published Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

UAW decision

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VW history

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Local coverage:

New UAW Chattanooga president to focus on Volkswagen recognition

Volkswagen Chattanooga workers vote in UAW local election UAW forming Alabama local aimed at Mercedes plant VW Chattanooga workers vote in UAW election amid charge

UAW gains allies in bid to organize VW in Chattanooga

Pro-, anti-UAW parties vie over support

VW global works council supports UAW effort in Chattanooga

Corker: Volkswagen expansion in Chattanooga was off if UAW won

Casteel: VW will recognize UAW: It's coming, union official says. No way, says anti-UAW group

2nd VW board member endorses UAW as fight for hearts, minds continues at Chattanooga plant

Volkswagen incentives less than original plant but watchdog groups call government aid 'excessive'

Chattanooga panel wants minority, women hiring reports on VW project

Hamilton County approves VW incentive package

CEO Winterkorn: VW needs higher profits

Former Chattanooga union supporters accuse UAW of 'back-door deals' with VW

Jockeying for jobs: Two men try to get head start on employment at Chattanooga VW plant

More to come for Volkswagen in Chattanooga?

Volkswagen Chattanooga R&D center to focus on design, technology

Chattanooga, Hamilton County may dip into reserves to cover Volkswagen incentives

VW center, workers coming to downtown Chattanooga

What should Volkswagen name its new Chattanooga-made SUV?

How VW deal unfolded: Number of Chattanooga jobs grew as SUV plan moved forward (video)

Hamilton County Commissioners get copies of city/county agreement with Volkswagen

VW official: New SUV to be produced in Chattanooga is 'a stunner' (videos)

VW to build new SUV in Chattanooga, add 2,000 jobs; impact to be felt for years to come

UPDATE: VW announces Chattanooga-made SUV, and 2,000 new jobs

Buzz over VW's SUV reaches fever pitch

Opponents at Chattanooga VW plant call new UAW local union 'a show'

Corker spokesman downplays new UAW local

UAW: New local shows it’s ‘not giving up’ on VW workers

65 percent of workers in Chattanooga's Volkswagen plant from Hamilton County

Tennessee continues talks with VW on SUV line

Volkswagen to award SUV to Chattanooga, report says

Chattanooga VW plant may assemble two SUVs

UAW says it's changing tactics to organize Chattanooga's Volkswagen plant

Williams picked as UAW president; Casteel chosen secretary-treasurer

Does 'Made in America' mean something? Some say yes as VW weighs Chattanooga SUV decision

VW may offer new U.S. products faster

Gov. Bill Haslam: Administration 're-engaged' in talks with VW on Chattanooga plant expansion

VW permit could include 'Phase 2' plant expansion in Chattanooga

Volkswagen workers withdraw lawsuit against UAW

Tennessee political leaders see VW's SUV decision coming 'soon'

Chattanooga's Volkswagen plant could see unique auto assembly system

UAW, VW deny election agreement was illegal

VW looks ahead: Letter details expansion for 'existing and future product lines' in Chattanooga

Chattanooga eyed for future Volkswagen CC sedan assembly

Volkswagen's CEO: New SUV key to VW growth in U.S.

Sen. Bob Corker: VW decision on where to build SUV due in 'near future'

Corker: Things 'moving in right direction" on VW plant expansion in Chattanooga

Chattanooga, Tennessee awaiting Volkswagen plant expansion

UAW opponents say union still trying to organize Chattanooga VW plant workers

UAW still has options at VW's Chattanooga plant, labor experts say

Tennessee Democratic Party chief calls for probe into Gov. Haslam's withdrawal of VW incentives

Sen. Lamar Alexander urges VW to build SUV in Chattanooga

Tennessee official to Volkswagen: 'Circumstances have changed'

After dropped UAW appeal in Chattanooga, VW urged to focus on making, selling cars

UAW drops appeal to NLRB on Chattanooga union vote; talk turns to VW incentives

Andy Berke calls on Tennessee to re-offer incentives to Volkswagen

Bob Corker says UAW withdrawal opens the way for Chattanooga VW plant expansion

UAW drops appeal; NLRB to certify Chattanooga VW plant results

Stakes high as NLRB hearing on VW union vote in Chattanooga looms

Union at Chattanooga's VW plant could help worker safety, advocates say

Tennessee seeks to quash UAW subpoenas; SUV decision said to be soon

Tennessee attorney general seeks to revoke UAW subpoenas in VW plant case

VW decision on SUV ‘pretty soon,’ official says

Democrats plan probe into Chattanooga VW vote

Bob Corker fighting UAW subpoenas in Chattanooga VW vote

NLRB upholds VW Chattanooga workers in UAW appeal

More people fighting UAW subpoenas in Chattanooga VW vote

Gov. Bill Haslam not attending NLRB hearing on VW union vote in Chattanooga

Challenges may emerge to UAW subpoenas; April 21 hearing could be delayed

Haslam, Corker subpoenaed: UAW summons 2 dozen to appear at NLRB hearing

Gov. Bill Haslam against using card check for UAW at VW plant in Chattanooga

VW eyes UAW recognition at Chattanooga plant, group says

Former labor secretary backs UAW, blasts state officials for interference

Workers charge UAW using fake claims in appeal battle

NAACP supports workers rights in union vote at Chattanooga VW plant

Some VW workers oppose delay in UAW hearing

Tennessee must act quickly on Volkswagen incentives; Haslam says state waiting on VW to restart talks

