Phipps: Non-traditional X-mas Songs

Phipps: Non-traditional X-mas Songs

December 4th, 2009 by Sean Phipps in Blogssceniccitysounds

The only thing I like about the Holidays is the music. That's it. I couldn't care less about Christmas or the Yuletide (what is that?) or trees etc. The music, however, is something I look forward to every year. Some of my favorite songs are about the month of December: The chill in the air, the turning over of a new year, cuddling. And some of my favorites are a little weird and non-traditional. On this week's MUSICcast, we'll take a look at music from the mysterious "javier," a wonderful song from the Sonics, Sally Shapiro's take on Christmas and more. I hope you enjoy this eclectic mix.

Some Shows:

The Meat Puppets performed at Rhythm n' Brews last night. Be sorry you missed it.

Downstroke performs at Rhythm n' Brews tonight. The Whigs and the Features are performing on Saturday night.

Mainx24 is this Saturday...all of Saturday. More info is at

Enjoy your weekend.