published Monday, November 19th, 2012

God's way survives the test of time and other letters to the editors

God's way survives the test of time

The recent election has provoked much discussion and many editorials about the great moral divide in our country, but has anyone addressed the real roots of the problem?

The truth is that the moral decay in present-day America can be traced to at least the following:

1. The principles of socialism and libertinism promulgated by the French Revolution, a reaction to a "Christianity" that was a hybrid form of religion, a legacy of the Roman Empire and a mingling of religion with politics.

2. Darwinian "science," that deposes God as Creator and degrades mankind to the level of the beasts. So if we are just animals, why not live like animals?

3. "Higher criticism," a pseudoscientific approach to the study of the Bible, that purports to decide which Scriptures are authentic and which are not, elevating mere man over the Word of God.

In Psychology 101 we learned all about "rationalization," that mental gymnastic whereby we decide what we want to do rather than what we ought to do, and then justify our aberrant behavior with "reasons."

In every area of behavior, God's way has proven best over millennia of time.

JIM HOFFER, Ringgold, Ga.

Obama re-elected despite GOP moves

President Obama's victory was phenomenal considering Republicans and Limbaugh have worked for four years to have him fail and "serve one term." They obstructed everything he tried to do including his jobs bill which would have put thousands of Americans to work. Shameful!

Republican immoral suppression of voting rights was unprecedented. In swing states, in the last weeks of the campaign, they spent $millions on negative ads containing lies and distortions. Un-American!

Republicans can ignore our diversity as a country at their peril. We are no longer a nation governed by white men. Romney said he would repeal the Dream Act. Dumb!

Hopefully, we have heard for the last time that "Obama was not born in America" and demand to see his birth certificate, or that "he is not a Christian." Absurd!

Obama's victory matched Reagan's second-term election. I believe the American people have heard enough lies from the right and are tired of Karl Rove and the Koch brothers and the money they spend on negative advertisement. I believe America is ready for some Republican cooperation and compromise.

If Republicans don't learn this the next election could be worse.


Election outcome leads to despair

I removed my American flag lapel pin on Veterans Day. My appreciation for America's warriors will never waiver, but as I reached for my suit coat with the American flag lapel pin on Sunday morning, I could not bring myself to wear the flag.

The presidential election signaled a change in the United States. The outcome of the election and the propaganda spewed by many media outlets are frustrating. A majority of American citizens voting to surrender freedoms in exchange for government handouts is sickening.

They voted themselves handouts ranging from birth-control pills to government health insurance. They voted to make it fashionable to scoff at entrepreneurs and to force people with faith in God to violate their religious convictions.

They voted to spend more money and stick someone else with the bill. They even voted that it's acceptable to lie about the reason an American ambassador and three others died for their country.

I didn't wear the flag because I've lost trust in the people and the republic our flag represents. I could not wear the flag because I am no longer willing to be a warrior for the values of most of my fellow citizens.


Take universe into own hands

Who wants to be an astronaut? Can any one of us truly state we have never had that dream, to leave Earth behind for great adventures among the stars in "the final frontier" That is part of the American way: to be the first explorers in a vast and dangerous new place, to innovate and grow beyond this landmass and beyond this world, to reach into the heavens and bring prosperity to all humanity.

But not just any American, no matter how deserving, intelligent or ambitious has had any real hope of fulfilling that aspiration outside joining the Air Force or NASA. Space has been left to the government, one hampered by numerous failings and parsecs of red tape. With the advent of space tourism, that all changes. Entrepreneurs and companies all over America are finally getting into the space game, developing technologies and plans for innovative ways to get to space, fly in space, and even live there.

We have to take the universe into our own hands and make this happen. We have to support companies such as Virgin Galactic and SpaceX, and vote for policies like the NASA Space Act Agreement to share knowledge and technology. The government just needs to do its part to keep everything fair. They had their chance to lead the way, now it is our turn.


