Cruz's right turn on immigration belies more moderate past

Published Feb. 13 2016 @ 1:00am

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) - Ted Cruz has for months repeated that when it comes to immigration, he has never supported granting "amnesty" or "legalization" to people in the United States illegally.

Man charged with murder in Georgia lawman's shooting death

Published Feb. 13 2016

A suspect accused of gunning down a Georgia lawman has been charged with murder in the death of the 25-year...

Columbine shooter's mother says she thinks of victims daily

Published Feb. 12 2016

DENVER (AP) - The mother of Columbine High School shooter Dylan Klebold says she didn't know anything was wrong with...

Pope opens Mexico visit after historic stop with patriarch

Published Feb. 12 2016

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Pope Francis kicks off his first trip to Mexico on Saturday with speeches to the country's...

Questions raised about what happened in Mexican prison brawl

Published Feb. 12 2016

Prosecutors charged three state officers with homicide after a bloody prison brawl that ended with 49 dead, raising questions about...

Police: Shooting at Phoenix-area school was a murder-suicide

Published Feb. 12 2016

A shooting at a suburban Phoenix high school that killed two 15-year-old girls and caused panic among parents was a...

Urbanization leads to change in type of bacteria in the home

Published Feb. 12 2016

Whether it's a jungle hut or a high-rise apartment, your home is covered in bacteria, and new research from the...

Alabama woman convicted in granddaughter's running death dies

Published Feb. 12 2016

An Alabama woman convicted of capital murder in the running death of her 9-year-old granddaughter died Friday less than a...

Georgia settles lawsuit from transgender former inmate

Published Feb. 12 2016

The state of Georgia has agreed to pay to settle a lawsuit filed by a former transgender inmate whose case...

Alabama Shakes ready to rock at Grammy Awards

Published Feb. 12 2016

Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes remembers a being nervous, fresh-faced, first-time nominee at the Grammys back in 2013.

U.S., Cuba to sign agreement on restarting commercial flights

Published Feb. 12 2016

The United States and Cuba will sign an agreement next week to resume commercial air traffic for the first time...

Man confesses to beating, burning to death other homeless man in Nashville

Published Feb. 12 2016

Metro police have charged a 31-year-old man in connection to the death of a homeless man near Shelby Park on...

I-75 north, I-24 east cleared after car crashes blocked lanes

Published Feb. 12 2016

All lanes of Interstate 75 have been reopened after a car crash blocked traffic near the Interstate 24 split in...

Autopsy reports found from infamous 1929 Valentine's Day massacre

Published Feb. 12 2016

Written by hand, the autopsies on the seven bullet-riddled bodies vividly describe why the Valentine's Day massacre of 1929 is...

Presidential contenders fight for minority voters in South Carolina

Published Feb. 12 2016

The fight for black voters turned into a tug-of-war over President Barack Obama's legacy Friday as Democratic presidential hopefuls looked...

Animal rights protest scrapped after 'greased pig' dust-up

Published Feb. 12 2016

An international animal advocacy group launched a protest against a New Hampshire winter carnival event billed as a "Greased Pig...

Manhole cover crashes into SUV's windshield, killing driver in Boston

Published Feb. 12 2016

BOSTON (AP) - A dislodged manhole cover weighing more than 200 pounds went airborne and crashed through an SUV's windshield...

Knoxville newspaper files lawsuit to unseal UT rape documents

Published Feb. 12 2016

The News Sentinel filed a lawsuit Friday asking a judge to unseal evidence in the aggravated rape cases against former...

State Farm raises minimum wage to $15.50, to hire 1,500 workers in metro Atlanta

Published Feb. 12 2016

State Farm announced today it has increased the minimum starting wage to $15.50 per hour for new hires and existing...

Two 15-year-old girls shot and killed at Phoenix area high school

Published Feb. 12 2016

Two students were shot and killed Friday at a high school in the Phoenix suburb of Glendale but the danger...