked the first No. 1 seed to lose and the last double-digit seed remaining in the draw. It ended in a tie, so our tie-breaker was which two players would score the most over the Sweet 16/Elite 8 weekend, and if memory serves, scole023 won it by edging Bigbearzz, who developed a kindred spirit with Kemba Walker during the entire process.

This year, we're thinking of blending the two in some way or form. We'll announce it Monday, and as always, if you have any ideas shoot them along.

As for our favorite SNL character, well, since it is March Madness, let's go to the bracket. For time constraints, this will be a 16-team field, and yes, the Gap Girls, Gumby, the Coneheads and Opera Man and some of the others ranked between 17-20 may complain but so be it. We'll be back with our answers after lunch, but feel free to breakdown our bracket below. Enjoy:

1. Church Lady

16. Loungesingers


8. Samurai Futaba

9. Bill Sweski's Superfans


5. Unfrozen Caveman Lawayer

12. Pat


13. The Continental

4. Linda Richman


3. Matt Foley

14. Ed Grimley


6. Mr. Robinson's neighborhood

11. Spartan Cheerleaders


7. Blues Brothers

10. Fernando from Fernando's Hideaway


15. Tommy Flanagan

2. Wayne Campbell

about Jay Greeson...

Jay was named the Sports Editor of the Times Free Press in 2003 and started with the newspaper in May 2002 as the Deputy Sports Editor. He was born and raised in Smyrna, Ga., and graduated from Auburn University before starting his newspaper career in 1997 with the Newnan (Ga.) Times Herald. Stops in Clayton and Henry counties in Georgia and two years as the Sports Editor of the Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal preceded Jay’s ...

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chas9 said...

Celtic-- Stokes can ball with the best, but he can't read a thermometer. No way was his fever that high.

As for playing hurt, I'm reminded of the great Y. A. Title, noted tough man, who played hurt a lot. Mostly he's known for one of the great iconic sports photos. Arguably the best. Certainly on Mt. Rushmore.

In the final season of his career, showing his age, the old man was photographed helmet-less, bloodied and kneeling immediately after having been knocked to the ground by John Baker of the Pittsburgh Steelers and throwing an interception that was returned for a touchdown. The quarterback suffered both a concussion and cracked sternum on the play. He would go on to play out the rest of the season. You young bucks should look up the photo.

I can see in my mind's eye another iconic image of a bearded player with ice clinging to his weary frostbitten face. Anybody remember who that was? Maybe from the classic Ice Bowl (tied in to Jay's Green Bay wish).

March 9, 2012 at 11:18 a.m.
jomo11 said...

just talking out loud . . . .

Chris Jans- Witchita State, Bobby Lutz- N.C. State, Steve Forbes- Northwest Florida JC, John Pelphrey- Florida, Brad Underwood- Kansas State, Bobby Steinberg- Kent State, all of the above have been sucessful Head Coaches at one time

March 9, 2012 at 11:37 a.m.
chas9 said...

5er--This SNL bracket definitely ain't the Duke smooth-sailing-easy-ride region. Too many tough contestants.

Here goes: Advancing to the next round are Church Lady, Samurai, Pat, Linda Richman, Matt Foley, Mr. Robinson, Blues Bros., and Wayne. The Final Four are: Church Lady, Pat, Mr. Robinson (he got an easy draw), and Blues Bros. (that was the toughest draw). In the championship game, Blues Bros. beat Church Lady.

You know this.

March 9, 2012 at 11:54 a.m.
jgreeson said...

9er —

First off, great breakdown of the bracket. And yes, Y.A. Tittle is all-time tough guy — heck that bloody photo alone was enough.

Jomo —

Strong list keep it on file for at least another year — Shulman will be back.

Good list though.

— 5-at-10

March 9, 2012 at 1:09 p.m.
jgreeson said...

First round (with winners in bold)

1. Church Lady

  1. Loungesingers

Recap: Close for a half based on a strong effort by Bill Murray, but the Church Lady has too much depth.


  1. Samurai Futaba

9. Bill Sweski's Superfans

Recap: Across the board talent gives "Da Bears" enough late in a mild upset.


5. Unfrozen Caveman Lawayer

  1. Pat

Recap: Underrated and upset with his seed, UCL smokes Pat, which is pretty one-dimensional


  1. The Continental

4. Linda Richman

Recap: In the post-game interview, Linda implores for more openness and asks, "The 2-3 zone is neither 2 nor 3 nor a traditional zone.


3. Matt Foley

  1. Ed Grimley

Recap: Grimley as a much tougher foe, we must say. Tough like Pat Sajak, who seems to be a decent fellow, we must say. But Foley prevailed in OT.


6. Mr. Robinson's neighborhood

  1. Spartan Cheerleaders

Recap: Eddie Murphy's spin-off of Mr. Rogers was ground-breaking at the time. And 9er's right, this was a pretty easy draw.


7. Blues Brothers

  1. Fernando from Fernando's Hideaway

Recap: The Blues Brothers looked Mahh-valous in pulling away from Fernando.


