Barcelona van attack kills 13 in agonizing repeat for Europe

Published Aug. 17 2017 @ 11:09pm

A van veered onto a promenade and barreled down the busy walkway in central Barcelona on Thursday, swerving back and forth as it mowed down pedestrians and turned a picturesque tourist destination into a bloody killing zone.

Police: 5th suspect killed in Spain resort town

Published Aug. 17 2017

The police force for Spain's Catalonia region says its troopers shot and killed four suspects and wounded a fifth in...

Mississippi students protest dress code; parents arrested

Published Aug. 17 2017

A protest over the dress code at a Mississippi high school has resulted in the arrest of some parents for...

Under fire from GOP Trump digs in on Confederate icons

Published Aug. 17 2017

With prominent Republicans openly questioning his competence and moral leadership, President Donald Trump on Thursday burrowed deeper into the racially...

Haunted by legacy, Red Sox owner wants to rename Yawkey Way

Published Aug. 17 2017

The Boston Red Sox will ask the city to rename Yawkey Way, the street alongside Fenway Park, to erase what...

Chasing eclipses across the globe is a way of life for some

Published Aug. 17 2017

While Monday's total solar eclipse in the U.S. will be a once-in-a-lifetime sky show for millions, there's a small group...

A grim subway reality: Corpses sometimes kept in break rooms

Published Aug. 17 2017

When someone takes their life by jumping in front of a train, police need to find a place to put...

UPDATE: Islamic State group takes responsibility for Spain attack

Published Aug. 17 2017

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the van attack in Barcelona that officials say killed 12 people and...

Walker County adding more public hearings on proposed property tax hike

Published Aug. 17 2017

Walker County Commissioner Shannon Whitfield will hold two extra public meetings on his proposed property tax increase.

Student taken into custody after squabble at Orchard Knob Middle School

Published Aug. 17 2017

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office responded to an "altercation" between two students at Orchard Knob Middle School on Thursday morning.

U.S. condemns Spanish attack, pledges justice for terrorists

Published Aug. 17 2017

The United States swiftly condemned Thursday's deadly terrorist attack in Barcelona and offered assistance to authorities in Spain.

Jobless rate in Tennessee falls to an all-time low

Published Aug. 17 2017

Unemployment in Tennessee dropped last month to the lowest level on record after employers across the state added 49,100 jobs...

Bonnie Tyler to sing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' hit during eclipse

Published Aug. 17 2017

Some cruise passengers will have the ultimate soundtrack for Monday's solar eclipse when Bonnie Tyler sings her hit "Total Eclipse...

Tennessee congressman to push Trump impeachment effort

Published Aug. 17 2017

Rep. Steve Cohen announced Thursday he will file articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

5-at-10: Saban being (baby) Saban, Home run chase, Social protest coming to Chattanooga?, Rushmore of people and their hats

Published Aug. 17 2017

Giancarlo Stanton, baby Nick Saban and more.

NRC approves power upgrades at Browns Ferry

Published Aug. 17 2017

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said today it has approved Tennessee Valley Authority's request to increase the generating capacity at its...

Unemployment in Georgia falls to lowest rate in a decade

Published Aug. 17 2017

Despite a seasonal drop in employment last month, Georgia's jobless rate in July fell to its lowest level in a...

Tennessee human trafficking sting leads to 11 arrests

Published Aug. 17 2017

Eleven men in Tennessee — including a church youth leader and a coach — have been arrested as part of...

New prep football season kicks off tonight at Finley Stadium

Published Aug. 17 2017

It starts tonight. No more passing leagues or scrimmages. The sweat of August begins its evolution into the sweet of...

Confederate monuments removed or vandalized across the US

Published Aug. 16 2017

Confederate monuments are being removed around the country under pressure from those who say they honor a regime that enslaved...