published Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Satterfield has put forth effort to help our city and other letter to the editors

Satterfield has put forth effort to help our city

No matter who wins the mayoral election, the citizens of Chattanooga owe a debt of gratitude to Guy Satterfield. He has shown that a nonpolitician with a clear, well-articulated message can gain the respect and attention of many Chattanoogans.

In addition, he has focused on several issues that must be addressed by the next mayor immediately upon taking office, so that our city taxes will not continue to rise and our city can continue to function smoothly.

We should all appreciate his efforts. Thanks, Mr. Satterfield.

There’s no doubt that he knows how the city government operates, and given the opportunity, Guy Satterfield would be a responsible and effective mayor.


President Obama is in need of better advisers

Does anyone remember who was in Congress when this country had double-digit inflation? I thought not, but we remember who the Democratic president was: Jimmy Carter. And that has been his legacy throughout all these years. Now President Obama is about to create his legacy. Sequester.

When all the cuts and furloughs are made, he will be long remembered for that, and no one will remember who in Congress may have contributed to it. He agreed to the sequester in 2010 and now he is reneging. Makes you wonder how smart his advisers are and who they are.

Should he need more common sense advice, I am sure he can find me. We can sit down over tea or a cocktail, whichever he prefers, maybe in a rocking chair at a Cracker Barrel, free of charge, and I can give him better advice.


Independent’s vote changed because GOP went overboard

I’m responding to the rant, “Why is it politicians who claim to be independent always seem to vote Democratic?”

As an independent who voted very heavily Republican for over 40 years I have found myself voting heavily Democratic for the last eight to 10 years. Why? Because independents realize that the Republican Party has moved so far right that they have fallen off the starboard side of the ship.


Republicans deserve our support this election

I would be lax in my role as Hamilton County Republican Party chairman if I didn’t encourage all eligible Republicans to get out to the polls and vote for the Republicans who will most support our ideas of smaller government and responsible spending.

In Districts 1 and 4, solid Republicans are asking for your vote and need your support.

In District 2, Roger Tuder has demonstrated he is a man of character, principals and ideas who will represent your district well. He is the clear choice.

In District 3, Ken Smith is facing a democratic incumbent who raised your property taxes (19 percent), approved bloated city budgets for nonessential government services and provided you with high-dollar blue “art” when so many other things are desperately needed.

Finally, in the mayoral race, while Mr. Satterfield is here in Chattanooga working hard to win your vote; his democratic opponent was in Washington, D.C. attending a high-dollar fund raiser thrown by Democratic lobbyists prior to the State of the Union speech. Who will be influencing your next mayor; you or Washington, D.C. elite?

The choices are clear: Now you need to vote!

TONY SANDERS, Chairman, Hamilton County Republican Party

President should find ‘Larry’ to get Senate moving

Obama should have Larry (the cable guy) leading the Senate instead of Harry if he wants to “git ’er done.”

JOHN ROSE, Signal Mountain

Tomisek has proven himself to be a standup citizen

Tom Tomisek will make a truly outstanding Chattanooga City Council member. I have known Tom for over 30 years, first in Chattanooga Jaycees, later in Citizens Taxpayers Association and more recently in the Pachyderm Club. Back when the Jaycees was a 400-member group, Tom was ways and means vice president. He was responsible for the haunted house, Christmas tree sale and the tri-state fair. All involved tens of thousands of dollars and managing many volunteers for months. He ran these projects well and accounted for every penny.

Tom was an active, longtime member and officer of the Chattanooga Citizens Taxpayers Association, a watchdog over local government, always pushing for low taxes and responsible public spending. Tom has been president of both the Downtown and Nighttime Pachyderms.

He has been an entrepreneur, owning TNT Auto Parts and later, coin laundries in the 23rd Street area. He is honest; he does not play political games and is a true friend. He has done his good works here in Chattanooga and did not recently drop in from elsewhere.

Vote for Tom Tomisek for Chattanooga City Councilman, District 4.