  1. Tommy Flanagan

2. Wayne Campbell

Recap: The biggest landslide in Round 1, Wayne and Garth and Co. overhwelm the renowned leader of the Liar's Club.

Relatively upset free in the round 1. What will round 2 hold?

March 9, 2012 at 1:20 p.m.
jgreeson said...

Round 2 1. Church Lady

  1. Bill Sweski's Superfans

Recap: A match-up of two characters that drew celebs to their shows — The Church Lady drew then-President G.H. Bush and the Superfans drew MJ at the height of his powers. Both also had very memorable dance scenes. Tough, tough call, but in the end, the Oval Office wins.


  1. Unfrozen Caveman Lawayer

4. Linda Richman

Recap: While each has a certain panache with difficult to understand dialects, Coffee Talk cruises late because of Myers' extreme talent. (And we're remiss that we did not find a spot for "Simon" and his drawings in the field.)


3. Matt Foley

  1. Mr. Robinson's neighborhood

Recap: The toughest second-round match-up was decided late when Foley went to his catch phrase "Living in a Van Down by the River."


  1. Blues Brothers

2. Wayne Campbell

Recap: Brutally physical match-up of the two best SNL movies and the two most successful skits beyond the SNL stage. In truth, the Blues Brothers deserved much better than a No. 7 seed, and in some ways the decision here depends on how you view the game. If you have an old-school, pre-shot-clock taste, then you''ll support the Blues Brothers. If you are more recent in your SNL appreciation, you'll go Wayne's World. Give us Wayne in a squeaker, but Jake and Elwood have the better movie by far. (Orange whip, orange whip... Three Orange whips.)

March 9, 2012 at 2:31 p.m.
fechancellor said...

Where is the Sinatra Group??!

March 9, 2012 at 2:32 p.m.
jgreeson said...

FE to the C —

The Sinatra Group was anchored by an impersonation, and we ruled that out from the start.

It was flat-out hilarious, mind you, but not eligible for today's list. If we had top impersonations, it would be a sure-fire top-4 seed.

(Side note: Likely frontrunners for the top four seeds of impersonations: Hartman's Sinatra, Carvey's G.H. Bush (that's the 1 seed by the way), Carvey/Hartman as Carson/McMahan, Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Discuss.)

— 5-at-10

March 9, 2012 at 2:42 p.m.
biff_loman said...

RE: the retention of Coach Shulman

"Hart said finances did not factor into his decision. "


March 9, 2012 at 2:55 p.m.
biff_loman said...

and i wish that his RPI record would be reported instead of or along with his "overall" record

Coach Shulman is well under .500 when the gimmes are taken out of the equation

March 9, 2012 at 3:03 p.m.
Stewwie said...

So Shulman is coming back next year. Glad to see that is now official and the (somewhat) guessing game is over. Agreed, Biff, I'd like to call Hart's bluff on the finances comment. Maybe he's just saying that so it doesn't look like he's just keeping Shulman around because it's too expensive to terminate him. However, as AD, he has to be confident that at the very least, Shulman still has the same passion for the team that he did before.

As for Ws and Ls, a good record next year with that young squad will be 8-8 in the conference. That seems like a reasonably attainable goal. What do you think, Jay/Biff?

[Be creative, and don't leave any name un-approached (and yes, we'd see if Bruce Pearl was interested).]

I guess you weren't kidding about leaving any names un-approached. Two cause. Besides, it'd be obvious that Pearl would only be a short-term fix at best. No way he'd be at UTC long-term. It's one thing for a coach to do well at this level, then jump ship to more $$$. It's another thing to know in advance that that's what would happen. I think I'd pass on Pearl for that reason and more.

A lot is made of a head coach's W/L record but the assistants on those teams are usually pretty underrated. Jay, I agree with your reasoning for not hiring an assistant from a bigger conference. However, I don't think it would be a bad thing to consider an assistant from a Socon team to become our head coach (if/when that time comes). For example, GA Southern's coach was on Shulman's staff at one point. Things are looking up for that squad.

March 9, 2012 at 3:33 p.m.
ordinaryguy said...

Church lady, smirch lady...Mr. Robinson? Please!!!

It can only be Fred Garvin Male Prostitute

March 9, 2012 at 3:43 p.m.
biff_loman said...

yeah, Hart pretty much has to say that, otherwise it looks like he wishes he was gone, but he's stuck with him, which sends a bad message.

a respectable record will be important next year, but the thing I most want to see is a change from the current approach. as was mentioned about a month ago, the 'fire' system needs to be scrapped, it doesn't work at this level. also, it would be nice to bring in an offensive minded assistant, or Coach Shulman needs to shift some focus that direction.

March 9, 2012 at 3:45 p.m.
chas9 said...

Fey's Palin has never been equalled for spot on moments. But give the ribbon to Carvey for the tremendous range he showed.

March 9, 2012 at 3:46 p.m.
chas9 said...

Now Kentucky doesn't look so inevitable, but The Uniblocker showed once again why he'll dominate ESPN's highlight clips for years to come. And Hickey may be the best Kentucky-bred talent that got away to give the Cats fits since Lofton. Will some team with quick-handed guards take Teague & Company down?

