Chattanooga area and Winchester, Tenn., bankruptcy filings for Sept. 27 - Oct. 3

Chattanooga area and Winchester, Tenn., bankruptcy filings for Sept. 27 - Oct. 3

October 5th, 2012 by Staff Reports in Business Around the Region

These are new cases, according to court records, that were filed in the Chattanooga and Winchester offices of U.S. Bankruptcy courts Eastern District of Tennessee, Sept. 27 - Oct. 3:


Austin, Valerie, 5432 Blue Oak Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Loggins, Rita Carol, 9025 Leamon Road, Harrison, Chapter 13

McMahan, Adelene Leona, 320 Stanford Drive, Flintstone, Ga., Chapter 13

Felvelson, George John, 2697 State Highway 304, Ten Mile, Tenn., Chapter 13

Culbertson Jr., Hoyt and Mary Ellen, 209 County Road 752, Rice-ville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Vallejo, Francisco Alex and Valerie Diane, 5200 Mouse Creek Road NW, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Rutledge, Timothy Ray and Millie S., P.O. Box 283, Ten Mile, Tenn., Chapter 13

Stinnett, Stephanie Nicole, 225 Royal Drive, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Aitken, Nancy Lynn, 3931 Birmingham Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Austin, LaGeirdre Myra, 510 Central Drive, Apartment 906, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Ford, LaChaundra Nicholle, 9853-B Vine St., Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 13

Phillips, James Thomas, 2212 S. Cedar Lane, Apartment 216, Fort Oglethorpe, Chapter 13

Cobb, Michael, 1107 S. Holly St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Morrow, Monty Todd and Bridget Lanette, 2531 Ladd Springs Road SE, Old Fort, Tenn., Chapter 13

Masters Jr., Richard Ronald, 54 Tripp Lane, Trenton, Ga., Chapter 13

Rogers, Michael Wade, P.O. Box 1274, LaFayette, Ga., Chapter 13

Green, Rachael Diane, 113 Fox Run Circle North, Flintstone, Ga., Chapter 13

Portwood, Lewis T., 549 Center Grove Road, LaFayette, Ga., Chapter 13

Johnson, Rose Michelle, 7312 Fairington Circle, Hixson, Chapter 13

Stone, Sherman Paul, 326 Knoll Creek Circle, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Snider, John Thomas and Jennifer Lynn, 259 Ridge Road, LaFayette, Ga., Chapter 13

Dotson Sr., Vernon James and Reba Louise, 1434 Daugherty Ferry Road, Sale Creek, Chapter 13

Pressley, Teresa Darlene, 400 Sixth St., Etowah, Tenn., Chapter 13

Melvin, Carllee Allen, 1146 Pierce Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Brown, Adam Wesley and Kimberly Annette, P.O. Box 907, Jasper, Tenn., Chapter 7

Griggs, David Lashawn and Jeanne Anita, 315 Williams Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Hackney, Tenisha Rose, 221 E. Maryland Ave., Whitwell, Tenn., Chapter 7

Lively, Jennifer Leigh, 8615 Springfield Road, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 7

Morris, Dusty Ann, 4145 Ringgold Road, Apartment 102, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Rheal, Brandon Keith and Natasha Danielle, P.O. Box 504, Whitwell, Tenn., Chapter 7

Rogers Jr., Frank Houston and Lois Jean, 25 Reagan Drive, LaFayette, Ga., Chapter 7

Starkey, Valencia Lynnette, 7155 Tyner Crossing Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Woodall, Shelbi Jean, 156 Bent Oak Trail, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Hutchinson, Geoffrey Randall and Polly Lynn, 357 Kile Lane SW, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Barley, Charlene Jenette, 309 Wal-Mart Drive #53, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 13

Nipper, Angelia Kay, 354 County Road 114, Athens, Tenn., Chapter 13

Howe, Maggie Lynn,151 Turtlerun Road, Turtletown, Tenn., Chapter 13

Ramsey, Pamela Jean, 706 Parkview Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Dunstan, Carolyn Faye, 115 C, Mountain Cove Road, Whitwell, Tenn., Chapter 13

Limburg, Howard Lee and Mary Lou, 192 County Road 500, Etowah, Tenn., Chapter 7

Sutton, Sharron Dematric and Sunshine Victoria, 224 Charleston Lane, Apartment 101, Crossville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Lea, Charles Randall and Tina Maria, 31 West Brow Drive, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Lockhart, James Christopher, 866 Ridge Road West, Crossville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Smith, James Michael, P.O. Box 321, Chickamauga, Ga., Chapter 7

Phillips, Mary Annette, 311 Riddle Road, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 13

Greene, Ralph Gregory, 5251-C Highway 153, #365, Hixson, Chapter 13

Chapman Jr., Roy Glenn, 205 McBrien Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Castillo, Jose Jamie and Larinda Leigh, 230 Oakland Trail SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Porter, Justin Levi, 1062 Dayton Mountain Highway, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 7

