PrimeLending blends experience, insight to develop great team

PrimeLending blends experience, insight to develop great team

November 5th, 2013 by Brandi Dixon in Business Experts
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"Mortgages without obstacles," is the slogan behind PrimeLending. The Plains Capital Company based in Dallas, Texas, has quietly been building a very strong team for its current expansion into the Chattanooga area mortgage market. The company offers a well-matched group of experts and a very solid team atmosphere for its clients. Drawing upon their collective experiences, talents and insights, each team member brings a wealth of knowledge for those looking to buy or refinance a home.

The team at PrimeLending strive to provide "Mortgages without Obstacles."

The team at PrimeLending strive to provide "Mortgages...

Prime has a talented group of Seasoned Mortgage Originators including Production Managers Charity Kincaid and Rex Rutledge and Mortgage Originators Janet Hillis, Jill Mclean, Angela Weaver Lusk and Sherry Hodges. These folks are the experts when it comes to the most important purchase or refinance, which often is your home.

"Prime prides itself to deliver a national safe, sound mortgage with no obstacles through its experts locally who live and work in their communities," Rutledge said.

Prime Lending gives its experts the training, support and world-class products to help reduce the stress of the home-buying or refinancing process. The group partners with Realtors, developers, remodelers and more to help educate clients on how to best reach their homeownership or renovation goals by referring them to one of Prime's expert lenders.

"Prime is the nation's largest renovation lender in the country with its leading renovation products and services," Rutledge said. "They are not limited just to FHA 203k loans or HomeStyle products, but with EZ Conventional and many escrow repair loans they are able to be the lender of choice when all other options are on the table for consideration."

Services offered by the company and its partners include FHA/VA/USDA loans, fixedrate, adjustable-rate and conventional mortgages, Home-Path and HomeStyle loans, renovation and remodeling financing, conforming loans, jumbo loans, escrow hold backloans, low down-payment HUD REO loans and float-down options and more. For those just getting started, the company has a detailed Mortgage Resource Center that educates clients on everything from the application process to frequently asked questions and mortgage calculators.

The local group promises all clients will "receive the service, support and straightforward advice you desire as we guide you through the entire mortgage process," according to PrimeLending's website.

PrimeLending professionals seek to match solutions with clients' goals and priorities for their future. As is stated on primelending. com, "PrimeLending wants to ensure they grow deep and wide offering stability and strength for years to come."