Chattanooga and Winchester bankruptcy filings for Nov. 15-21

Chattanooga and Winchester bankruptcy filings for Nov. 15-21

November 24th, 2012 by Staff Reports in Business Around the Region

These are new cases, according to court record, that were filed in the Chattanooga and Winchester offices of U.S. Bankruptcy courts Eastern District of Tennessee, Nov. 15-21.


Moorer, Teresa Ann, 723 Caruthers Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Setliffe Jr., James Reynolds, 107 Bales Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Reese, Pearlie Mae, 1804 Portland St., Apartment B, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Whitmire, Stephen Lewis and Amy Lynne, 2144 Northeast Road SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Stephens Jr., Don Wayne, 9016 Womack Ave., Hixson, Chapter 13

Middlebrooks, Betty Lynn, 3203 Crestfield Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Hicks, Dana Marie, 64 Gravitt Lane, Chickamauga, Ga., Chapter 7

Culberson, James Brent and Christine Marie, 9033 Waconda Shore Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Massengale, Sharon Chiffone, 1513 Roberts Ave., Hixson, Chapter 13

Hicks, Cheryl Denise, 3565 Garner Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Lane, Clifford, 1521 Hickory Valley Road, Apartment 714, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Hindmon, Harold, 10901 Meadowview Road, Georgetown, Tenn., Chapter 7

Parker, Gregory L. and Melissa S., 736 Golden Place, Apartment 212, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Roberts, Stephanie M., P.O. Box 832, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 7

Elkins, Ines Sue, 640 41st St., Apartment 6, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Shockey Jr., Alan Dale, 2015 Rogers Road, Rossville, Chapter 7

Wellington, Charlotte Jeanelle, 101 E. 20th St., Room 246, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Sartin, Larry A., 7117 Bonnyvale, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Brinson, Traci Elaine, 6574 E. Brainerd Road, Apartment 11309, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Rucker, Anita Diane, P.O. Box 2113, Fort Oglethorpe, Chapter 13

Harmon, Brenda Carol, 5609 Highway 60, Birchwood, Tenn., Chapter 7

Hellman, Deborah Sue, 4307 Worsham Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Robinson, Roger Lee, 802 Tunnel Blvd., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Stanke, Kindee Leanne, 41 Cedar Tree Lane, Rossville, Chapter 13

Mitchell, Stanley Keith, 206 County Road 960, Riceville, Tenn., Chapter 7

Higgins, Dobbie Edwin, 13423 Arlen Way, Sale Creek, Chapter 7

Burney, Victoria Jean, 920 Old Lower Mill Road, Hixson, Chapter 13.

Arnett Jr., Michael James, 935 Kay Conley Road, Rock Spring, Ga., Chapter 13

Gunderson, Duane Adam, 4550 Crestview Dr., Chattanooga, Chapater 13

Beach, Justin Dewayne, 2562 Peavine Road, Rock Spring, Ga., Chapter 13

Brown, Randall Alan and Sharon Lee, 3709 Connelly Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Carr, Donald Henry and Stefanie Irene, 120 Laurelwood Circle, Rossville, Chapter 13

Early, Lester Lamar, 2811 Ridge Crest Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Batts, Jeffrey Ardell, 5923 Mouse Creek Road, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Eden, James Steven and Valera Rosalynn, 8260 Highway 337, LaFayette, Ga., Chapter 13

Grier, Celesta, 1400 Chamberlain Ave., Apartment 6, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Jones, Johnna Nicole, 69 W. 27th St., Apartment A, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Seay II, Phillip Dewayne, 84 Green Valley Drive, Rock Springs, Ga., Chapter 7

McGauley, Christopher John and Susan Ruth, 2816 Pheasant Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Chambers, Paula Louise, 7293 Highway 157, Rising Fawn, Ga., Chapter 7

Davis Jr., Jesse Lebron, 301 N. St. Marks St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Drye, Steve Harold and Tammy Diane, 1500 English Court SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Edwards, Andre, 1701 N. Concord Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Dockery Sr., Randy Wayne and Janiele Kay, P.O. Box 177, Apison, Tenn., Chapter 13

Whitted, Christy L., P.O. Box 44, Ten Mile, Tenn., Chapter 7

Beck, Teresa E.,168 Puente Drive NE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Ja'Anini, Robin Emil, 1322 Phils Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Gilbert, Karen Frances, 3046 Houston Valley Road, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 7

