Phipps: Beatlemania is Back!

Phipps: Beatlemania is Back!

September 11th, 2009 by Sean Phipps in Blogssceniccitysounds

With the release of ROCKBAND - the Beatles version this week and the coinciding release of the Beatles entire catalogue of music in crisp, digitally remastered goodness, I thought it might be appropriate to listen to a few of my favorite Beatles covers. Whew, long sentence. On this podcast, you'll hear music from Ella Fitzgerald (Can't buy me love) and my favorite Beatles cover from Jerry Garcia and his band. Enjoy.

Some Shows:

Carlene Carter, the daughter of June Carter Cash, will perform at Nightfall tonight at 8pm. Roger Alan Wade will open the show at 7pm.

The North Chatt Cat hosts "The Mascara Tour, " tonight featuring four female artist/writers bringing a menagerie of pop, country, folk and jazz, performing a two hour acoustic show. Morgan Bracy, Treva Blomquist, Rachel Pearl, and Roxie Randle. The show is at 8pm. Tickets are $5.

Abbey road is in town celebrating 40 years of Abbey Road. The show is at 9pm. on Saturday night.

Have a great weekend.