Scott Davis joins XMC Inc. Chattanooga Team

Scott Davis joins XMC Inc. Chattanooga Team

April 23rd, 2013 by Brandi Dixon in Business Experts
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Scott Davis, Bob Hamilton, Jeff Wishmyer, Terry Smith and Sean Seward, from left, are ready to help XMC clients with their document management needs.

Scott Davis, Bob Hamilton, Jeff Wishmyer, Terry Smith...

As XMC Inc. continues to grow and thrive, the Chattanooga location is adding more professionals to service the area.

Scott Davis is the company's newest member, serving as account executive for the downtown Chattanooga region. With his knowledge about XMC and the company's mission, Davis said it was a "nobrainer" for him to make the move here and join the team's efforts to expand the Xerox name.

"It was the downtown location that drew me here too," he said. "It was a great opportunity, and the more I learned, the more I knew I wanted to help them grow in this area."

As the second-largest Xerox agent in the United States, XMC has expanded greatly since its inception back in 1992. The company offers equipment and services now geared toward document management, better allowing people and businesses to store and retrieve their information.

"We have a global reach and truly superior technology," Davis said. "With the Xerox backing, it sets us apart from other competitors. We have the equipment, services and software in place to help people manage their documents."

Davis has given himself the personal goal of becoming the face of Xerox for downtown Chattanooga and the surrounding areas. "In this market, the Xerox name and prestige has not been shown to its fullest potential," he explained. "That's my goal; to give an active reach to the Chattanooga area and let them know of the opportunity here for their document management needs."

Scott Davis is XMC's newest account executive.

Scott Davis is XMC's newest account executive.

As account executive, Davis examines clients' documents, needs and current configurations to see what equipment and services XMC has to improve their business as a whole, including job workflow, document management and creating an increase on the overall bottom line for his customers.

"To put it simply, I want to help customers do what they do better and more efficiently," he said.

With that in mind, Davis, Chattanooga XMC General Manager Terry Smith and agency production specialist Jeff Wishmyer are working to set up a series of lunch-and-learn sessions that will be open to anyone looking to better their bottom line and see how XMC can help them accomplish their goals. The events will take place at XMC, Inc.'s downtown location, at 700 Market St. Dates will be announced soon.

"Topics will cover everything from general knowledge of what we can do here to more specific pieces of equipment and services," Davis said.

He added that his main goal is to service the downtown area with XMC products and supplies

"I would love to see our technology in every business here in some way," he said. "I really want to drive the XMC stamp home and the Chattanooga economy and market really goes hand in hand with everything that XMC and Xerox stand for."

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