Allen Sr., William Calvin, 3618 Perry St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Morrow, Cindy Lelola, P.O. Box 541, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 7

DeGalleford III, John Davis and Jennifer Lynn, 610 Cloverdale Loop, Hixson, Chapter 7

Kaczmarek, John Allen and Marti Ann, 835 Black Oak Estates Road, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 7

Morgan Sr., Charles Evans, P.O. Box 15944, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Cameron, Vanessa Denise, 132 Gladstone Drive, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Goins, Jesse Dewayne and Jessica Morgan, 268 Alp Green Road, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 7

Wods III, Cecil L., 2432 Tunnel Blvd., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Rogers, Patricia Lou, 655 Sands Road, Sweetwater, Tenn., Chapter 13

Cutler-Tanner, Pamela Gay, 8693 Cherlee Drive, Ooltewah, Chapter 7

Hamilton, Kathryn Gail Ward, P.O. Box 237, Rock Spring, Ga., Chapter 7

Jones Jr., Willie and Lania Kal, 4508 Kemp Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Bradley, Kenneth Joe and Stephanie Michelle, 780 Benton Pike, NE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Taylor, Timothy Alan, P.O. Box 839, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 13

High, Christina Marie, 7301 E. Brainerd Road, Apartment D-9, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Dady, Anthony, P.O. Box 7, Birchwood, Tenn., Chapter 13

Careathers, Cher Loiuise, 22 Starview Lane, Apartment 135, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Gamble Jr., James Larry and Sherry Fay, 235 Polk County Ave. NE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Clay, Eula Mae, 251 N.Highland Park Ave.,Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Rojas, Miguel Angel and Elizabeth, 140 Cora Drive, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Raby, Lonnie Clarence,822 Stratford Ave., Sweetwater, Tenn., Chapter 7

Whitted, Alice Renee, 315 County Road 249, Athens, Tenn., Chapter 7

Morris, Teresa Lynne, 5195 Creek Bend Court NW, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Lawson, James David and Martha Sue , 145 Alabama St., Delano, Tenn., Chapter 13

Nunley, Jeffery Allen, 8980 W. Addis Road, Tunnel Hill, Ga., Chapter 7

O'More V, Rory and Jolonda Lynne, 1055 Harbor Crest Drive, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 7

Holcomb, Kelly Michelle, 512 Roberts Mill Road, Hixson, Chapter 13

Chambers III, Jeffrie Clarence, 251 N. Highland Park Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Brooks, Eric Dow and Stacie Denise, 326 Tennant Circle, Chickamauga, Ga., Chapter 7

Olson, Dolores Lynn, 300 Reels Cove Road, Whitwell, Tenn., Chapter 7

Beach, James Marshall and Christy Lynn, 6984 Back Valley Road, Evensville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Roberts, Zane Victor and Shannon Leigh, 239 Longmire Lane, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 13

Williams, Teresa Ann, 723 Hill Road, Lot 2, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 13

Bevans, Shaun Drew, 316 Battle Bluff Drive, Rossville, Chapter 13

West, Richard Lee, 1123 Copperwood Drive, Hixson, Chapter 7

Thorp, Gary Michael, 1123 Copperwood Drive, Hixson, Chapter 7

Goins, Lori Annette, 108 Cook Road, LaFayette, Ga., Chapter 7

Pilcher, Joel Stacey and Susan Renae, 26449 Alabama Highway, Flat Rock, Ala., Chapter 13

Ruvalcaba, Jose Rosendo and Norma Guadalupe, 3265 Rauschenberg Road NW, Dalton, Ga., Chapter 7

Floyd, Jason Erik and Leslie Diana, 4737 Norcross Road, Apartment A, Hixson, Chapter 13

Dougan, Peggy Diane, 300 W. Midvale Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

LaDuke, Anthony Lee, 995 Highway 157, Lookout Mountain, Ga., Chapter 13

McMath, Carla Denise, 1408 Highland Way, Hixson, Chapater 13

Hudgins, Lougene, 2012 Ivy St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Brown, Cathleen Ray, 372 Chandler Road, Trion, Ga., Chapter 13

Crosby, Scott Lewis, 2117 Rambler Lane, Hixson, Chapter 7

Gagliardi, Michael Craig, 80 Sherry Drive, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 7

Johnston, Teresa Lynn, 821 Poindexter Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Mapp, Andre, 315 N. Holly St., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Andrade, Luis Eduardo, 4221 Shady Oak Drive, Ooltewah, Chapter 13

