published Sunday, October 28th, 2012

'World won't end if Obama re-elected' and more Letters to the Editors

World won't end if Obama re-elected

An Oct. 20 letter writer predicted national destruction if Mr. Obama is re-elected. Similar predictions before he was elected the first time did not come true. Indeed, not one of Focus on the Family's 34 gloom-and- doom predictions came true during Mr. Obama's first term.

Were I a Republican, I would be concerned that I was being played for a dupe.

Allow me to share some of my predictions should Mr. Obama win a second term. Our president will continue to lead our nation and the world with intelligence and statesmanship. He will disappoint conservatives no matter what he does.

Economic growth will be slow with gradual progress. The GOP will take baby steps toward diversity. The conflict-weary Middle East will take baby steps toward peace.

The world will not end. No god will show up to bail us out of our history. However, there will be natural disasters.

Tennessee will defeat South Carolina in football. UTC will go undefeated. The Atlanta Falcons will win the Super Bowl.

My sports predictions may not happen, but I am a fan who has been duped.


Ringgold, Ga.

Romney only Christian choice

In my view, Romney is the only clear Christian choice. On planet resources, God gave us the knowledge to find and extract resources we need, I think he can also give them the ability to find better ways in which to extract what we need.

The Bible does say to feed and clothe the poor. It does not say for the government to take it from you at gunpoint; it says give with a happy heart. Show me in the Bible any place Jesus took money by force from anyone to give to the poor. Is it moral for the government to take from those who work and give to those who refuse to work?

Is it moral to tax Christians to pay for abortions that they don't believe in? Yes, the Bible says it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven, but that is for God to judge, not you or me.

Number one, you should fact-check Romney's plan rather than trust hearsay from the media. Also on the moral issue, do you think Jesus would perform a gay marriage? Obama is all for it.


Waleska, Ga.

Red Bank needs Causer on panel

We need leaders like Rick Causer who care about Red Bank. He's a man who has strong family values. He has served his country for more than 27 years. Rick has lived in Red Bank for several years, but he is more invested in the community than many who have lived here a lifetime.

He is always offering his neighbors and his friends a helping hand, no matter what their needs may be. He is a man of integrity and honesty. He has actively attended commissioners' meetings to see how our local government works. He listens to what the people have to say. He even inquires as to their needs to help the residents resolve their problems. He does in-depth research on issues that will benefit our city. Vote for Rick Causer as Red Bank city commissioner.

We need Rick Causer.


Red Bank

Time for an update on lock construction

With an election near, this would be an appropriate time for Congressman Chuck Fleischmann to present an update on the construction of the Chickamauga Dam lock.

On the other side of the political coin, Fox News presented a concise and accurate depiction at 10 p.m., Oct. 19, about the terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate. Without question, this was a well-planned and executed attack by what appears to be the Islamic Brotherhood. Don't expect an act of retaliation by the incumbent president's team as they don't have a clue as to who the leader of the attack is or where to find him. If they do get "lucky," they probably will send him to Guantanamo for "rehabilitation."


Signal Mountain

Tax the wealth of cash smugglers

Smuggling has been a way of life in America since the beginning of our revolution. Smuggling has been an easy way around taxation and custom duty.

In 1808 American smugglers desiring to sell their goods to the British carried potash on the Blacksnake to circumvent Jefferson's disastrous embargo on shipping to England. Today the U.S. Coast Guard works diligently to stop smuggling of drugs.

Now is the time to extend by law an extra judicial definition for smuggling. Taking the portable property of money and storing it in a foreign bank is a modern form of smuggling. These sagacious smugglers of money are fraudulently evading taxation. Consider the amount of cash stashed in foreign banks by these pecuniary patriots. While the rest of us pay taxes for two wars, these money men force us to borrow from China.

These cash smugglers need to let their wealth be fairly taxed to fund the education and innovation necessary for the expansion of American talent.

James Madison advises the "principal object" of "economic regulations" must "guard against smuggling" and "other attacks on revenue." The Founders are our civil prophets. We must listen to these makers of our republic.

Honest taxation will lower everyone's taxes.


Signal Mountain

Johnson speaks of authentic change

Why not a prescription of serious inventive change this election cycle with Independent candidate Gary Johnson for president? He is a successful two-term governor of New Mexico, successful business owner, and accomplished mountain climber, including summiting Mount Everest.

There has been no shortage of candidates promising change, yet our national problems increase as Democrats and Republicans take turns at governing. Other than rhetoric there seems little difference in these parties, at least in terms of outcome. Even the tea party appears dissolved into the abyss of Washington, D.C.

Tinkering with the tax code or errant regulation here and there will not repair the injury our government systems have suffered over decades of neglect and abuse.

