Chattanooga couple haul photo booth to parties for gag pictures

Chattanooga couple haul photo booth to parties for gag pictures

February 7th, 2012 by Carey O'Neil in Business Around the Region

Ryan and Rebekah Hargrove look at sample photographs from their new rental business called "Just Shoot Me Photo Booth." They book weddings and various events providing costuming for souvenir photos.

Photo by Tim Barber /Times Free Press.

• Name: Just Shoot Me Photo Booth

• Products/services: Photo booth rental with accompanying props and costumes

• Location: Owners Ryan and Rebekah Hargrove bring their photo booth to events. For more information, visit

• Contact information: 423-903-3333,

• Age: Two months

• Startup investment: $7,000 for the booth. Rebekah Hargrove designed the website, saving thousands in startup costs.

• Target market: Any large events such as weddings, parties and conventions. The Hargroves can break down their photo booth and easily tote it to birthday parties or 50-year high school reunions.

• Biggest hurdle: Finding a way to transport the booth. Even broken down, the booth was too large to fit in their midsized car. They ended up buying an SUV to haul it.

• Biggest reward: Meeting new people. Ryan Hargrove is new to the area and said his business has been a great way to get out in the community. "We've met lots of new friends doing this," he said. "Being able to run your own business is challenging, but I've really enjoyed it."

• Five-year goal: In the next year, Ryan Hargrove hopes to buy another booth so he can rent to two events at once. Everyone seems to have their weddings and parties on the same day, he said, and he's already had to turn away business because he's been booked. Five years from now, he hopes to own three or four booths and hire people to man them when he and his wife are busy.