Tuder has strong work ethic needed in District 2

The responsibilities associated with being a political candidate’s treasurer are significant. When Roger Tuder asked me to be his treasurer, I accepted without hesitation. Roger is the kind of leader we need as the Chattanooga council member for District 2.

Roger and I worked together during my service on the Stormwater Blue Ribbon committee. Roger proved to be a most informed person concerning ways to reduce the excessive stormwater fee, and he also demonstrated thoughtful insight and knowledge about Chattanooga governmental issues and business in general. He has a strong work ethic, and I am sure he will apply these skills to deliver the best value for our tax dollars.

Vote for Roger Tuder. Early voting has begun. Roger is what Chattanooga and District 2 need and deserve.


Benson would continue to serve chattanooga well

I strongly back Jack Benson for re-election to the Chattanooga City Council. I support him because he has served my neighborhood well for the past several years in helping to protect our homeowners on King Arthur from commercial encroachment.

Jack is a true public servant. His career as a teacher, principal, school administrator and director of Big Brothers/Sister association is a reflection of his mission to serve others. He has dedicated his life to serving others, and I am thankful that he is willing to continue his services on the City Council.


Fleishman, Michelle Obama sporting similar hairstyles

Here’s an idea for Clay Bennett.

Is there a cartoon in the similarity between Chuck Fleishman’s new haircut (bangs) and Mrs. Obama’s New hairdo (bangs). “Cut from the same cloth?” “Something Chuck likes about the Obamas.” Hope we haven’t lost the moment. Just Saying.

Enjoy your work and having the paper.

MARK KEOWN, Lookout Mountain, Ga.

Berke listens to citizens to become stronger leader

Certain pundits want Andy Berke to offer details of the immediate actions he will take if elected mayor of Chattanooga.

We find that curious. Does Chattanooga really want a mayor who professes to have all the answers and promises to make swift changes upon taking office? Or does Chattanooga want a mayor who seeks citizen input before he begins his efforts to renew Chattanooga? Does Chattanooga want a mayor with a personal agenda or one with a community vision?

Andy is smart and, yes, he is driven. But he understands the importance and power of public opinion. In fact, in his mayoral campaign Andy is using a variety of avenues to listen to and learn from citizens. These neighborhood meetings and canvasses, phone calls and open forums are educating Andy and giving him tools to be a smarter, stronger leader.

We do not live in Chattanooga, but we have a keen interest in the upcoming election since our personal and economic well-being is dependent upon countless public and private services inside the city limits. We encourage our friends and colleagues who live in Chattanooga to vote for Andy Berke.

JIM AND ANNIE HALL, Signal Mountain

Benson’s experienced record speaks for itself

I want to encourage the voters of District 4 to return Jack Benson to the City Council. Jack has a proven record of accessibility, responding to community imput to resolve problems, and wise use of tax dollars.

Experience, dependability, and common sense make Jack the best choice in District 4.


Ladd's honesty, integrity worth another term

I'm in a large group of people getting weary with politics in genera. Dirty politics is such a turn-off for me. I can't respect anyone who is involved in it.

I know Pam Ladd works hard and manages her council position with honesty and integrity. That is hard to come by these days. Pam truly cares about her district and this community. I would love her to stay as my council person. Thanks, Pam, for all you do for us all.


Benson has worked hard for our city council

I strongly endorse Jack Benson for City Council District 4.

Jack Benson as chairman of the City Council appointed the Blue Ribbon Storm Water Committee to examine the need and the severity of the recommended increase in the storm water fee. The time was at the height of the Great Recession and required much leadership to challenge the administration's proposal.

Jack stood up to tremendous pressure and did vote, in fact, for an almost 50 percent reduction in the $20 million plus fee that would have become a tremendous burden and a very detrimental impact on the citizens of Chattanooga. Jack has worked tirelessly to help all of Chattanooga.

