Perfect Catch Bachelor Nominee - Samuel Mortimer

Perfect Catch Bachelor Nominee - Samuel Mortimer

August 7th, 2009 in Bachelor

Name: Samuel Mortimer

Age: 22

Height: 6 ft.

Weight: 155

Occupation: Student/Coach

Physical: Growing up, Samuel was really involved with his neighborhood swim team. He practiced year-round, 6 days a week! He loved swimming so much that he founded the first swim team at Hixson High School and coached the team himself. He coached his neighborhood swim team as well for several years in high school and college. Samuel competes with the University of Tennessee Club Swim Team. He won 1st Place in the 50 yard butterfly at the National Swim Club Championships his freshman year. He has branched out to running and cycling and last weekend he completed his first off-road triathlon. He always signs up for fun classes at UTK like "Olympic Weight Lifting" and "Social Dance" even though he is no body builder and dances like a skinny white boy. He just likes to try new things and put himself out there!

Career Accomplishments: Samuel is entering his final year in the Architecture and Design program at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. This fall he will study architecture abroad in Zurich, Switzerland at what he calls "Europe's premier design school". While Samuel has many accomplishments I think his most notable is the $75,000 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency he won this spring in the national People, Prosperity, and Plant (P3) Sustainable Design Competition held in Washington D.C. Samuel loves the environment and is passionate about green design. Upon graduation he plans on attending graduate school or working for an architecture firm that shares his enthusiasm for making a difference in the world we live in. Samuel's design work has been exhibited numerous times and he has received several awards for his work. This year he won the top award at the UTK Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement. With all this public recognition for his design work I know that Samuel feels the greatest amount of pride when his young swimmers approach him in public and give him high fives while smiling from ear to ear. He has been an extremely positive influence in the lives of many children through his work as a swim coach in his neighborhood. This may be one of his greatest personal achievements.

Adjectives: Funloving (he is never negative and has fun wherever he is), goal oriented (he works extremely hard and does not rest until the job is complete - seriously, he stays up all night working on projects!), and creative (being creative is kind of a requirement for design students!).

Perfect because: When you throw out stiff social conventions associated with today's dating scene and replace them with down to earth and genuine traits you get Samuel Mortimer. There is no other person like him. He may not have the brawn of other Casanovas, but he has more talent and passion than all of them combined. He is not complicated and it is so rare to find someone these days with no baggage. Samuel loves his family very much and is a man of God. He will drop everything when you are having a bad day and talk to you on the phone and tell you jokes to make you smile and forget about your troubles. For all these reasons, this is why Samuel should be Chattanooga's Perfect Catch. He is a well rounded guy with all kinds of compassion and gifts to share with someone.