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Discover the new world of contacts at Complete Eye Care

Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014

In the past, contact lenses may not have been an option for many patients, but today there are lenses available for almost everyone.

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Dr. Jack Vontillius, O.D., with Complete Eye Care in Soddy-Daisy shared that once he assesses a patient’s needs and prescription, there are many options open to them in terms of contacts. The patient will be fit with a trial pair of lenses to try for a week or two. Once the fit is finalized, a prescription for contact lenses is given.

“There are multi-focal lenses available for patients that require reading and distance correction. These multi-focal lenses are an excellent option; the patient no longer has to wear reading glasses for presbyopia or give up wearing contact lenses,” he said. “Due to increased moisture and breathability these lenses are also designed to help with dry eyes.”

Not only are there improvements in multi-focal lenses, toric lenses (for astigmatism) are now better fitting and more comfortable which allows for better vision and may also address dry eyes.

“Air Optix now offers a new, breathable, comfortable colored contact lens! So if you’re interested in a subtle or vibrant change to your eye color, there is a full range of options,” Dr. Vontillius explained. “You can wear these lenses even if you don’t need corrective lenses however, a fitting and prescription is necessary.”

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Another exciting development in the world of contacts is that 1 day disposable contact lenses are now available for correcting astigmatism, presbyopia and have increased moisture. These are a great option not only for those who wear contact lenses every day but for people with dry eyes, occasional wearers, athletes, etc.

“It is important for contact lens wearers to remember that if you develop red eyes, have pain or discharge you should immediately discontinue contact lens wear and see your eye care professional,” he said. “Issues such as these left untreated can cause damage to your eyes that may prevent future contact lens wear.”

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Ways to avoid the above-mentioned issues. Do not sleep in your contacts even when napping, replace contacts as prescribed and have yearly eye exams. Remember to clean your contact lenses take care of your eyes by taking care of your contacts. Always wash your hands before handling lenses. Use only cleaners and drops approved by your eye doctor. Clean, rinse, and dry the case each time you remove the lenses and replace it every two to three months. Never share your contact lens or case with any one. The contact lens was fitted only for you. Use only solutions made for your type of contact lens. Saliva or tap water is not okay to use to remoisten your contacts because it could cause a bacterial growth on your eye. Don’t wear lenses when you’re swimming or using cleaning products like bleach. A pair of glasses is recommended for evenings and/or for when contact lenses are not able to be worn.

The professionals at Complete Eye Care are available Monday – Friday to assist you with all your eye care needs. Walk-ins are welcome should a patient find themselves in an emergency situation. The optical shop is open to the public, you don’t need an appointment to stop by and you can bring in your outside prescription for glasses and/or contact lenses. We have a variety of frames and contact lens options that fit every budget, need and style!

Complete Eye Care is located at 9453 Dayton Pike in Soddy-Daisy. For more information about their services, the importance of routine eye exams or to schedule an appointment, call 423-332-8222 or visit


Complete Eye Care is located at 9453 Dayton Pike in Soddy-Daisy. For more information about their services, the importance of routine eye exams or to schedule an appointment, call 423-332-8222 or visit

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