published Sunday, September 8th, 2013


JUDGE NOT lest ye be Clay Bennett.

OBAMACARE WAS passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress. If it’s so great why are they opting out but leaving the rest of us in it?

I WASN’T A fan of Hillary until I realized how much Republicans are afraid of her. They obviously already see the next election sliding away.

BET ’OL GEORGE is sitting at his ranch watching Obama deal with this Syrian mess and grinning.

WHAT IS THE best cure for post traumatic stress disorder our troops are suffering? It is easy: Bring back the universal draft in America.

I WONDER IF the Chattanooga VW workers have asked themselves, “Why has UAW membership declined by 75 percent in the past three decades?”

IT’S NOT homosexuality that’s tearing apart our society. It’s fornication and out-of-wedlock births. Why do we focus all attention on the lesser sin?

MAN’S MORAL relativism prevails in our culture, but God’s moral absolutes prevail eternally in heaven and hell. God’s love doesn’t preclude his judgment of sin.

ONCE AGAIN, Highway 64 through Ocoee is closed. Fire TDOT, hire Navy SeaBees. They can have it cleared in a day while under enemy fire.

THANK YOU, Henry Lukin, for purchasing Valleybrook Golf Club and making long overdue improvements that should have been done years ago.

TALK RADIO: I don’t mind the bumper music. Some of it is pretty good. And, I like the comments, but please quit talking over it.

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librul said...

Bet Ol' George pines for the days when his handlers could make him relevant.

September 8, 2013 at 9:50 a.m.
daytonsdarwin said...

"IT’S NOT homosexuality that’s tearing apart our society. It’s fornication and out-of-wedlock births. Why do we focus all attention on the lesser sin?"

Oh brothers and sisters! How can we stop Bible-Thumpers from fornicating? If only we could stop all those fundies from fornicating with everyone's lives the world would be better.

It's time to pass laws to STOP FUNDAMENTALIST FORNICATION! For centuries those wankers have been screwing civilizations and individuals in the name of one invisible man or another. They've screwed with science, history, and human progression in the name of loony-tune myths believed to be reality.

So Sister and Brothers, join me as I seek to stamp out this evil of Bible-Thumpers fornicating in our midst. Just a few cents a day will help take our message around the world to those who have been hurt by fundamentalist fornication.

"Beware the fundy fornicators, who uses their tiny holy rods to insert themselves into your lives without permission. Guard your children from their indoctrination. Use thy brains and put on the chastity belt of knowledge that thou should not receive the staff of fundy fornication lest you be made diseased with ignorance, intolerance, and delusions, and thy pockets made empty." 1st Shenanigans, Chapter 3, verse 16.

September 9, 2013 at 10:54 a.m.
Rickaroo said...

"MAN’S MORAL relativism prevails in our culture, but God’s moral absolutes prevail eternally in heaven and hell. God’s love doesn’t preclude his judgment of sin."

Take away man's moral relativism and what do you have? NOTHING. The great wide empty VOID. Every law that has been written or codified has come from man. Even the Ten Commandments and every word written in the Bible comes from the imagination of man and how humankind defined God throughout the ages. Take humankind and our moral relativism out of the equation and the only thing left are the unspoken laws of nature and self-preservation.

September 9, 2013 at 2:13 p.m.
Rickaroo said...

"BET ’OL GEORGE is sitting at his ranch watching Obama deal with this Syrian mess and grinning."

If ol' George is grinning, it's the insidious grin of the devil himself. The man has enough innocent blood on his hands to turn all the oceans of the world red. He is a war criminal who should be behind bars cleaning toilets and being fed stale bread and water, not sitting at his ranch grinning.

September 9, 2013 at 2:19 p.m.
RShultz210 said...

Why do so many otherwise rational people hate George W. Bush so much? Do any you truly have any idea of how hard morally as well as physically hard this job is? Of how many decisions the man who does this job must make every day that affect the lives of not only millions of Americans but thousands of those in other countries as well? I cannot see anything that President Bush did that President Obama has not been forced to or simply decided to do as well that has affected those same lives in much the same way. You complain that he is a war criminal. If so, than what of the Congressmen and Women that authorized the actions he took? Are they not equally as guilty? At least President Bush went to them and ASKED for authorization to do what he felt had to be done. Obama has yet to ask Congress for authorization to wage war in the same areas of the world and on the same people! He has yet to ask Congress to approve of him spying on the entire population of this country either. And he is using methods that President Bush never even considered. Using drones to destroy people many of whom had done nothing to hurt the US. Lying to the American people on so many occasions(and getting caught at it)that people are beginning to EXPECT him to lie? Does that somehow make him better than Bush? Less guilty than Bush? I don't think so.

