Was Adam as great as Paula thought?

Was Adam as great as Paula thought?

March 12th, 2009 in Blogs

By Phil Stacey

From Tuesday's show:

The Top 13 of American Idol took to the stage and vied for America's votes tonight singing songs made famous by Michael Jackson. The stakes are very high. Two Idols will be voted off tonight in order to compensate for the extra finalist added during the wild-card round. And to top it off, new rules that will change Idol will also be announced tomorrow. Interesting. I wonder if it is going to a system much like Dancing with the Stars - giving the judges more power. I wonder if they are going to change the name of the show to "American and Judge's Idol."

I am actually in LA and was able to watch the show live with my soon-to-be tour mate, Season 7's Chikizee. It was very surreal to experience American Idol sitting in the audience instead of on the stage. I felt like I was returning to high school a couple of years after graduation. I loved my time on Idol but would not want to trade places with any of the contestants! I still get nervous when I hear the show's theme music.

I did have a chance to meet some of this year's group. As expected, they all were class acts.

Tonight's shining stars included Lil' Rounds, the mother of three from Memphis. She continued to dominate and started the night off by belting out "The Way You Make Me Feel." It was no surprise that the judges gave her rave reviews.

Danny Gokey, one of my early favorites, brought the house down with "PYT." I thought this was a soulful and energetic performance. He knocked it out of the park and I agree with Paula saying he is well on his way to the finals

Allison Iraheta, the spunky red headed 16 years old, turned "Give In to Me" into a great rock anthem. She is really carving out a place for herself on the show.

I also really enjoyed Matt Giraud. I think he is a contender and steadily earning new fans.

The judges absolutely loved Adam Lambert, the rock-goth Wicked star, who performed "Black and White." This was too theatrical for me. The energy was amazing, but I do feel like it was over the top. He obviously has a great voice and will stay around for a long time.

There really wasn't a complete dud performance but Louisville auditioner Kris Allen and Anoop Dasai should be worried tomorrow.

Kris Allen, the newlywed from Conway Arkansas, sang, "Remember the Time." He has a nice voice but his performance really got lost in the crowd tonight. I don't think he has enough momentum to carry him on in the competition.

Anoop Dasai, the son of Indian Immigrants and early favorite, sang "Beat It." This was a bad song choice. It bordered on gimmicky, like watching an American Pie character perform for Idol. But, I would not be surprised if his fans pulled through for him and he makes it through.

With two finalists getting axed and no major flops, each Idol should be worried about going home.

What do you all think? Was Adam as great as Paula thought?