Morgan, Debora Jean, 1002 Bomar St., LaFayette, Ga., Chapter 13

Roncin, Derek Douglas, 2337 Freedom Bay Drive, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 13

Hughley, Calvin B. and Geneva, 107 Benham Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Smith, Althia Sheree, 100 Dorrah Lane, Apartment 19, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Poss, Bryce Allen and Tamara Tieann, 372 Pineywood Drive, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Judkins, Michael Alen, 161 Patterson St., McMinnville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Bush, Jimmy Loouiis, 2709 Citico Ave., Apartment R3, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Stone, Brenda lee, P.O. Box 461, Benton, Tenn., Chapter 7

Skinner, Jordan Leighanne, 47 Spring St., Rossville, Chapter 13

Hicks, Franklin Thomas and Cynthia Eileen, 5497 Highway 411, Madisonville, Tenn.,Chapter 13

Teems, Elizabeth Pruett, 1371 Roach Hollow Road, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Rice, Marsha Dawn, 2704 Blackburn Road SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Ellis, Michael Alan and Gwenith Kathryn, 86 Candle Lane, Chickamauaga, Ga., Chapter 7

Ferrell Jr., Harold Clinton, 4004 Laura Lane, Apartment B, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Wright, Sharon Denise, 3003 Towerway Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Elliott, James Charles, 379 Ashley Drive, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 13

Hannum, John Leslie and Bonnie Ivins, 40 Brookvale Terrace, Rossville, Chapter 13

McElvain, Cathy Brooks, P.O. Box 16833, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Cross, Eric Ternay, 3204 Hillwood Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Durham, Angela Kay, 719 Bowen Lane, Chickamauga, Ga., Chapter 13

Shubert, Charles Gregory and Linda Kay, 911 Hickory Ave., Apartment B, Hixson, Chapter 13

Sohl, Kenneth, 117 Shearer St., Apartment B, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 13

Smithers, Rachel Ellizabeth, 1042 Nipp Way, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Baker, James Lester, 3711 Oweda Tewrrace, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Turner, Bobby Dale, 403 Long St., Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 13

Ross, Toby lee, 203 Cherokee Crossing, Calhoun, Tenn., Chapter 13

Castleberry, Cynthia Elaine, 5089 Highway 11 South, Apartment 3, Calhoun, Tenn., Chapter 7

Howard, Debra S., 12308 Creek Hollow Lane, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 7

Falls Sr., Jackie Dennis and Janet Irene, 2709 Peerless Road NW, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Bonner, Fanta Charnelle, 6173 Vance Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Evitt, Steven Wayne, 2745 Brownbridge Road, Dalton, Ga., Chapter 7

Lambert, Michael David and Lynell Sharp, 737 Mary Agnes Drive, Rossville, Chapter 7

Lawrence Sr., Perry Cornell and Viola Divens 19102 Stoney Creek Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Hicks III, Jim Otis, 4004 Taft Highway, Signal Mountain, Chapter 13

Turner Sr., Anthony, 3616 Ridgeside Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 13


Spencer, Lois Janelle, 478 Watson Cravens Road, Hillsboro, Tenn., Chapter 7

Chunn, Rachael, 906 Purdy Court, Shelbyville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Bucher, Sonja Faye, 206 Franklin St., Cowan, Tenn., Chapter 13

Uselton, Richard Wayneman and Valeria Ann, 120 Twin Marys Drive, Tullahoma, Tenn.,Chapter 7

Christmas, Jessica Kay, 3181 Hallmark Drive, Lewisburg, Tenn., Chapter 13

Baker, Patricia Ann, P.O. Box 11, Spencer, Tenn., Chapter 7

Holcombe, Shirley, 108 Oakdale St., Shelbyville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Reed, Kimberly Anne, 1320 Gnat Hill Road, Manchester, Tenn., Chapter 7

Baker, Keith Leroy and Chris Adell, 149 Fly Cox Road, Manchester, Tenn., Chapter 7

Pugh, Tracy Allen and Leigh Ann, 109 Avalon Drive, Shelbyville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Conklin Jr., Lester Harry, 1483 Riddle Road, Lot 3, Manchester, Tenn., Chapter 13

Sutton, Michael Lee, 318 SW Atlantic St., Tullahoma, Tenn., Chapter 7

Hammers, Robert Allen and Carol Joyce, 147 Hammers Road, Gruetli Laager, Tenn., Chapter 13