Councilman Benson is a hard worker who has courageously defended the tax dollars of District 4 and as chairman of the council for the entire city of Chattanooga.


Not every Chattanooga firefighter backs Berke

My response to the Chattanooga Fire Fighters Association's endorsement for Andy Berke for mayor is that the Local 820 only represents about half of the Chattanooga Fire Department. Not all firefighters are in lockstep with the Local 820. The Local 820 supported Mayor Ron Littlefield in his first election campaign because he said that he would promote from within the department ranks for a fire chief. Instead he brought in a retired firefighter as the department fire chief and said the firefighters had misunderstood him. There were a number of disappointed firefighters who were expecting promotions for having campaigned for him.

There is no reason to believe Mr. Berke will not continue the same legacy as Mayor Littlefield. I expect the practice of creating government departments for political payoffs and the same unaccountability of the taxpayers' monies to continue. Mayor Littlefield could find monies for a blue rhino, new departments and raises for the general city employees but not for fire and police. The rank and file firefighters should consider who will best be concerned with the fiscal soundness of Chattanooga government. Other cities have bankrupted due to misspending, mismanagement and fraud, causing firefighters and other city employees to lose their pensions!


Tuder is a Christian man who has honest heart

As a pastor and a concerned citizen, I understand the importance of character and integrity when it comes to business and the family. I have the privilege to pastor Roger Tuder's son and his family. I know Roger to be a man who is active in church and supportive of his grandchildren. He is a wonderful role model.

In the years that I have known Roger and Sandra Tuder, they have shown themselves to be generous and kind. They are loving and attentive to the needs of others.

Sure, others have written about Roger's business success. That is quite an accomplishment. But being a man of character in your family life and a success in business seems rare in our time.

Please vote for Roger Tuder. His heart is honest and his ways are pure. Chattanooga deserves this type of leadership.

DR. TONY L. WILSON, Ooltewah

Chattanooga residents lucky to have CARTA buses

I am writing to comment on the letter printed in your Feb. 10, letters to the editor.

The writer says: "People don't ride buses." I ride the No. 4 and No. 16 buses, plus the No. 6 shuttle. The No. 4 bus is loaded with passengers before turning left on Market Street. The No. 16 bus is usually packed by The time we get to Zaxby's on Hixson Pike. It is always like this.

The precious people in wheelchairs are dependent on the compassionate service of CARTA.

CARTA's buses are needed and appreciated. CARTA is a blessing!


Smith would be a needed change for District 3

Christian author John C. Maxwell once said, "Real leadership is being the person others will gladly and confidently follow." I, along with many others, have been disappointed by Pam Ladd's leadership during the past four years. Today, we have roads that have gone neglected due to underfunded budgets supported by Pam Ladd. People are scared in their own homes because gangs and crime problems were ignored far too long by Mayor Ron Littlefield and Pam Ladd.

It's time we have a representative that believes funding essential city services is paramount. Three years ago, Pam voted to increase taxes by nearly 20 percent. Yet we continue to underfund our public safety needs and defer needed road improvements while supporting funds for non-essential needs, such as city-owned assets that compete with local businesses that actually pay city taxes.

We need representation that understands our core values and represents these values when making decisions on City Council. As a businessman and community leader, Ken Smith has the right background, experience and personal character to truly represent our interests and needs at City Hall. This is why I hope you will join me at the polls and elect Ken Smith for District 3 City Council.


Berke doesn't need to make empty promises

Please explain to me why people are so insistent that Andy Berke state in very specific terms what he will do as mayor. Are we used to politicians promising us everything to get our vote, retracting most of what they said later when they are in office and after having read the political fine print of what it takes to actually get things done.

I prefer a mayoral candidate who has the experience to know that, in order to get positive results, it is necessary to work within the system, to develop goodwill with people at all levels and of all political persuasions, and to study all aspects of the issues to help us be sure what we think we want is what is best for us.

