Antiques mall operator sought to rescue items

Antiques mall operator sought to rescue items

August 9th, 2011 by Kimberly McMillian in Business Around the Region

Pauletta Caldwell, right, owner of Resque Me antique mall in downtown Dayton, Tenn., discusses a bejeweled globe on display at the store with customer Erin Johnson. Photo by Kimberly McMillian

Pauletta Caldwell, right, owner of Resque Me antique...

• Name: Resque Me

• Owner: Pauletta Caldwell, 63, was a former hairdresser for 37 years with dreams of owning an antique mall someday.

• Location: 1633 Market St. in downtown Dayton, Tenn., for the last six months

• Phone: (423) 802-3015

• Products: Antique mall features fine clothing and jewelry, pictures, furniture, coins, baskets and wreaths, record albums and Boyd's bear varieties.

Inspiration behind the name: Caldwell said she looked at the variety of items displayed on the shelves and inside the cases in her store and realized that all the items needed to be rescued and given new life in another's home.

• Prices: Prices range from 25 cents for children's books up to $250, or possibly more, for fine china and furniture.

• Target market: Caldwell said she serves all ages at her store and features items from "friendly people" vendors who will help each customer individually.

• Biggest hurdle: Caldwell said she recently installed inverted-glass windows to her store's front entrance and some customers mistakenly thought the store was temporarily closed during the process. But she said the improvements created more space and allowed for more light to showcase her items.

• Lesson learned: Caldwell said that honesty is the best lesson, especially when helping a customer find what or who can help them with what they need.