Bob Dylan: Then & Now

Bob Dylan: Then & Now

August 13th, 2009 by Sean Phipps in Blogssceniccitysounds

Even if you're not a fan, the name "Bob Dylan" conjures memories for most of us. I recall seeing my first ever Dylan show in 2001 at Nashville's Municipal Auditorium. Honestly, I hated the show. His voice was weirdly caustic, his songs were unrecognizable and his fans were, I though, a bit too eager to put the man on a pedestal. But then I started listening...I mean REALLY listening. Now, years later, I can honestly say I'm one of those "fans."

On this MUSICcast, I thought it might be fun to explore how Bob Dylan sounds live. I've gathered recordings from earlier in his career of the songs "Just like a woman" and "Boots of Spanish Leather." We'll then compare those versions to the 2009 live versions, both recorded in Amsterdam in April. This is good stuff.

Some shows:

Nightfall features Rocco Deluca and the Burden at 8pm. Admission is free.

Up With the Joneses will have a CD-release party at JJ's tonight. Joining them will be Lambhandler and Matt Kurtz. The show is at 10pm.

Saturday night, The LOWDOWN has: Neon Viking Funeral, Indian Friend, Milquelizard, Killbot, and DJ Drugmoney.

Wednesday night, the Dave Matthews Tribute Band will perform on Wednesday night. The show is at 10pm.