Landscape architecture firm seeks to set green example

Landscape architecture firm seeks to set green example

January 15th, 2011 by Brittany Cofer in Business Around the Region

Glen Craig, owner of Craig Design Group Landscape Architecture, talks about some of the plans he has worked up for the Chattanooga area. Craig says that his business uses eco-friendly techniques and designs for various reasons.

Glen Craig, owner of Craig Design Group Landscape...

• What: Landscape architecture that focuses on an environmentally friendly concept

• Company: Craig Design Group Landscape Architecture

• Location: 413 Spears Ave.

• How it's green: "By nature, we call ourselves green," said owner Glen Craig, explaining that landscape architecture relies on making the most sustainable use of the landscape. Craig said he uses bio-retention basins, rain gardens, pervious or permeable paving and native plants as green features on projects. He also plans to install a cistern that will collect rainwater from his building and pave the parking area with a permeable material to provide a working model of how his designs can be put to use.

• Why do it this way? "It's to help the environment," Craig said. "The approach now is with sustainability in mind."

• Plans for expanding: Craig said he plans to expand his green offerings, hoping to create more rain gardens and work with projects that employ LEED practices. He said more and more people are asking for their projects to be completed in a green manner, which helps his ability to add to his offerings.

• Advice for others considering green initiatives: The biggest part of taking on a green initiative is "being aware of what you can do," Craig said. "All businesses can take a more sustainable approach by recycling, and when developing the business or property you can do things like capture your storm water, treat it and eliminate your impervious surfaces."

• Is environmentalism an essential part of the business and why? Environmentalism is at the core of Craig's business because it represents his love of nature. "You have to love what you do," he said. "I have a bond with nature and have always wanted to treat nature correctly."