Serving, helping clients is focus for Lorraine Raymond

Serving, helping clients is focus for Lorraine Raymond

June 4th, 2013 by Brandi Dixon in Business Experts
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Lorraine Raymond practices family law on a very broad spectrum.

Lorraine Raymond practices family law on a very...

Born in the North, local attorney at law Lorraine Raymond is a "Southerner in her heart," and it shows in the way she treats her clients. Raymond has been helping Chattanooga and Hamilton County residents with their legal matters for 27 years.

"I've known some clients so long that I am now helping their adult children with their legal problems," Raymond said of her tenure. "I've stayed friends with some of my clients even after their cases are over."

Raymond does wills, powers of attorney and living wills. She also handles Hamilton County criminal cases, DUI's, misdemeanors and other types of criminal cases.

Raymond practices family law on a very broad spectrum that includes divorce, custody and child support hearings.

"I don't run [my practice] like a business," she explained. "It's not systematic; each individual I work with gets all of me when I am on their case."

Constantly dealing with situations that may already be stressful, Raymond said helping people is what she strives to do on a daily basis. She offers free consultations in her office and said she works hard to provide quality counsel at affordable rates.

"I don't charge for the first visit [the consultation]," said Raymond. "I know that most of my clients really cannot afford an attorney, so I try to set fee arrangements they can handle."

She can also help with solving financial problems by filing Chapter 13 bankruptcies (reorganization to pay back creditors) or Chapter 7 (liquidation of debts).

"My greatest pleasure is easing the stress of a client and his or her legal problems," said Raymond. "I take over their burden and put that stress on my shoulders, and leave a client breathing a sigh of relief when he or she leaves my office."

She added that she doesn't push her clients, but rather lets them make all the decisions, and she gives them all the facts they need to make their decisions.

With 27 years of experience, her clients have been pleased and continue to offer referrals in her favor, she said. Raymond added that in some cases, she is helping second-generation clients.

"It gives me satisfaction that I can help them," she said. "People walk out saying, 'I'm so glad I came to you.' That's my reward."

Raymond added that her ability to identify with her clients is something that sets her apart from others in the field. Working through both her undergraduate degree and law school as a single parent with little money, she said she is able to empathize with many of the people who visit her office seeking counsel.

"I can identify well with their situations, and I know where they are coming from," Raymond said. "I do my best to help solve their problems and give them peace of mind to go on with their daily life."

In all that she does, Raymond said she recognizes that she is working for people and does all that she can to do it well.

Lorraine Raymond's office is located at 3335 Ringgold Road, Suite 105. She can be reached at 423-305-0384 or via email at She encourages anyone looking for legal counsel in any of the areas of her specialty to reach out to her and schedule a free consultation in her office. (Raymond cannot give legal advice over the phone.

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