March 9, 2012 at 3:51 p.m.
jgreeson said...

Biff —

Agreed. Anyone who thinks finances did not play a role in this, the 5-at-10 would like to sell you some stock options in Blockbuster, 8-track tapes and Jose Canseco Hall of Fame baseball cards.

While Shulman has his fare share of wins against teams with nicknames that we don't know, some of that is the difficulty in scheduling better foes.

We got Stew, babe —

8-8 in conference... is that a good record or an attainable goal? Does it matter? Really, does it matter?

Playing devil's advocate, because rest assured this is not in any way an endorsement of Pearl the person, but if you sign him to a five-year deal with an insane buyout and ride out the show-cause penalty, what's wrong with that.

Dude can flat-out coach and it would be the biggest splash hire in all of college hoops.

But now all of that is just background noise because UTC is not in the market for a basketball coach.

OG —

There were a handful of characters that we struggled with leaving off — and to be truthful, we forgot Fred Garvin, and while he deserved a spot in the field, maybe our youth works against us here, but he would not have gotten out of the first round.

— 5-at-10

March 9, 2012 at 4:04 p.m.
BIspy4 said...

Man, 5, you been hard at it today. All I did was emcee a debate between George III and George Washington at my nieces' elementary school, on the tails of having to go to the state Supreme Court, the Capitol and have dinner with a member of the Naismith Committee on Tuesday night. I'm too tired to think about best SNL character.

Coulda gone Belushi at the diner (cheeburger! cheeburger! No Coke! Pepsi! Cheeps?) or Bill Murray as Todd DiLaMuca or any of the Coneheads or perhaps Dan Aykroyd as ... Fred Garvin. Maybe even Myers as Dieter. From "Sprockets." But I digress.

Another guy who had a stellar career in another uni after a great career in his first uni - Frank Robinson. That there Wilt Chamberlain wadn't bad neither in different togs.

March 9, 2012 at 4:21 p.m.
jgreeson said...

Biff —

Concur. All around.

9er —

Your boys are still the far-and-away favorite. And as far as impressions, the new/recent crop of SNL folks — while not as talented — have some spot on impressions. Daryl Hammond has a few and his Chris Mathews and Clinton and Sean Connery are gold. Farrell's Harry Carey, and Alex Trebek and even the guy from the Guild Actor's Stuido are money.

Quick-handed guards can be a chore, but as long as the Uni(brow)blocker is out of foul trouble, all is well.

Spy —

Belushi at the diner was strong. Never as big a fan of Sprockets as most. So it goes.

Frank was good. So was Reggie. And Wilt should be on the list. Actually it should be Kareem.

And if you are shaping the minds of the future of the country, well, then we are scared of the future. Bomb shelter anyone? (We kid, we kid.)

Semifinals 1. Church Lady

  1. Linda Richman

Recap: We preferred the comedy of Myers — who had two of the final four and further strengthens his hold on best cast member of all-time — but the Church Lady was beyond SNL and reached a near-pinnacle of pop culture. "Reallllllly," and "Maybe it was Satan?" became catch-phrases across the country.

  1. Matt Foley

2. Wayne Campbell

Recap: Two great characters, but this is really not that close matched up against each other. Wayne in a walk and Garth didn't even have to work up a sweat.

March 9, 2012 at 5:12 p.m.
Stewwie said...


Agreed on the need for new offensive/defensive strategies. I don't think that "Fire" is a poor D to run per se, but I feel like we've run it so much the last 2 years that conference foes know exactly how to beat it. The best coaches are able to innovate and mix things up well. That means a lot more teaching/learning in practice, but becoming too predictable on either side of the ball does not bode well going forward.


No doubt hiring Pearl (for anyone in our conference for that matter) would be a big splash. No doubt he can coach. However, Pearl the coach and Pearl the man come in a package deal. Also, would a large buyout clause even have a chance on the negotiating table (from a Socon team)...especially if his salary is less than $200,000/yr. (low by his standards)? I think he could hold out for a school to offer a contract more favorable to his demands.

What additional benefit would UTC even have by hiring someone like Pearl? We put 4,000 - 5,000 in the seats with the Sat. night concession voucher specials even when the Mocs had a poor conference record. If the Mocs had Pearl as coach, went 13-5 in conference play instead of 5-13, how many more fans would have been in the seats? Would the marginal extra benefit be worth the overall extra cost of hiring the guy?

Sorry for continuing the hypothetical Pearl thread but I couldn't resist.

March 9, 2012 at 5:34 p.m.
jgreeson said...

Stew-T-baker —

The 5-at-10 is designed to be a welcoming locale for sports chat in and around the Chattanooga area. That sai, 'Fire' is a debacle. Now and forever at the SoCon level. Period.

Predictable is bad of course, but 'Fire' is flawed at its core.

Pearl would welcome any job offer at the current juncture, and he is not holding out for anything at this point.

As for your attendance stats, those are announced numbers, and we feel there's a better than average chance that the Mocs could have a better home atmosphere. But maybe that's just us, huh?

FYI — Church Lady edged Wayne in overtime.

March 9, 2012 at 11:39 p.m.
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