Reporter's notebook: City continues looking at street names

Reporter's notebook: City continues looking at street names

July 26th, 2009 by Adam Crisp, Matt Wilson and Jacqueline Koch in Blogsmetrochatt

Chattanooga officials on Tuesday discussed just what they're going to have to do to comply with their own rules regarding how streets are named.

Peter Murphy, chairman of the City Council's Legal and Legislative Committee, asked whether prefixes such as "old," "new," "east" and "west" are allowable.

Steve Leach, the city's public works administrator, said that "sound-alikes, prefixes and suffixes are problematic."

The changes are being discussed as a means to avoid confusion for emergency service providers who might be getting information from people who aren't thinking straight.

"People are stressed out when they call 911," said Lee Norris, deputy public works administrator.

Mr. Norris said officials weren't looking at changing all street names at the same time, just whenever problems arise.


City Council Chairman Jack Benson argued Tuesday that city officials should look to the experts to see exactly which areas the city should annex.

In the council's Legal and Legislative Committee, Mr. Benson argued that the last annexation, in 2003, was done in conjunction with experts who determined what should and shouldn't be annexed. He said that has led to the right areas becoming a part of the city.

"I have yet to have anybody call me and ask to be de-annexed," he said.

Ramsey weighs in on littering, bikes

The big news from Hamilton County Mayor Claude Ramsey's Thursday speech to the Chattanooga Rotary Club was his none-too-subtle hint that he'll seek re-election next year, but he weighed in on several other issues, too, such as littering.

"We're wasting a beautiful place by littering," he told the audience at the luncheon meeting while discussing his Hamilton Shines program.

Mr. Ramsey said prisoners in alternative work programs pick up tons of trash from the roadsides every year.

The Hamilton Shines program involves encouraging children in the county's schools to avoid littering and to encourage their families not to do so, he said.

Mr. Ramsey also discussed the county's Step One fitness and anti-obesity program. He encouraged the audience to walk, run or ride a bicycle.

"If you do ride a bicycle, I hope it's not on Amnicola Highway," he said.

pick your numbers wisely

When Fire Chief Randy Parker helped choose the new number for the fire station to be constructed at the Volkswagen construction site at Enterprise South industrial park, he jokingly said he picked No. 7 so he didn't offend the Germans.

Several smaller numbers, such as 2 or 3, were available because they were not assigned to a current station.

"I was afraid 2 or 3 would mean something bad in German," he said Friday.

The new fire station is set to open in late fall or early summer 2010.

sign in or stay

City Councilman Jack Benson told attendees at the council's weekly committee meetings on Tuesday to be sure to sign in and out as visitors, upon request from City Attorney Mike McMahan.

"If you don't sign in or sign out you'll have to stay until next Tuesday," Mr. Benson joked.

East Ridge council honors Manning

East Ridge City Councilman Denny Manning is known for his white shoes. He wears them everywhere with pretty much anything.

So just to show Mr. Manning some props, the city's vice mayor, the mayor and the city's recently hired public relations coordinator all donned white shoes at the council''s Thursday night meeting.

Mayor Mike Steele, who said he couldn't find a pair of white shoes, size 12, in the entire city, wore his white golf shoes.

Vice Mayor Tom Card made a motion that the last meeting of the month be reserved for wearing white shoes.

Mr. Manning suggested white shoes be required for every meeting.

Mr. Steele rejected both their motions.