Working It: Retailer plays music that connects generations

Working It: Retailer plays music that connects generations

July 14th, 2011 By Kimberly McMillian/Correspondent in Business Around the Region

Guitarist Brad Putt urges aspiring musicians to network.

Name: Brad Putt, owner of Main Stage Music in Dayton, Tenn., and a member of The Dudes band

Position: Acoustic and electric guitarist

Age: 34

First job: He worked at a Chattanooga music store in the mid-1990s. His band, The Dudes, had its first gig at the Spring City, Tenn., boat dock in 2001.

Background: Putt is a trained concert violinist but switched to the guitar after he moved to Tennessee.

Best part of the job: It's encouraging to "see the response from people" when they like the music, he said.

How his job came to be: A conversation in 2001 with bass and acoustic guitarist Dean Corbridge that "worked really well," Putt said. He later formed The Dudes.

Costs for performance: The band charges up to $400 for a three-hour set, depending on the needs and expenses of the venue or occasion.

Most challenging part of the job: As a family man with two young children, Putt said he "doesn't want to take away from that" and focuses on playing music that's closer to home. As for the band, he said members strive to "make sure everyone feels happy with overall performance and [the band's] professionalism."

What he's learning: As technology continues to change, he said that the band can manage similar results from smaller equipment, unless the event requires additional instruments or equipment.

How to make a career of it: Putt said aspiring musicians should realize that others might not like the same music, so "learn a lot of different things" and network with other people to learn about those experiences.