Gov. Haslam denies using $300 million incentive as threat against VW over union plan

Haslam: Incentives not tied to Chattanooga UAW vote outcome

UAW seeks delay in Chattanooga VW plant vote appeal

Tennessee offered $300 million to VW as UAW tried to organize Chattanooga plant, documents show

Chattanooga's Volkswagen chief Koch has full plate

VW picks new CEO at Chattanooga Volkswagen plant

Frank Fischer leaving Chattanooga's Volkswagen plant

Chattanooga set as site for NLRB hearing on unionizing Volkswagen

NLRB sets VW hearing on UAW appeal: Unknown if politicians will testify

NLRB finalizes hearing for April 21 in VW Chattanooga case

VW’s Chattanooga SUV decision likely after UAW appeal, Bob Corker says

Chattanooga VW workers seek injunction in UAW case

Chattanooga workers claim VW illegally helped UAW

UAW appeals to keep 'outside groups' out of decision on new union vote at VW plant

NLRB officer to hear debate over new vote for UAW at Chattanooga VW plant

Anti-UAW workers get voice in union appeal of VW vote

VW against interveners in Chattanooga union vote appeal

Bob Corker says overturning VW election would be 'unprecedented'

Bob Corker says UAW challenge to election is 'assault on free speech'

Waiting on Volkswagen expansion: Union vote appeal creates uncertainty for SUV future

No sign of expansion at Chattanooga VW plant where UAW dealt loss

Sen. Bob Corker: UAW backers want to 'muzzle' Congress

VW workers challenge UAW attempt to dismiss election

UAW vows to continue fight for representation at VW Chattanooga plant

Opinions still differ on what UAW Volkswagen defeat means for Chattanooga

UAW appeals union vote at Chattanooga's Volkswagen plant

UAW files appeal on VW Chattanooga plant election

Volkswagen faces UAW, SUV decisions

Volkswagen labor rep hits Chattanooga vote (with videos)

Clock ticking for UAW to file objection in VW Chattanooga vote

After workers reject union, Tennessee officials ready to talk SUV incentives with Volkswagen

'Micro-union' eyed by some Volkswagen plant workers

Corker: State 're-engaged' in talks over SUV for Chattanooga

Chattanooga's Volkswagen workers spurn UAW

Sen. Bob Corker 'thrilled' by VW workers voting against UAW

For Sen. Corker, the UAW vote is personal with passions high for, against UAW

Bob Corker defends SUV remark after Volkswagen strikes back

Volkswagen supplier question cranks up UAW debate

Corker says SUV vehicle will come without UAW

UAW officials defend GM plant in Tennessee

Whole world is watching Chattanooga VW workers begin historic UAW vote (with video)

Sen. Bob Corker says VW didn't want UAW when first recruited in Chattanooga

Tennessee legislators battle over Chattanooga VW plant union vote

UAW vote at Chattanooga VW plant drawn along partisan lines

Pro-UAW VW workers criticize outside groups

Anti-UAW group hits neutrality pact at VW Chattanooga plant

Anti-, pro-UAW workers predict Chattanooga Volkswagen win

Anti-union group questions UAW promises to VW workers in Chattanooga

Tennessee Gov. Haslam repeats VW union criticism; Sen. Bob Corker says he'll hold his tongue

More anti-UAW billboards going up in Chattanooga

Gov. Bill Haslam tries to keep UAW out of Tennessee

Meeting for Chattanooga VW workers set for Saturday

UAW to get VW Chattanooga plant voter list

VW anti-union workers welcome labor leader Bernd Osterloh remarks

Chattanooga Volkswagen plant vote will settle UAW question

Chattanooga Volkswagen workers to vote on UAW next week

Center for Worker Freedom says Chattanooga's Volkswagen workers denied a voice

UAW election at Volkswagen could have high stakes

Drama high in union vote at Chattanooga VW plant

Anti-union group hits VW meetings

VW, UAW meet with Chattanooga plant workers inside, anti-union rhetoric heats up outside

Claude Ramsey urges Chattanooga Volkswagen workers to vote against UAW

Center says VW Chattanooga workers denied a voice

Anti-union group seeks probe of NLRB in Chattanooga VW case

UAW, VW didn’t violate labor law in Chattanooga, NLRB says

Harsh talk for Volkswagen: 'Disaster' label signals all is not well with U.S. operation
New Jetta, small SUV may be built at Chattanooga VW plant