Stinnett, Jackie Ann,206 Fourth St., Apartment 285, Englewood, Tenn., Chapter 7

Wilkison Jr., Julian Barry and Linda Priscilla, 1290 McNabb Road, Evensville, Tenn., Chapter 7

Arnwine, Rosalyn Ann, 298 High St. SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Moss, Kenisha Danielle, 312 County Road 801, Etowah, Tenn., Chapter 13

Powell, Mary Rose, 600 Pierce Road, Lot 25, Evensville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Hammontree, Jordan Amanda, 4821 Tanglewood Drive, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Moody, Hoyt Joseph, 215 Highway 305, Athens, Tenn., Chapter 7

Higgins, Amanda Eileen, 1768 Gretchen Circle, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 7

Miller, Kimberly Ann, 1609 Tellico Ave., Athens, Tenn., Chapter 7

Hixson Jr., Jackie Lee, 783 County Road 82, Athens, Tenn., Chapter 7

Downs, Jennifer Doty, 44 Bluff View Circle, Flintstone, Ga., Chapter 13

Baggett, John Gary, 4806 Norcross Road, Apartment A, Hixson, Chapter 13

Lockhart, James Wayne and Renita Fay, 1850 C.C. Road, Whitwell, Tenn., Chapter 13

Ayers Jr., Billile Ray, 3232 Shepard Drive, Rocky Face, Ga., Chapter 13

Collett Jr., David Paul, 6319 Shore Manor Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

McCullough, Jay Michael and Sarah Hattie, 626 Glen Court, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Bradley, Darlan Lebron, 216 Sequoia Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Hammonds, Brian Lee and Shirlie Dawn, 148 County Road 142, Rice-ville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Tallent Jr., Virgil Richard and Rebecca Maxwell, P.O. Box 221, Sweetwater, Tenn., Chapter 13

Cook, Mark Shawn, 7735 Moes Road, Hixson, Chapter 7

Hurst, Christopher Scott and April Annette, 11 Rogers Court, Chatsworth, Ga., Chapter 7

Lane, Jason Atlee, 6924 Glover Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Lawrence, Shannon Alishia, 1902 Stoney Creek Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Morris, Wesley Keith and Kimberly Michelle, 2156 Cave Springs Road, Rising Fawn, Ga., Chapter 7

Sise, Aaron Matthew and Amy Laura, 7310 Standifer Gap Road, Apartment 101, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Harvey, Christ Lee, 4333 Greenbriar Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Hubbard Jr., Dehart, 2147 E. 28th St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

McDonald, Shannon Leigh, 1023 Dartmouth St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

McMillian, Robert Darrell and Karen Denise, 242 Nickajack Circle, Jasper, Tenn., Chapter 13

Poole, Herbert Lindburgh, 2531 Cummings Highway, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Tolliver, Noble Darnell, 314 McBrien Road, Apartment 818, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Dupree, Takiro Laquanda, 905 N. Orchard Knob, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Davidson, Dwone Maruice and Barbara Rena, 2708 Glenwood Parkway, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Duff, Carl Junior and Kimberly Ann, 168 Fairlane Drive, Rossville, Chapter 7

Freeman, Ellis Lydell, 4255 Kayla Circle, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Rogers, John Carl, 1615 Lynnbrook Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Brown, Rachel Erin, 385 Armstrong Road SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Vaughn, William Lonell, 4005 Fifth Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Marcos, Bernardina, 1127 Greenslake Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Horton, Marcie Dawn, 801 Crittenden Ave., Chickamauga, Ga., Chapter 7

Brown, Tammy Jane, 5409 Connell St., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Crenshaw, Falon Denise, 119 County Road 896, Etowah, Tenn., Chapter 13

Crockett, Matthew Robert, 7007 Maplewood Lane, Apartment 3, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Farris, Dakota Wade, 1845 Green Drive, Apartment B, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Carden, Marian Dawn, 330 Christian Drive NW, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Littleton, Shirley Dean, 270 Abel Acres Lane, Decatur, Tenn., Chapter 13

Crowder, Kenneth Lee and Jillian Arlene, 5 Fox Chase St., Rossville, Chapter 13

Crenshaw, James V., 119 County Road 896, Etowah, Tenn., Chapter 13

McCullum, Deidre Joyce, 3309 Frawley St., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Kernea II, Richard Lee, 1903 Bay Pointe Drive, Hixson, Chapter 13

Wallin, Mary Evelyn, 63 Faith Drive, Highway 151, Trion, Ga., Chapter 13

Cole, Darwin Reid, 12 Lois Lane, Tunnel Hill, Ga., Chapter 7

Maddux, Tracy Lamar, 3416 Hedge Drive NE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Cook, Michael Eugene and Judith Kay, 305 County Road 48, Athens, Tenn., Chapter 7

