SmallBiz: Dayton cafe offers Southern fare with French flair

SmallBiz: Dayton cafe offers Southern fare with French flair

June 8th, 2012 by Kimberly McMillian in Business Around the Region

Tressie Maupin, a waitress at the Cafe Pascale & Deli, Bakery, Catering in downtown Dayton, Tenn., takes a moment to talk with a customer. Photo by Kimberly McMillian

Tressie Maupin, a waitress at the Cafe Pascale...

Name: Café Pascale & Deli, Bakery, Catering

Location: 1368 Market St. in Dayton, Tenn.

Contact: 423-826-9004;

Owner: Pascale Deighan, age 46

Menu: Pastries; breakfast, lunch and dinner menus; desserts; Sunday brunch buffet; catering; cooking classes for adults, Cooking Youth day camp and Teens Culinary Adventure, during June and July

Inspiration behind the name: Deighan said she had a "dream of being a French chef living in America," since she was a little girl.

Price range: 75 cents for baked goods, and up to $18.95 for beef tenderloin platters

Target market: All ages are welcome, but adults who enjoy a serene atmosphere and healthy food options will appreciate the cafe's Southern ease with gourmet flair, Pascale said.

Biggest challenge: With the same passion as she uses to prepare each dish, Deighan said that "(the building) was made for us ... location came with ease." She heard about the opening in December, when the previous restaurant owners had vacated the premises, and started the process to make the necessary repairs and design preferences.

Lesson learned: "(I) opened my heart to see people I've dreamed of," she said, about her childhood plans, which materialized.

Five-year goal: Deighan said that she plans to "reach a new chef," which includes training them to run a small business with respect of people and merchandise.

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