Fortunately we have a written Constitution to guide us if only we defer to it in all matters governmental. Our nation's woes were not borne of adherence to it. Rather it was ignorance and vulgar interpretation of it. Independent Gary Johnson is the candidate who speaks of authentic change and restoring our government to a conscious and respectful relationship with the Constitution.


Remove incumbents to get real change

It has been in the news and editorials about exercising your right to vote, and I agree with that. However, casting your vote without knowing the facts of the one you are voting for and the background of same, and the philosophy and actions of the party for which they are running, then in my opinion you are wasting your vote and very well can be safer to not vote at all.

Example: Congress has between a 9 percent and 15 percent approval rating, yet watch the voters run out and put the very same tired politicians back into office. Does this make sense? If we truly want a change, the only answer is vote out all incumbents, until they realize that the voter is paying their salary, not corporations, not unions and not lobbyists, but the voters, you and me.


Dunlap, Tenn.

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ToHoldNothing said...

LARRY DAUGHERTY- If God truly gave us the resources and trusted us to use them, I would also think God would make them renewable, which they really aren't in the grand scheme of things. Now wind and solar power are much more effective in that regard. Not to mention we seem to neglect nuclear power because we live in the shadow of fear from Chernobyl and Fukushima more recently

The government isn't intending to provide for the lazy, but for those who are impoverished and unable to even have a living wage or any sort of living income. Of course it's broken and that will take time to fix.

Planned Parenthood doesn't do abortions as much as you seem to think. I believe the statistics suggest only about 3% of their practices are abortion. Many abortions are probably done by licensed practitioners separate from PP. And you're paying for a lot of things you don't want done, but that's the issue of transparency in government, not to mention an issue of spending that I agree is wasteful in some regards.

From what I can tell of Jesus, I don't think he would do so, but that's irrelevant from a Christian standpoint when we're talking about secular civil marriage. No one is forcing a church to do a gay marriage and if Jesus didn't want to, but it was legal in Rome, he would just move on and say, "Okay you do gay marriages, I'm gonna do my thing,"

October 28, 2012 at 1:54 a.m.
daytonsdarwin said...

LARRY DAUGHERTY: ". . . do you think Jesus would perform a gay marriage?"

Probably not. Jesus was usually the entertainment at weddings doing parlor magic like pulling a goat our of a basket, turning water into Mogen David, raising Lazarus from the dead (He slipped Viagra into Lazaraus' Kool-Aid) and making matzohs disappear. His "Loaves and Fishes" act was the forerunner of the "Cups and Balls" trick and He later taught Chris Angel the levitation routine and Harry Houdini how to escape from a sepulcher while wrapped in the Shroud of Turin.

He was the eternal life of the party after a few jugs of Manischewitz, though his "Miracle Jumping Judea Tour" in 33 CE didn't get good reviews from the critics. He married his assistant, Mary Magdalene, settled down in East Jerusalem, and had a souvenir stand selling fake Holy relics to the tourists and Catholics.

He retired in 61 CE and settled down to shepherd sheep, grow olives, and telling tall-tales to small children.

October 28, 2012 at 10:18 a.m.

WILLIAM D. HEARD, unfortunately doomsday prophets have been known for millennia.

LARRY DAUGHERTY, did God not also give us the wisdom to not eat all our seed corn?

Do you think Jesus would hate homosexuals, and want them to die? Didn't mention gunpoint, but he did recognize the domain of Caesar and the validity of taxation. Don't know why you're so upset at feeding and clothing the poor, when that's a far smaller portion of the budget than other things. Is it because you prefer to think they're all lazy and refusing to work? Would it surprise you to know welfare has work requirements, or that most welfare monies go to senior citizens, the disabled and children? No, you prefer your straw man.

Still, I don't see you giving me veto power over anything. Why don't I get to oppose waste in corporate welfare?

And I didfact-check Romney's plan rather than take his platitudes as gospel. The plans did not add up. Also how can you claim an apostate is Christian? The Church which Romne serves has its own views of Jesus which are not supported by anybody else. Why do you support an ahistorical creation by a heretic as true Christian? What are you saying about your faith?

DARDEN NEWMAN, do you really expect the government to compromise national security by giving you a precis of other investigation? I sure don't.

But I do know who ordered the operation on Osama. It wasn't George W. Or McCain. Or Romney.

October 28, 2012 at 6:28 p.m.
Leaf said...

"Romney only Christian choice?" That's arguable. But I'm sure he's the only Mormon choice. Biden and Ryan are both Catholic, so that's a wash. Obama is protestant but not a bible thumper. I don't know how you do that religion math, exactly, if that's your litmus test for politics. I assume you really liked Jimmy Carter.

October 29, 2012 at 2:25 p.m.
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