Mom's business turns old clothes into backpacks

Mom's business turns old clothes into backpacks

June 24th, 2011 by Casey Phillips in Business Around the Region

Jessi Harris hand crafts her backpacks using recycled clothing and vintage fabrics.

• What: Children's backpacks

• Company: Bratsacks Babyware

• Website:

• Telephone: 706-847-9942

• Owner: Jessi Harris

• What's special: Harris handcrafts her backpacks using recycled clothing and vintage fabrics. Her main material, corduroy, is made in only a handful of colors every year. By using corduroy produced in different years, Harris said she is able to offer a more colorful, durable product than mass-manufactured items. "When things are made (in an) assembly line, mistakes are made and quality is compromised," she said.

• The origin story: Harris made her first pack in 2006 as a birthday gift for a friend's son. When she asked her husband how large she should make it, he suggested making it large enough to hold a Dr. Seuss book. The finished product was a big hit. "That backpack has lived through three children, I think," she said, laughing. "It's still functional, but beat up. The toddler-size pattern I use now is pretty much the same [design]."

• How long does it take to make: About an hour per pack

• Where it's sold: Through her account on the Etsy online crafting network,, as well as at Chattanooga Market and area craft fairs

• What it costs: $28-$39

• Expansion plans: Harris recently introduced a line of adult-sized bags with adjustable straps. She said she would like to keep the business a cottage industry. If she needs more help, she said she would like to hire other work-at-home mothers, rather than expand into large-scale manufacturing.

• Lessons of the trade: "Just managing my time," Harris, said, laughing. "I have two special-needs children. I think having family support to help me with everything is probably the most important thing a mom with a work-at-home business can have."