Jenkins: Magic Piano hits all the notes on the new iPad

Jenkins: Magic Piano hits all the notes on the new iPad

April 9th, 2010 by Donnie Jenkins in Blogstechcast

I saw a video demo this week that really shows the iPad's potential to create a new way of looking at apps or programs.

The app is called Magic Piano and it is amazing in its use of sounds and graphics to create a fun experience on the iPad. I would love to see more programs that use the unique tablet device model to innovate as this program does. You can see the video on the device by searching on YouTube using the term Magic Piano For iPad.

Also on YouTube: One of the best ways to educate is to entertain as you teach, and a recent video by Derek Sivers on YouTube is a great example. The video can be found there by the name "How To Start A Movement" and uses a funny video of a group dancing to illustrate its points. It's very short, but very well done.

One of the most impressive new product lines I've seen lately has to be the GoPro Hero HD series of wearable video cameras. Their web site features several videos shot with the devices, and the one featuring video of a surfer riding a wave is amazing, assuming that it's real. The cameras are reasonably priced at under $300, and should suit the needs of anyone requiring live video of hard to capture events.

It has become essential for businesses to use social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in promoting their brands. One category of software that tries to simplify this process is the so-called social integrator program, and there are now many to choose from. These programs and services generally attempt to gather the social networking connections of various services into one area to make it easy to share information and track results.

One excellent example I recently began using is the web based service HootSuite. While it has been primarily for Twitter until recently, it now allows you to connect with Facebook and LinkedIn also. One of its strongest aspects is that it offers excellent analysis tools to see exactly what is working for you at any given time.

My favorite feature of the program is the "face" it allows you to put on Twitter. It offers a link or URL shortening feature that lets you compress links to share, so important because of Twitter's limit on posts. You can also create custom tabs with specific features you need. So far I really like this service. However, I recommend as so many others do that you use more than one of these services, as each one may offer something else you need. TweetDeck is one such service that deserves a look, for example.

I ran across a fascinating site recently called This site presents real time statistics pertaining to the world as a whole, such as health care expenditures, bicycles produced this year, distance in space traveled by the Earth this year, etc. As you would imagine, it covers a wide area and is interesting mainly due to its diversity.

While the Apple iPhone usually gets most of the online tech buzz, the next generation HTC Evo 4G Android smartphone is getting its share lately. Offered by Sprint, it has a larger than normal screen and some excellent features including a kickstand and an HDMI output port. It will be interesting to see how it compares with the upcoming next generation Apple iPhone.