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Religious congregations of Hamilton County
Friday, March 28, 2014    |   

Here are the 10 largest faith groups in Hamilton County:

1. Southern Baptist Convention, 73,598 adherents in 108 congregations.

2. United Methodist Church, 22,312 adherents in 39 congregations.

3. Nondenominational, 16,086 adherents in 62 congregations.

4. Catholic Church, 12,685 adherents in 6 congregations.

5. Church of God (based in Cleveland, Tenn.), 17,912 adherents in 43 congregations.

6. Seventh-day Adventist Church, 10,510 adherents in 20 congregations.

7. National Baptist Convention, USA, 8,112 adherents in 19 congregations.

8. Presbyterian Church in America, 7,130 adherents in 12 congregations.

9. Church of Christ, 6,763 adherents in 34 congregations.

10. Episcopal Church, 6,139 adherents in 11 congregations.