Give Matthews a fair trial

Millions of robberies happen every day where someone gets killed. Many have prior records. Many have families. How many times have they jailed the whole family? Jesse Ray Matthews' family is only guilty of loving and supporting him. Most of us would do the same. Set them free! Their crime didn't merit the overly harsh sentencing.

Jesse isn't a murderer. He didn't plan to kill. He was forced to react when he was about to be run over. He'll regret his action for the rest of his life. On the other hand, I contend Tim Chapin always tried to do his best in all situations because he was that kind of man! He was very loved by all who knew him, especially his family, his church, and his fellow policemen. Because he was a "Christian," I think he'd be appalled and saddened by the prosecution of Jesse and his family.

Jesse was tried and convicted in the public media, and vilified by many sources -- unfairly.

Allow Matthews' attorneys, Davis and Hoss, to interview federal prosecutor, Steve Neff, who gave unfair long sentences to Kathleen, Ray and Rachel.

Please do what's right -- give Jesse Matthews a fair trial (if that's even possible now), with an unbiased prosecutor.


Driving focus aims in wrong direction

I must have missed something. Your front-page story in the Nov. 15 issue, "States eye aging drivers," stated that fatal crashes by drivers 60-plus were 19 percent of all fatal crashes, while drivers in the 16-34 year-old range accounted for 43 percent. Maybe the "states are eyeing" the wrong group. Then again, I may be confused. After all, I am 62 years old.

WAYNE BROWN, Ellijay, Ga.

Grimm stories taught lessons

If you knew that Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood were both killed and eaten in the end by the beasts in their stories, would you still read them to your children? Well, despite the fact that the stories fed to children today are coated in sugar, wrapped in colorful paper, and delivered with a bow, they once were not so innocent. These stories, most popularly told by the Brothers Grimm, originally illustrated some of the darkest traits of the human soul. Although these tales were not as happy as the stories popular today, they taught children very valuable lessons and ways to act.

Though some of the tales are not suitable for children today, many of them can prove to be very compelling for children and can help them understand consequences that go with their actions, as well as entertaining the minds of more mature readers.


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JIM HOFFER, you didn't bother to tell us what you believe "God's Way" to be.

You'd think you'd consider that more important than what you did say.

ERIC O. ROGERS, your negativity and disdain for your fellow Americans is evident.

Why do you spend so much time trying to convince the rest of us that every hateful thing you ascribe to us is true? Do you not even realize what you are doing?

ERIK B. DALE, actually, the government was doing its job just fine. Then a bunch of people decided that wasn't acceptable, and tried farming it out to private enterprise.

Thanks again.

WAYNE BROWN, you are, since you obviously don't know how many restrictions youthful drivers are under.

COURTNEY BACIGALUPI, that's one interpretation of folk tales.

It may lack accuracy.

November 19, 2012 at 12:21 a.m.
daytonsdarwin said...

JIM HOFFER, Ringgold, Ga."In every area of behavior, God's way has proven best over millennia of time."

Yes, Jim, the Bible is full of God's way. Murder, genocide, rape, slavery, conquest, submission of women to men, commandments to kill infidels, talking serpents and asses, pseudoscience, delusions of madmen, and wickedness by a imaginary tribal deity and his followers.

No thanks,Jim. God's way is the opposite of progress, science, and reason.

November 19, 2012 at 8:16 a.m.
eeeeeek said...

Jim Hoffer - Are you saying that child brides, father and daughter relationships, multiple spouses, slavery, selling your single daughter off to marry her rapist, genocide of your neighbors and stoning your child for back talking?

These are "god's" way as described in the KJV of the bible as well as the other versions.

I hope the police are watching you for your condonement of such violent and abusive acts.

November 19, 2012 at 8:32 a.m.
Plato said...

ERIC O. ROGERS - I'm glad you took off the American lapel pin, the myths and lies you are spreading should never be connected with the good ole USA.

November 20, 2012 at 3:03 p.m.
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