Volkswagen labor battle seen as pivotal for the South

VW Passat family growing; wider line may bolster Chattanooga plant

New VW of America CEO: accept Chattanooga workers’ decision on UAW

Browning departs as Volkswagen head in U.S.: New VW CEO faces lack of new product, analysts say

Outside groups weigh into VW union question: Union supporters say outside groups are scaring workers

Faith leaders pray over VW organizing effort

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National coverage:

UAW raises dues for 1st time in 47 years

VW lawyer: Automaker already has deals to build new SUV outside TN

$300 Million of Meddling? UAW Expands Tennessee Vote Complaint, The Wall Street Journal

Haslam Administration Linked $300 million Offer To VW-UAW Process,, Nashville

UAW Asks NLRB to Review Vote at VW, The Wall Street Journal

Obama weighs into Chattanooga VW vote

All eyes on Chattanooga, Washington Post

U.S. senator drops bombshell during union election, Reuters

UAW vote won't deal a death blow to either side, Ward's Automotive News

CNBC report on first day of voting

Fox News report

CNN report on politics of vote

VW, UAW cooperate before election begins, USA Today

Tennessee Republicans raise stakes in VW plant's UAW vote

Tennessee legislators threaten to withhold incentives, Detroit Free Press

Tennessee politicians threaten to withhold incentives, Automotive News

Will Chattanooga workers vote in UAW? San Francisco Chronicle

Views of VW worker, Bloomberg news

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam says UAW could hurt recruitment of VW suppliers

Chattanooga Volkswagen workers to vote on UAW next week

Unions find Southern comfort: Tennessee is fastest growing state in U.S. for union membership

Volkswagen's Chattanooga plant is center's top priority, director says

Jetta, small SUV production eyed for Chattanooga

Volkswagen labor battle seen as pivotal for the South

VW, UAW leaders agree: Chattanooga workers should decide on union

UAW, VW hold breath on union election, Wall Street Journal

Sunday Detroit Free Press

Sunday Nashville Tennessean

Sunday Jackson Clarion Ledger

VW & UAW "coordinating behavior" during and after union vote, Wall Street Journal

VW plant's vote could be a Southern labor breakthrough, Boomberg Business Week

UAW critics take different approaches, Detroit News

VW may offer some hope for UAW in the South, Fortune magazine

Rivals gear up ahead of union vote, Wall Street Journal

Outsiders, not auto plant, battle UAW in Tennessee, The New York Times

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It's official, the SUV — and real jobs — are ours

UAW's back, and so is our potential

Pam’s Points: Chattanooga's got poverty, but still no VW SUV

UAW vows attack on Chattanooga

Let's hope political 'intangibles' haven't blocked our VW SUV

Kennedy: Why VW should build its SUV here

Casteel: UAW committed to VW workers

Freeman: Haslam injected politics into VW/UAW matter


Time for VW to look ahead

Casteel: Right-wingers behind the curtain

Patterson: UAW against democracy, free speech

Fichter: A voice from Germany on UAW issue

Logan: UAW revisited — did Sen. Corker mislead workers?

Smith: Union vote — that just ain't fair!

The Knockout


Times Free Press opinion writers weigh in on UAW vote

UAW will help VW, worker says, Nashville Tennessean

Why has Germany survived the recession, unions

Letters to the editors on the Volkswagen/UAW union vote

Whose vote is it? Move over politicians: This is a union vote

Bowman and Owen: UAW not in best interest of workers

Reich: Union will lead to prosperity

VW workers, don't open that Pandora's box

Cook: Tennessee does not like VW?

Smith: Right to work: VW may become infested by UAW

Cohen: Outside groups behind anti-UAW push

The Union Vote

The union fuss: This week, the rubber will meet the road

Gerber: Media camps out for VW union vote

Brooks: Historic union vote at VW has wide implications

Spencer: The UAW should come clean on works council

Smith: UAW not pro-growth

Pam’s Points: Snaking our way through faith, love, electric power

Cook: VW, unions and Cobb County

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VW at a glance

Headquarters: Wolfsburg, Germany

Founded: May 1937

Global sales: $254 billion

Global staff: 501,956 employees

Facilities: 62 plants

President: Martin Winterkorn

Chattanooga staff: 2,700 employees

Chattanooga product: Passat

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UAW at a glance

Headquarters: Detroit

Full name: The International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of


Founded: 1935

Membership: 390,000 active members, down from a peak of 1.5 million members in 1979

President: Bob King

Tennessee presence: UAW represents more than a dozen employers across Tennessee, including General Motors and Ryder Logistics in Spring Hill, TRW in Lebanon, Carlex in Nashville and Vonore, Fleetguard and Dacco in Cookeville, Lear in Morristown, Hennessey in LaVerne, GM CCA and Daimler Parts NA and Ford PDC in Memphis, and Dana in Paris. 

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UAW vote
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