ERMC Security Solutions protects what matters most

ERMC Security Solutions protects what matters most

March 18th, 2014 by Brandi Dixon in Business Experts
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When it comes to feeling safe in your home or workplace, there's nothing more important.

ERMC Security Solutions CEO Emerson Russell helps customers feel safe in their homes and businesses.

ERMC Security Solutions CEO Emerson Russell helps customers...

Thanks to the professionals at ERMC Security Solutions, there is a plethora of options available for both residential and commercial environments to help provide that peace of mind.

"Security Solutions is a division of ERMC that offers everything from access control to burglar and fire alarms," explained CEO Emerson Russell. "We offer our services here locally and nationally."

Russell started parent company ERMC in 1972. With its many branches and divisions, in addition to the cutting-edge security systems offered by its Security Solutions Division, the venture also currently provides uniform security, janitorial, maintenance and landscaping services to some of the nation's largest shopping centers.

"We offer total facility management and are a total service provider," Russell said. "We customize every aspect of our services to meet our customers' needs."

The company recently began offering a new state-of-the-art home security system that truly allows homeowners control over their property, whether at home or away. It doesn't require a phone line, which is ideal in today's mainly cellphone-driven homes, and is completely interactive using apps on smartphones and other devices.

"It will even let you know about events that are non-alarm related," Russell noted. "For example, if your child left the back door open when going out to play, you wouldn't need an alarm to go off for that, but you would get a notification via text message or email letting you know about the event so it can be handled."

The system can be attached to everything from cabinet and dresser drawers to front and back door locks and video cameras within the home. Severe-weather alerts such as tornado warnings are also a part of the system, and given the area's weather in recent years, that's a feature that many find appealing, said Russell.

"It's really like an alarm system on steroids," he said. "You have access and control over everything. It's like your home in your hand."

ERMC Security Solutions offers a complete line of products with the most modern features to fit the need of any residential homeowner or business or vacation home. With lines of security and remote video surveillance, these products provide easy and affordable monitoring from virtually anywhere in the world.

"We realize that all homes don't need the same 'basic' security package and will design the right package to meet your needs without any pricing surprises," Russell assured.

The professionals at ERMC Security Solutions offer in-depth knowledge on the security industry and how the right system can truly protect a home -- and especially a family. They also pride themselves on customer service and an honest approach to providing solutions that not only meet the needs of the home, but also the family's budget.

To learn more about ERMC Security Solutions and its services, visit To learn more about ERMC, visit or call 423-899-2753.

Complete Security Services

ERMC Security Solutions systems feature:

• Built-in cellular communicator

• Basic home automation that includes key fobs to set alarms and smartphone integration to check or change the status when owners are not home

• 24-hour monitoring, 365 days a year

• Training on each system, and even updated training when owners add or change security features