Gunfire reverberates among North Shore businesses

Gunfire reverberates among North Shore businesses

Protect city's North Shore investment, agents say

March 30th, 2010 by Mike Pare in Business Around the Region

Real estate agents say that while Saturday's shooting incident near Coolidge Park appears isolated, the city needs to protect its investment in the area.

"The city has spent a lot money in downtown," said Darlene Brown, co-owner of Real Estate Partners in the city.


Work on the park started in 1998 and it's named for U.S. Medal of Honor winner Charles Coolidge of Chattanooga.

Officials said Monday a "flash mob" got out of hand Saturday night in the park, which led to five shooting victims. The five received non-fatal gunshot wounds to the legs.

Debra Wilson, an agent for Keller Williams, said the city needs to make sure the area is safe.

She said if incidents are occurring during hours when families are out, "you need the extra monitoring at that time. Absolutely, they need to protect the investment that we've made."

Margaret Thompson, an agent for Fletcher Bright Co., said such incidents "aren't good for the town as a whole."

But, she said she's confident police will take care of the situation and she feels safe on the North Shore.

Still, Tom Edd Wilson, the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce's chief executive, said there's "absolutely nothing positive that can come from an incident like that which happened Saturday night regardless of where it happens."

"Crime is an area where companies that are looking to move, to establish a plant or an expansion, crime is a statistic they look at," he said. "And if this continues, it will have an impact on our ability to recruit companies and families to Chattanooga."

Staff Writer Todd South contributed to this story.