Lawson Winchester Wealth Management keeps clients' assets healthy, growing

Lawson Winchester Wealth Management keeps clients' assets healthy, growing

November 26th, 2012 by Jack Howland in Business Experts
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Managing one's assets and income, both before and after retirement, can be a daunting and confusing endeavor. That process is made much easier with a wealth management team such as Lawson Winchester Wealth Management at the helm of your portfolio.

Matt Lawson of Lawson Winchester provides a wide range of financial services.

Matt Lawson of Lawson Winchester provides a wide...

Formed by Matt Lawson and Bill Winchester in 2007, Lawson describes it as a smaller, boutique-style wealth management firm solely intent on providing the best customer service and attention on a client-by-client basis.

"Our clients' interests are paramount," he said, adding that, "We like to focus on our clients' income strategies both pre- and post-retirement." Lawson Winchester provides estate planning, trust services, risk management and other personal plans. The company's namesakes have invested a combined 27 years in providing financial planning and custom income strategies.

The management firm's clients are not simply customers; instead they are viewed as lifelong associates, Lawson noted.

"We want a good personal relationship with our clients and we are sincere in what we do," he said. "We want to establish a relationship with them pre-retirement and continue to usher them throughout the retirement phase."

The majority of Lawson Winchester's business comes from people seeking to establish income that is reliable, sustainable and consistent once they retire, said Lawson. "No two clients are alike, and we like to think that we provide customized plans based on each client's needs. There is no cookie cutter approach to what we do," he said.

The process ideally starts by talking with each client several years prior to their retirement and performing a cashflow analysis while also discussing a budget.

"The solution for proper budgeting is acquiring that middle ground of spending; not too much, but not too little," said Lawson.

By doing this, Lawson Winchester is able to generate a consistent cashflow plan. Lawson noted that given his and his partner's background and experience, they are able to employ tried and true strategies for such asset planning, while also educating their clients on the lifelong care that is guaranteed from the firm.

"If one of our clients is nervous about their financial future, we feel like we're there to help balance them out, to be there for support," Lawson said. "We'll find ways to make your budget and income work for you and be productive."

Lawson Winchester is composed not only of Matt Lawson and Bill Winchester, who are co-owners and managing partners, but also employs three other financial advisors, Clint Barfield, Michael Schleger and Dan Norton, and five administrative assistants, Jackie Mullins, Ann Sisk, Denise McMillan, Cecilia Senter and Tonya Smith.

Lawson Winchester recently acquired a separate practice in July of this year from John Goodson in Winchester, Tenn., that now serves as a second office for the local firm. "We're working with him as he transitions toward his own retirement," Lawson said.

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