Haven't we learned by now that politicians who manipulate us by making promises they may not be able to keep, no matter how good their intentions, only leads to a further lack of respect for the system? I respect Andy Berke for waging an honest campaign, and I will vote for Andy Berke for mayor.


Brown is a woman, and that was enough for Alexander

I had to laugh when I finished reading David Cook's recent column. "Fifty-one words of nothing." Personally, I was surprised that the esteemed Lamar Alexander was capable of putting together 51 words to explain his refusal to re-nominate Dr. Marilyn Brown to the TVA's board. In a society where we now communicate in tweets and twitters, even the standard 25 words or less would have been difficult.

I was hoping Lamar would use three little words -- like the phrase, "Please explain yourself," with which Mr. Cook closed his commentary. What Lamar very likely meant when he released his extravagant 51-word explanation of his nonaction in Dr. Brown's behalf was the simple phrase: "She's a woman."

Those of us who grew up alongside the Lamars of this world understand their antiquated belief that women like Dr. Marilyn Brown somehow pose a threat to them. Even Hillary Clinton -- when she lost the Democratic presidential candidacy to Obama -- admitted that we girls had not yet shattered the presidential glass ceiling but had managed to put at least 18 million cracks in it. Dr. Brown just added yet another.


Freeman is most qualified candidate for District 8

I am a proud supporter of Moses Freeman to be the District 8 City Council member. Moses entered this race because he felt our needs and concerns were not being addressed. Given my experience with the council over the past four years, I believe it's time we had a District 8 council member who will listen and focus on our community. Whether it's via email, phone or in person, Moses will listen to us and be responsive.

Moses has a long and honored history in Chattanooga, giving credence to his work ethic and record of volunteerism. He has spent most of his adult life as an activist, advocate and volunteer working toward the betterment of Chattanooga and offering a helping hand to those in need. He knows from experience that "doers" trying to move our community forward need a councilman who will respond to them and help them get things done. Many of us remain convinced that Moses is by far the most qualified and approachable candidate for the District 8 City Council seat.

We are fortunate to have Moses Freeman as a candidate. Please join me in voting for him.


Homosexuals do not belong in the Boy Scouts

Do you remember how outraged we all were when the news broke about some Catholic priests being charged with child sex abuse? Our outrage and disgust were justified. Now homosexual activists want the Boy Scouts to accept homosexual men as scoutmasters. How can this possibly turn out any differently from the Catholic priest abuse? When will common sense prevail so that we all stand up and defend our boys against such an outrageous proposal?

The other part of the proposal is to allow homosexual boys as Scouts. Again, this is outrageous. Responsible adults don't encourage 11-year-old girls to express their sexuality and we shouldn't encourage 11-year-old boys to express their sexuality.

When I was a Boy Scout 40-plus years ago, sex was not a strong theme being marketed to teens and pre-teens in movies, TV shows, music, commercials, etc. With this increased sex-saturation in our society and with the marketing of sex to younger ages, I shudder to think what will happen to boys if homosexuals are allowed as Scouts and as scout leaders.

Please, let's exhibit common sense and not cave in to pressure to open the Boy Scouts to homosexuals.

DENNIS URBANIAK, Signal Mountain

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lkeithlu said...

Mr. Urbaniak, being gay is not just about sex. Being gay is not being a pedophile. The Boy Scouts is not about sex. All anyone wants is for gay young men (and yes, some know as early as 11) and gay adults (men AND women) be able to participate. No adult should take sexual advantage of a minor, and no adult leader should discuss sexual matters in ways that are inappropriate. Your premise that gay=child molester is not only wrong, it is immoral because you are demonizing innocent people falsely.

February 28, 2013 at 7:18 a.m.
jjmez said...

Ikeithlu, they just can't get pass the sex thingy. That's all they think about. Either they're impotent or perverts in the closet.

People who prey on children are predators, and have nothing to do with a gay or straight lifestyle. There are heterosexuals who prey on children. Those people are criminals, regardless.

February 28, 2013 at 10:51 a.m.
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