Jefferson Wells, CPA, keeps clients informed about tax advantages

Jefferson Wells, CPA, keeps clients informed about tax advantages

October 15th, 2013 by Brandi Dixon in Business Experts
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Jefferson Wells is busy working on year-end tax strategies for his clients.

Jefferson Wells is busy working on year-end tax...

With the month of October nearly gone, Chattanoogans are reminded that the close of 2013 is rapidly approaching. Jefferson Wells, CPA, is working to see to it that his clients are ready.

"Between now and year-end we do lots of tax planning with our clients," Wells said. "There are two types of taxpayers: the informed and the uninformed. We try to keep our clients informed."

"People don't know to use their investments for a tax advantage." Wells explained. "We review their tax and financial information, then make suggestions to help decrease the tax burden paid in previous years." Most people pay too much in taxes each year, he said, and it's his job to make sure that doesn't happen.

"This year there have been a number of tax increases from the Affordable Care Act that many people are not aware of and they need to be," he said. "We've gone through those changes with our small businesses already and individuals are next."

More Information

For more information about the coming seminar or to schedule a consultation with Wells, call 423-892-3331 or visit Jefferson Wells, CPA, is located at 5751 Uptain Road, Suite 522.

Potential clients need only bring Wells a copy of their prior tax return and he will review it at no charge. From there, he guides those who opt to take advantage of his services in regards to any amendments that need to be made and consults with them if further investment or estate planning needs to be done.

"In most instances, we find that about 40 percent of tax returns are done incorrectly, and that number jumps to 70 percent when they are self-prepared," We can amend those returns.

Wells and his staff handle tax planning, business accounting, estate planning and more for small businesses and individuals alike. Wells is security- and insurance-licensed. The local CPA also has a large tax practice that's split evenly, with half of his clientele being individuals and half corporate or trust accounts.

"That side of our business grows every year," Wells said. "We help nonprofits as well."

On the accounting side, Wells' services to his clients consist of not just taxes, but monthly financials, compliance reports, business returns, payroll reports and more. His practice also offers payroll services.

In all of his work, Wells said he wants his clients to know that he is there to meet their needs.

"We're here year-round," he said. "We always answer the phone, and everyone gets their calls returned the day that they call. We pride ourselves in our service to our clients, which helps them to better manage their businesses."

Wells will be presenting an annual workshop for his clients to update them on the tax law changes for 2013. He will discuss information regarding the Affordable Care Act tax increases.

It will be held October 29th from 6-8pm in the 5700 Building by Eastgate, (adjacent to Goodyear Tire). Anyone who would like to attend should call to reserve a spot as seating is limited.