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Another first for Johnson Audiology

Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013

In early 2010, Johnson Audiology the first Audiology practice Chattanooga North Georgia to bring to the area the only 100% invisible extended hearing aid called the Lyric. in 2013, Johnson Audiology proud to introduce another new advancement in hearing.

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    Drs. Courtney Guthrie, left, and Megan Johnson are the exclusive provider of the Esteem Hearing Implant in the Chattanooga area.

Continuing with its goal of offering the latest technology and being an all-inclusive hearing healthcare resource for Johnson Audiology now offering programming for the Esteem Hearing implantable device.

Johnson Audiology’s Dr. Megan Johnson announces, “Our office was recently selected by Envoy Medical to be the only program site in the Chattanooga and North Georgia area.”

Honored by this exciting opportunity, Doctors Megan Johnson and Courtney Guthrie trained with Envoy Medical. “This device is great because it works with your natural anatomy,” Dr. Johnson explained. “It’s a surgical implant designed to fit the middle of the ear, and unlike a conventional device, it doesn’t use a speaker or artificial microphone.”

The Esteem device relies on the normal function of the ear, including the vibrations from the patient’s ear drum, to deliver sound to the patient. The battery of the implant is similar to that of a pacemaker, requiring only a minor procedure once every five to seven years to replace it. Patients can use a small remote to adjust the programmed settings and to monitor the battery life.

“This technology is groundbreaking and is the first of its kind in this area,” Johnson’s partner Dr. Courtney Guthrie added. “A lot of our patients are potential candidates for the Esteem, and as an audiology practice, we will discuss all of their take time to to the right solution for their hearing loss and lifestyle.”


Johnson Audiology is located at 1618 Gunbarrel Road, Suite 102. The office provides diagnostic hearing evaluations and consultations, hearing aid adjustments and repairs. For more information about services or to schedule a consultation about the newest technology and hearing accessories available, call 423-710-1432 or visit

Johnson’s audiologists are dedicated to work with patients to find the best solution each individual. With various now available, traditional hearing not always choice for a Those who are and determined candidates Esteem Hearing be referred closest Esteem From there, undergo a complete and CT scan determine the next process.

“After the surgery, patients will return to Johnson Audiology for the activation, programming, and maintenance of the device,” Dr. Johnson said.

Being surgically placed, implantable truly means invisible. This is the main reason patients are interested in Esteem. It is a hassle free and invisible hearing solution. Once it is activated, it offers 24/7 hearing with no day to day care. Unlike a traditional hearing device, the patient does not have to clean the Esteem or change the batteries and they never have to turn it off and be without sound. For people wondering about having both ears implanted, they should know it is possible, but can only be done one implant at a time.

“The reason one ear is implanted at a time is because you have a six-week healing period for the newly implanted ear before the implant is turned on or activated,” Dr. Guthrie explained.

During the healing period, patients can and should wear a hearing device in the other ear to help their progress. Dr. Johnson added that patients who opt for only one implant should also continue to wear a hearing device in the other ear to ensure the best hearing possible.

For those wanting to learn more about Esteem Hearing, Johnson Audiology is hosting a lunch and learn program Friday, Nov. 15 from noon to 1:30 p.m. A bilateral Esteem patient is the guest speaker for the event.

Seating is limited and guests should call immediately to reserve a seat.

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