XMC offering cutting-edge technology to local companies

XMC offering cutting-edge technology to local companies

December 31st, 2012 by Rachel Sauls in Business Experts
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XMC Inc. may be a relatively new business to Chattanooga, but as the second largest Xerox Authorized Sales Agent in the nation, it is fully equipped to help local businesses meet a variety of needs within their offices.

XMC is the second largest Xerox Authorized Sales Agent in the United States.

XMC and Xerox are known for the quality of their office equipment and color production, but XMC offers more than just copiers. XMC specializes in software solutions and services for the full-service approach for local businesses.

"To take care of a business's needs, you first have to sit in their chair," said XMC Inc. President and CEO Bob Hamilton. "At XMC Inc., our job is to find out where our clients are coming from, work out the best solutions for their needs and then create a road map to take clients from point A to B."

In an evolving business environment where technology is constantly changing and being updated, one of the needs Hamilton said his company frequently encounters is businesses wanting to go paperless in their offi ce. To help facilitate that process, he said XMC Inc. offers two different software solutions to help businesses electronically store and organize documents in a way that makes them accessible and environmentally friendly.

Account Executive Kipp Coffman helps clients with a variety of office needs.

Account Executive Kipp Coffman helps clients with a...

"We have SmartSearch and Scanflow, both of which have tremendous abilities to move paper through a facility without killing a tree," said Hamilton. XMC's SmartSearch allows users to search and retrieve documents in seconds all while reducing the physical paper piles and files in the office. Through the program, documents can be scanned or imported, secured, searched and modified. PDF's can even be highlighted and redacted, and notes can be added while leaving the original document intact. Documents stored in SmartSearch have a full audit trail, critical in proving a chain of custody.

In addition to the software applications, Hamilton said XMC Inc. also offers "robust scanning solutions" that help digitize documents in a cost effective manner.

"We have the ability to turn a file room into another office," he said. "We are capable of working with businesses of all sizes and have been told our services cost around 20 percent less than our competitors' solutions.

"Electronic document management does more than just reduce paper and increase office space," he added. "Reducing time to find documents and file storage means more productivity."

Another service XMC Inc. offers to help cut the overall cost of printing is a print services management program.

"When we sit down with an IT manager or CFO, invariably they have two times the amount of printer cost then they thought they had," said Hamilton. "We provide a full analysis of their entire printer fleet with recommendations showing how we can reduce their current spending by 20-30 percent."

For most businesses, printing costs are often uncontrolled expenses that can be difficult to anticipate.

"The print services management can be a huge money saver because it's usually the third-largest expense inside any company," said Hamilton. "We work hard to help companies cut cost, grow revenue and boost productivity in their office environment."

XMC Inc. also provides sales, leasing, service and supplies including printers, digital presses, digital copiers and full document solution systems. Xerox products are designed for both offices and production-printing environments.

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