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Sunday, March 25, 2012    |   

As Mayor Ron Littlefield tells most anyone who will listen, "Chattanooga is the most transformed city in America."

An industrial town built in the 19th century upon its railroads, foundries and textile mills, Chattanooga is renewing itself in the 21st century by capitalizing on both its natural and man-made attractions. With its once smoggy air and polluted streams cleaned up, Chattanooga's claim as the Scenic City is drawing outdoor enthusiasts eager to pursue hang gliding, caving, whitewater rafting or rock climbing while working in a revitalized downtown. Chattanooga continues to add new parks and extend its greenways along both the Tennessee River and up and down the mountains in which the city is nestled. Technology geeks also are being drawn by Chattanooga's claim as the "Gig City," boasting the fastest Internet in the land and an emerging tech culture.

The city's appeal already has lured such giants as Volkswagen, Amazon, Alstom Power and Wacker Chemical to invest billions of dollars in the region.

For newcomers, Chattanooga Now is an introduction to the region. For longtime residents, this publication is a guidebook for the changing city and all it has to offer.