Custom jobs only at cupboard shop

Custom jobs only at cupboard shop

July 1st, 2011 by Casey Phillips in Business Around the Region

Cupboard shows the cottage-style furniture made by Kountry Kupboards in Ocoee, Tenn. Contributed Photo

• What: Cottage-style furniture

• Company: Kountry Kupboards

• Address: Ocoee, Tenn.

• Website:

• Telephone: 544-3687

• Owners: Ron and Cheryl Bothe

• What's special: Kountry Kupboards furniture is handmade to customer specifications using local lumber. "We can build a piece ... and customize it to fit it to their needs, without charging custom pricing," Cheryl Bothe said.

• The origin story: Ron Bothe's first experience with carpentry was as a part-time construction in college. After the couple relocated to Chattsworth, Ga., eight years ago, they couldn't find furniture to fit the spaces in their home, so he built his own. What began as a hobby turned into a business about three years ago, he said. "People liked the pieces, which surprised the heck out of me," he said, laughing. "There was no formal training. It was getting an idea of what we liked in furniture and trying to reproduce that."

• How long does it take to make: One to two weeks, based on lumber source and the humidity, which can affect finishing and paint curing

• Where it's sold: Orders can be made via the company website or bi-weekly at Chattanooga Market

• What it costs: From $400 (jelly cupboard) up to $2,000 (farm table or large bookcase)

• Future expansions planned: To maintain quality levels and keep the price at a minimum, the Bothes said they would like to keep Kountry Kupboards as a cottage industry. Ron Bothe said he would also like to keep the mess at a minimum by building a self-contained workshop.

• Lessons of the trade: "Being more customer-oriented, giving them what they want instead of trying to get them to buy something you have," Carole Bothe said. "We don't sell anything off the floor anymore; it's all custom made. We made that decision at the beginning of last summer, and since then, we've been constantly making furniture."