Georgia Winery offers two kinds of bubbly for New Year's

Georgia Winery offers two kinds of bubbly for New Year's


November 25th, 2011 by Casey Phillips in Business Around the Region

• What: Sparkling wine

• Company: Georgia Winery

• Address: 6469 Battlefield Parkway

• Website:

• Telephone: 706-937-9463

• Owners: Patty Prouty

• What's special: The sparkling wines Georgia Winery is introducing on Dec. 30 are made from two of the winery's most popular wines. The Celebrate Sparkling will be made from the concord, the winery's best selling red wine, which Prouty described as "super sweet, super fruity." The second wine, Pretty in Pink, will be produced using a pink muscadine wine.

• The origin story: When Georgia Winery opened in 1983, Prouty made sparkling wines but ceased production because of the time and expense of equipment involved. Throughout 2011, the winery has experimented with seasonal wines incorporating exotic flavor combinations, a chance venture Prouty said inspired the decision to reintroduce the sparkling wines in time for New Year's Eve.

• How long does it take to make: Sparkling wines made after the traditional French champagne method require about nine months to ferment in the bottle. The method Georgia Winery will use injects carbon-dioxide into the wine while it is stored in tanks, yielding a high amount of carbonation in about 24 hours, Prouty said.

• Where it's sold: The Georgia Winery, after Dec. 30

• What it costs: $15.95 per bottle

• Future expansions planned: Winery spokeswoman Julie Anderson said Georgia Winery's newest venture is distribution in Tennessee through Athens Distribution Co. The winery signed with Athens Distribution in June, and the distributor purchased 120 cases of eight of the winery's best-selling varieties in October. The wine primarily is carried in Chattanooga, but the plan is to expand to Knoxville and Nashville in the future, Anderson said.