September 14, 2013 at 2:03 p.m.
RShultz210 said...

I would like to believe that daytonsdarwin's missive was sarcasm aimed at extremism everywhere but I don't. It's pretty clear who he is aiming at. Why can't arrogant, holier than thou atheists ever take aim at the really DANGEROUS extremists who build car bombs instead of thump Bibles? Is it because he knows that he's really in no physical danger from them? Is it because he knows he doesn't have to worry in a country that Christians have given their lives by the thousands to make safe for him to pump out his egregious nonsense? Maybe we Bible thumpers should petition the authorities to no longer provide him with protection against those who would shed his blood for remarks of the tenure he makes. Maybe he would not be quite so arrogant then. Maybe he would not feel so free to castigate and make fun of the majority of decent people who happen to be Christian but don't run around trying to make one of everybody else they see the way the Muslims do for example. Yes there are a minority of Christians who don't believe in Darwin's theory, but they don't deserve the treatment they are getting from Mr. Evolution here. It's really sad that he seems to have nothing better to do with his time.

September 14, 2013 at 2:27 p.m.
daytonsdarwin said...

" It's really sad that he seems to have nothing better to do with his time. "

Exposing the sheer ignorance of all Abrahamic fundamentalism is my "ministry" to those who would fall under the influence of those fundamentalist bigots. It's also a joy to poke fun at those who believe that fairy-tales are reality.

"Maybe we Bible thumpers should petition the authorities to no longer provide him with protection against those who would shed his blood for remarks of the tenure he makes."

Spoken like a true Bible-Thumping Wrath-of-Gawd Christian. That's why fundamentalism is dangerous. Why is it that fundies get so worked up over blood? Were the apostle really vampires? Sing your sad, whining blood songs elsewhere.

Not that it will be successful as the world is full of gullible people who believe in myths as reality. But I do what I can.

If you fundies would keep your religion in church and home, there's no problem. Just like those crazies who think Star Trek is real,

But start trying to teach that stuff in public schools and use government money and facilities to preach that nonsense, then there's a problem.

No Trekkies are asking that the Prime Directive be installed in courthouses or taught in public schools. Can't you Bible-Thumpers do the same?

Of course you can't. Therefore, I'll expose your god, saviors, and bibles for the BS that they are.

There's no Jehovah, Super Savior, or Holy Flying Ghost. And there's no Capt. Kirk either.

September 14, 2013 at 3:03 p.m.
Rickaroo said...

RShultz, I agree with much of what you say about Obama. Indeed he is no better, and in some ways worse, than Bush in perpetuating the "war on terror." I think that his increased use of drones, resulting in the loss of many innocent lives, is reprehensible, that his extending the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan for as long as he has is inexcusable, and that his continuation of homeland security policies are not only unnecessary but misguided and injurious to our wellbeing in the sense that they are making us our own worst enemy.

But for the sheer magnitude of harm done and innocent lives taken, Bush is unmatched. As for his seeking the approval of Congress for waging war on Iraq in the first place, Congress was not privy to the inside information the Bush administration had but was merely relying on the words of his insiders who were telling them and the American people what a grave threat Hussein was. And America was still reeling from 9/11 and very receptive to any excuse for going to war against anyone whom we deemed even a minor threat. But shortly after the bombs started falling and boots were on the ground in Iraq evidence started piling up to prove that Bush and his neo-con thugs didn't just make a poor decision based on faulty intelligence; rather they cherry-picked the intelligence they were receiving and they lied outright. Yet most Americans seemed willing to just shrug it off and develop a "hate the war but support the troops mentality," all the while letting Bush get away with murder, literally.

