Reporters' Notebook: Commissioners get caught up in goal post discussion

Reporters' Notebook: Commissioners get caught up in goal post discussion

July 5th, 2009 by Cliff Hightower and Matt Wilson in Blogsmetrochatt

Several Hamilton County commissioners said Wednesday that the goal posts at the old Hixson Middle School football field should be put to use but had some trouble agreeing on where they should go.

Commissioner John Allen Brooks said Normal Park Museum Magnet Upper School needs the goal posts to start a football team.

"At some point in time, they've been promised to go over to Normal Park, but my understanding is that there's some sort of hang-up," Mr. Brooks said.

The land at the old Hixson Middle School is being transferred to the city.

School board Chairman Kenny Smith said Normal Park is bringing a proposal to the school board to get the goal posts.

Commission Chairman Jim Coppinger chimed in: "The new Hixson Middle School does have a football field. Surely you're not going to give those goal posts from the old middle school to someone. Hixson Middle School's going to need those goal posts, as well as the bleachers."

Mr. Smith said he assumed the new school already had goal posts.

"I haven't seen them," Mr. Coppinger said.

Commissioner Larry Henry said the new East Hamilton School could use those goal posts if nobody else wants them.

Congresswoman, Mr. Prime Minister

The Chattanooga City Council had some back-and-forth banter Tuesday when Council Chairman Jack Benson made a mistake.

At the end of the council meeting, Mr. Benson asked for reports from council members. He first called on Councilwoman Deborah Scott.

"Congresswoman Scott," he began. "I mean Councilwoman Scott."

The chamber erupted in laughter. Mrs. Scott, red faced, said she had nothing to report. Mr. Benson then called on Councilwoman Sally Robinson to report.

"Thank you, Prime Minister," she replied. "I mean Mr. Chairman."

commission honors former member

County commissioners observed a moment of silence Wednesday morning in memory of former Commissioner Paul Nolan, who died June 25.

Commissioner Richard Casavant, who succeeded Dr. Nolan on the commission, said Dr. Nolan's death left "an empty space."

"His votes were with the county in mind every time he voted," Dr. Casavant said.

County Mayor Claude Ramsey said he would "be remiss if I didn't say Paul Nolan had about as much integrity as anybody I've ever dealt with."


The City Council discussed name changes to streets during the Public Works Committee on Tuesday afternoon after one street was being renamed because of 911 concerns.

Councilwoman Deborah Scott said that some road names should not be duplicated because of Southern accents.

"From a Southern mouth, Wallflower and Wildflower sound the same," she said.

Standifer Road Pipe upgrades

Tennessee-American Water officials said last week they plan a $170,000 upgrade on Standifer Gap Road from Standifer Chase to Lee Highway.

Kim Dalton, company spokeswoman, said the company plans to replace 1,875 feet of plastic pipe with iron pipe as part of an ongoing capital improvements campaign.

The construction started Wednesday and should be completed by September, Ms. Dalton said.

Compiled by staff writers Matt Wilson and Cliff Hightower

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