Commission clarifies zoning mix-up

Commission clarifies zoning mix-up

November 29th, 2009 by Cliff Hightower and Matt Wilson in Blogsmetrochatt

Hamilton County commissioners on Wednesday approved a rezoning case that had been held up over a question of who owned the property.

"We were trying to rezone some property that we found out we really didn't own," said Mike Price of MAP Engineers.

Mr. Price said developers initially thought EPB had an easement on the property but later discovered in a survey that EPB owned the land.

"We contacted EPB. They wrote a letter, which is in the record ... and basically they did not object to the rezoning of that property," Mr. Price said. "They support the development, and I think we've got everything worked out now."

Commissioners voted unanimously to rezone the property, at 4830 Blue Bell Ave. in Ooltewah, to a residential district.

council to eat crow?

Councilman Jack Benson said Tuesday that he had heard some county commissioners used part of their discretionary fund to provide more money for the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Bicentennial Library.

Mr. Benson said he heard the amount could have been as much as $20,000. He asked city officials if the city could afford matching that money.

Mr. Benson has said in the past that the county never gives more than the city to the library.

"There is a possibility that I might need to eat crow," Mr. Benson said.

Councilman Manny Rico gave a reply.

"Crow's cheaper," he said.

City officials said they might be able to find some extra money.


Councilwoman Deborah Scott asked city fire officials Tuesday about the likelihood of putting up more fire hydrants in the existing city limits before annexation.

Fire Chief Randy Parker responded that there are about $1 million in hydrant needs across the city right now. He said he would come up with a five-year plan to start putting more hydrants across the city.

As the budget, finance and personnel committee talked about the capital improvement budget, Mrs. Scott raised the question again. She asked Chief Parker if that meant the city was putting off fire hydrants for another year.

"Basically, yes," he replied.

"As Ms. Ladd would say, I'm not comfortable with that," Mrs. Scott said.

Council Chairman Jack Benson had a quick reply.

"Somebody make her feel comfortable," he said.


Board of Education Chairman Kenny Smith visited the regularly scheduled City Council business meeting Tuesday.

While sitting in the audience, Council Chairman Jack Benson recognized Mr. Smith.

"He used to be one of my students," Mr. Benson quipped.

"Not one of his better ones," Mr. Smith remarked from the audience.

"Stand up," Mr. Benson remarked.

Mr. Smith stood up in his seat and gave a wave to the council.

"Now bend over," Mr. Benson said, laughing.

Mr. Smith, laughing, gave a remark of his own.

"It used to be give you six," he said.

democratic women hold holiday party

The Greater Chattanooga Democratic Women's Club will gather for a holiday party at 6 p.m. Dec. 15 in the Roosevelt Room of the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

The cost is $25 per person. The meeting will include a Toys for Tots toy drive.

For more information, call Katherine Snyder at 875-0100.