Grace Frank offers key to real estate success in 2014

Grace Frank offers key to real estate success in 2014

December 3rd, 2013 by Brandi Dixon in Business Experts
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Grace Frank

Grace Frank

The upcoming new year signals a time of change for many. For those considering making a move with their real estate, local expert Grace Frank offers some keys to help ensure success.

"The new year is an awesome time to start considering real estate transactions," Frank said. "Buyers that are out looking are serious, and inventory is not as abundant. When you are buying you can usually find some good deals, and for sellers, you have less competition."

To begin, Frank says that preparation is key.

"Know your credit score and what your budget is," she advised. "Get prequalified and pick your top five to seven key criteria for your next purchase."

Frank added that it's important to remember that real estate transactions are still an investment and buyers and sellers should think accordingly.

"Do not get emotionally attached to any property," Frank said. "If you do, you will probably overpay."

For sellers specifically, Frank said the market is constantly changing, and she recommends letting go and not getting frustrated, as the market can be a bit of a roller coaster.

"Focus on your next projection of what you want to make, and stick with it," she explained. "Price it right, and show it strong. The key is to stay focused."

To help her clients achieve the success they want, Frank said it all comes back to positioning strong.

"I love negotiation and really believe that 2014 is a great year for buyers and sellers," she said. "At Grace Frank Group our goal is to ensure you have a great experience and come back when you're ready to buy or sell again. We believe we are there for all the seasons of your life, and we want you to enjoy working with us and know you have been well represented in your real estate transactions."

Frank added that she defines her success as "seeing the first-time homeowner open the door to their first home for that time of family fun and adventure," and "seeing a couple downsize into the ideal location that allows them to spread their wings and have no worries."

"Success is in the lives we touch and the journey along the way," she said. "Knowing an investor is positioning himself or herself for retirement and feels confident with their decisions; seeing three generations on a beautiful veranda having fun with grand living; giving back to the community through sharing your success with those striving to get theirs - that's what success is to me."


To learn more about Grace Frank and her services, call 423-355-1538 and set up an appointment for a consultation, or stop by her office at 201 Cherokee Blvd., Suite 101, on the third Thursday of the month for wine and cheese or that following Saturday for coffee and snacks. For more tips and tricks for buyers, sellers and investors, or to view Frank's latest listings, visit