Spivey Jr., Johnny Lee, 79 Marsh Drive, Chickamauga, Ga., Chapter 13

Tanner, Theresa Eloise, 43 Lynn Grove Drive, Rossville, Chapter 13

Mizell, Jodell Jean, 2004 Young Road, Apartment B, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Flores, Joan Leonel, 1821 Richmond Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Sandidge, Rodney Kevin and Carrie Suzanne, P.O. Box 21209, Chattanooga, Chaper 13

Higdon, Jeffery Don and Laurie Alice, 24 Daus Mill Road, Dunlap, Tenn., Chapter 13

Chung, Sungill, 531Callaway Court, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Shalett, Joseph Harold, 3867 S. Quail Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Hair, Robert Douglas and Kristine Lynne, 172 Elaine Drive, Flintstone, Ga., Chapter 7

Benefield, Karen Renee, 2416 Crescent Club Drive, Hixson, Chapter 7

Cranmore, Sally Ann, 1804 Albermarie Drive, Apartment B, Hixson, Chapter 7

Liriano, Juan Vinicio, 2361 Poplar Grove Drive, Ooltewah, Chapter 7

Stewart Jr., Sammy Joe, 125 Centro St., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Smith, Dale Murphy and Connie Cole, 205 Glenridge Place, Rossville, Chapter 7

Volunteer Trucking, Inc., 12400 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 1100, Los Angeles, Chapter 7

Jacobsen, Margaret Joann, P.O. Box 194, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 13

Neeley Jr., Samuel Lewis, 3412 Connelly Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Winegar, Larry Joe, 229 Kelly St., Whitwell, Tenn., Chapter 13

Edwards, Tiffany Alicia, 235 Hidden Oaks Drive, Flintstone, Ga., Chapter 7

Ingram, Trina Suann, 151 County Road 813, Etowah, Tenn., Chapter 13

Mayes, Kathy Denise, 422 Jenkins Road, Rossville, Chapter 13

White, Suzette Meshea, P.O. Box 9905, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Holland, KristaJean, 7030 Amin Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

House, Asha Egene, 913 State Line Road, Apartment 1203, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

McCarter, Glen Shane, 1210 Polplar St., Cleveland, Chapter 13

Beard, Nancy Lavonne, P.O. Box 44, Evensville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Dickerson, LaTonya Lynn, 118 County Road 162, Niota, Tenn., Chapter 13

Harris, Mary Elizabeth, 107 Broom Place, Apartment F2, Dalton, Ga., Chapter 13

Carter, Jerry Lamar, 114 N. Airport Road, Trion, Ga., Chapter 13

Reed, Wanda Denise, 1519 E. 50th St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Smith, Stephen Craig, 1104 Bruin Lane, Rossville, Chapter 13

Shaw, Kenneth F. and Jewell A., 5840 Highway 360, Tellico Plains, Tenn., Chapter 7

Proffitt, Paul, 290 Englewood Road, Madisonville, Tenn., Chapter 7

Zigler, Wanda Faye, 6349 Deletha Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Hudson, Kimberlie Faith, 1942 County Road 700, Riceville, Tenn., Chapter 7

Higdon IV, Carl David and Jonette Marie, 235 Saddle Club Road, Trenton, Ga., Chapter 13

Brown, James W. and Ashley Lynn, P.O. Box 130, Ducktown, Tenn., Chapter 13

Manley Jr., Lance Filson, 507 Woodland Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Malone, Wanda LaBronne, 1904 Robbins St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13


Gault, Vickie L., 5 Boomer Lane, Fayetteville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Warner Sr., Darrell L. and Toneka Lanette, 314 Fazio Court, Bell Buckle, Tenn., Chapter 7

Cook, Ora Edgar and Barbara Sue, 1044 Robert Wilson Road, McMinnville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Whitson, Aubrey Nease, 121 Burnett Drive, Wartrace, Tenn., Chapter 13

Kilgore, Nona Vee, P.O. Box 71, Coalmont, Tenn., Chapter 7

Adcox, Terry Glen and Verna Annette, 209 Havest Drive, Manchester, Tenn., Chapter 7

Cheatham, Billy Van, 65 Bryson St., Auburntown, Tenn., Chapter 7

Long, Nathan Alan and Tiffeney Hope Marie, 677 Buscuffle Road, Wartrace, Tenn., Chapter 7

Cook, Jammy Lee, 717 Old Shellsford Road, McMinnville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Smith, Jonathan Ray, 410 Riverbend Road, Shelbyville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Loso, Brian Allen and Cynthia M., 3008 Fairfield Pike, Bell Buckle, Tenn., Chapter 13