FSGBank offers home construction financing - with a local focus

FSGBank offers home construction financing - with a local focus

January 7th, 2013 by BY RACHEL SAULS in Business Experts
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FSGBank Mortgage Sales Manager Jill Green and local builder, Dexter White pictured in the Longholm development. White appreciates FSGBank's ability to work with clients to devise solutions to their financial needs.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, FSGBank's mortgage team sets the gold standard for commercial mortgage lending by incorporating local decision making and competitive rates.

For builders like Dexter White, who has two commercial loans with the bank, FSGBank's ability to work with clients has been extremely beneficial for his business. "It's been a great partnership," he said. "For my business it's meant being able to own some property, build homes and keep up in this marketplace."

White said a lot of banks weren't doing the types of loans he needed for his business to thrive the way he envisioned. FSGBank's local perspective and lending flexibility have been an essential part of his success as a builder.

"It's been a big asset for me doing this type of loan and giving me this opportunity," he said.

FSGBank Mortgage Sales Manager Jill Green said White's experience is common for the bank's clients.

"Chattanooga Market Executive Terry Todd and I have worked with him for years most recently with the Longholm development project," said Green. "The main way the bank helps him is through local decision making. It's quicker for him as a customer and we're personally familiar with the projects he brings us."

White appreciates FSG's ability to work with clients to devise solutions to their financial needs.

White appreciates FSG's ability to work with clients...

She said some of the biggest benefits of working with FSGBank for all commercial mortgage lending include a quicker process time from start to finish for local builders and a familiarity with projects that can only come from a local bank.

"The person who manages all of the withdrawals and disbursements is local," she said. "With other banks, that person can be out of state or out of the region."

When it comes to home construction financing, she said FSGBank can accommodate both builders who are constructing homes for sale and a buyer who wants to contract with a contractor to build a new home.

build a new home.

"With commercial construction there are some additional complexities to the process," said Green. "It takes someone with experience to really make that process flow."

Like all of FSGBank's departments, she said when it comes to mortgages and commercial construction lending, the team is committed to customer satisfaction for each and every transaction. "We offer a very customer-centered approach to the whole transaction, both on the commercial and residential side," she said.

White agreed that he has received excellent customer service during his partnership with FSGBank.

"I've been working with them over a year and it's been a really good experience," he said. "They are really accessible and make things easy."

In addition to a locally focused process, FSGBank also offers competitive rates and customer-friendly options including one-time closing for its clients.

"Our rates are some of the most competitive in the market," said Green


The FSGBank Mortgage Department is located downtown at 531 Broad St. To contact Jill Green call 423-308-2061 or 423-618-5870 or email jgreen@fsgbank.com.