I and many other libs like me do not deny Obama's culpability when it comes to his penchant for broadening the "war on terror" and taking so many innocent lives in the process, but I never see any people on the right admitting of Bush's unforgivable act of genocide against a people who had NOTHING to do with 9/11. And even if you want to use the excuse that we needed to depose of a ruthless dictator and "liberate" the Iraqi people, that excuse does not hold water - NOBODY from Iraq was seeking our help in getting rid of Saddam and the country is in far worse shape now than it ever was when he was in power.

The fact remains, Bush is a war criminal extraordinaire and still needs to be held accountable for his heinous actions. Obama certainly has his own list of wrongs that he should be held accountable for, but until you righties stop excusing Bush by saying, "Well, he just made some poor foreign policy decisions, and anyway, that was then and this now," you don't have the right to utter one word of criticism against Obama and be taken seriously.

September 15, 2013 at 12:01 p.m.
Rickaroo said...

RShultz, as for your comments about us "arrogant, holier-than-thou atheists" and how we so often take aim at you poor, maligned, picked-on Bible thumpers (I notice that you claim to be one yourself): It's true that the vast majority of thumpers don't go around detonating car bombs or suicide bombs but they don't have any qualms about blowing up abortion clinics and even killing abortion doctors in cold blood. And if you think that is somehow excusable because they are just carrying out God's holy war against "baby killers," well, the fundamentalist Muslims excuse their murdering and violence, too - they are also just waging holy war and being good, loyal soldiers of God, ridding the world of those whom they deem to be evil infidels.

The fact is that you are both equally nuts and a public menace and you deserve to be called out, lampooned, lambasted, and figuratively tarred and feathered. And even those of you thumpers who do not resort to such outwardly violent behavior you still keep spreading the lies and the BS about a violent, vengeful, jealous God who "loves" his children only if they obey like dutiful slaves and bow down to his demand to love only him, like some abusive, sado-masochistic wife beater.

It is abominable and disgusting, the abhorrent fairy tales about a mythical hell and a make-believe judgment day and a vengeful god that you poor, mentally challenged thumpers keep spreading. It's not that we atheists and non-believers are arrogant. Its just that we cannot fathom how otherwise grown-up, intelligent human beings can cling to such childishly simplistic, obviously mythical beliefs.

Most of us fully respect the right of everyone to entertain whatever religious or non-religious beliefs are right for them. But when you try to insert yourself into our government the way the teabaggers do (passing stricter and stricter abortion laws, insisting that Biblical creationism be taught in our public schools and that science in general is the work of the devil, and insisting that our forefathers intended for America to be a "Christian" nation), and when you keep preaching that non-believers are doomed to hell for the mere "sin" of not believing exactly as you do or for the mere "sin" of being born gay....well, we are going to keep calling you out for your lies and your self-righteous, misguided, ill informed, wacko bullsh!t.

September 15, 2013 at 1:03 p.m.
RShultz210 said...

Rickaroo I suppose we will have to just agree to disagree about Bush but there are a couple of things I would like to get straight. I am a Christian and I believe in the things Jesus taught, and I don't normally get really pissed at atheists as a group but you've got no damned right to lump me in with Muslim terrorists and say that I am as bad as they are. You atheists are arrogant, uncouth sob's and you are as arrogant as any I have communicated with. It may not have occurred to you, but I actually have atheist FRIENDS and they wouldn't like you any more than I do, and they would tell you right from the get go that you're doing exactly the same things that you accuse Christians of doing. Extremism is not pretty in any religion or OTHER group so why don't you try getting over yourself as well as insisting that I do. Yes, I believe abortion is wrong but I am not totally against it. There ARE situations in which it is not only appropriate but necessary. But it shouldn't be legalized just because there are women who love fornication, but don't want the responsibility for raising the child that is often the result. Nor do I believe that there is any such thing as being born gay. I have seen NO evidence to support that ridiculous assertion, and I DON'T think you could provide any that I would consider credible. I don't think science is the "work of the devil", I think we would be lost without it. So how about compromising here? I won't insist that science is evil if you'll stop insisting that Lincoln was the Great Emancipator instead of the criminal we BOTH know he WAS. And I can prove that by his public acts and utterances so don't call me on that particular "lie". If you would take the trouble to TALK to a few normal Christian individuals instead of the cranks who attend rallies and such, you MIGHT find that some of the things you THINK you know about us are self-righteous, misguided, ill informed, whacko bull sheeyet!

September 27, 2013 at 4:27 p.m.
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