Young: Johnson should be home-free at Homestead

Young: Johnson should be home-free at Homestead

November 21st, 2009 by Lindsey Young in Blogsnascar

NASCAR wants you to believe the Sprint Cup title isn't a slam dunk for Jimmie Johnson as the series hits Homestead for the season finale. Mathematically, of course, that's true. He could, as he did at Texas, get caught up in somebody else's trouble and finish 40th or so.

And the Cleveland Browns might score 40 points Sunday. Could happen, but let's get real. Homestead, despite its speed, is hardly a track that causes drivers to endure sleepless nights. If Johnson wanted to, he could drop back to the rear of the field Sunday and ride until all the start-and-park guys hit the garage, wait until Robby Gordon and Brad Keselowski wreck a few people and cruise to a top-20 finish.

Johnson insists he has every intention of racing for a win and giving Rick Hendrick his first Homestead victory, but he would be foolish to do anything risky until he has the title locked up. Again, the track just isn't tough enough to cause the 48 any trouble unless fate intervenes.

Now, even with his lead, things would be quite different if the final race were at Daytona, Bristol or Darlington. Trouble awaits around any turn at those tracks. Having one of those as a finale won't happen, but we can dream, right?