Chattanooga and Winchester bankruptcy filings for Oct. 11-17

Chattanooga and Winchester bankruptcy filings for Oct. 11-17

October 19th, 2012 by Staff Reports in Business Around the Region

These are new cases, according to court records, that were filed in the Chattanooga and Winchester offices of U.S. Bankruptcy courts Eastern District of Tennessee, Oct. 11-17:


Harvey, Arley LeeRoy, 8967 Daisy Dallas Road, Hixson, Chapter 13

Williams, Chonipa Venice, 4309 Ohls Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Almeida, Regina Cely, 124 Ashlin Ridge Drive NE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Morgan, James Daniel, 385 Morgan Road NE, Charleston, Tenn., Chapter 7

Guelde, Vickie Leigh, 4319 10th Ave., Chatanooga, Chapter 13

Canter, Julian Yost and Zainna Fawn, 315 Henry Road, Whitwell, Tenn., Chapter 13

Goins, Ronald Dale, 20 Cemetery Road, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Hunter, Elizabeth Lifsey, 5906 Rainbow Springs Drive, P.O. Box 16433, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Gann Jr.,Jim and Dusty Lin, 11175 Highway 58 South, Decatur, Tenn., Chapter 7

Lofton, Beverly Elaine, 1711 Cambridge Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Palmisano, Paul Michael and Linda Faye, P.O. Box 3, Rising Fawn, Ga., Chapter 13

Atterberry, Michael Lawrence, 387 Snyder Loop, Graysville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Pitts, Shaneya Tawan, 600 Ledford St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Gray, Troy Stephen Gray, 1637 W. Colorado St., Hixson, Chapter 13

Mann, Billy Monroe, P.O. Box 711, Adairsville, Ga.,Chapter 7

Whitfield, Judd V. and Lorna J., 828 Castleview Drive, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 7

Jones, Keturah Rhayenetta, 7761 Basswood Drive, Apartment B, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Webb, Heather Minissa, 1565 Williamsburg Circle, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Pearson, David Allen, 9664 Collier Place, Ooltewah, Chapter 7

Little Jr., William Alexander, 105 Backdraft Lane, Rossville, Chapter 13

McDermott, Sharelle D., 2005 Westland Drive, Apartment 505, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Mason, Shayne Andrew, 2205 Pleasant Grove Trail, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Roulston, Kevin Hamilton and Natasha Resheeman, 7321 Majestic Hill Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Cooper, Alejandro Desha, 3869 Agawela Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Jones, Latasha Monique, 3603 Missionaire Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Shropshire, Calvin Jabari, 729 Mansion Circle, Apartment K, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Powers, Coolidge Monroe and Patricia Ann, 15806 Alabama Highway, Rock Spring, Ga., Chapter 13

Flores, Tanya Marie, 5410 High St., Ooltewah, Chapter 13

Taylor, Judith Landis, 3313 Redding Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

McNabb, Jerry Wayne, 1710 Small St., Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Cox, Shane L., 2019 Sunhill Road, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapater 13

Walker Sr., Leon Mannie, 4523 Peckinpaugh Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Ramsey Jr., Marty Joe and Kali Claire, 1615 Ketner Mill Road, Whitwell, Tenn., Chapter 7

Anderson, Wesley Frank and Kay Alton, P.O. Box 1561 Rocky Face, Ga., Chapter 13

Fort IV, Joel Battle and Karen Canfield, 2124 N. Fork Drive, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 13

Gravett, John Allen and Mandie Melissa, 572 Snyder Loop, Graysville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Willis, Dorothy Lucille, 165 Crawford St., Dayton, Ten., Chapter 13

Spurling, James R. and Catherine J., 128 County Road 803, Etowah, Tenn., Chapter 13

Shell, Joshua Ray, 189 Laurel Drive, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 13

Postell, Tamia Kennazia, 7673 N. Bishop Drive, Apartment 8, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Duke, Stephanie Ruth, 3507 Crawford Drive SE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Harrison, Connie Sue, 4913 Sunbeam Ave., Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Wolcott, Jeffrey Lee, 5873 Lake Resort Terrace, Apartment B102, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Leonard, Amanda Louise, 1668 Greenwood Ave., Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Fincher, Matthew Michael and Elizabeth Ann, 110 Martin Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Kelly, Todd, 4601 Loftwood Drive, Cohutta, Ga., Chapter 7

Monday, Wayne Houston and Kathleen Dawn, 7278 Valley Lane, Hixson, Chapter 7

Nation, Brian Keith and Bridgett Deanna, 8784 Millard Lee Lane B, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Zumstein, Ernest Ray and Deborah Ann, P.O. Box 564, Harrison, Chapter 7

Presley, Crystal M., P.O. Box 148, Philadelphia, Tenn., Chapter 13

Jordan, Michael Bradley and Marla Dianne, 542 Ocoee Hills Circle, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Guthrie, Sabrinna Kaye, 150 Stoker Circle, Chickamauga, Ga., Chapter 13

Penny, Michael V.,12209 Country Mill Lane, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 13

Whitener, Rhnda Michelle, 700 Hancock Road, Jasper, Tenn., Chapter 13

Potts, Byron L. and Nancy, P.O. Box 2552, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Manning, Kirby Daniels and Wendy Lynn, 8411 Lexie Lane, Ooltewah, Chapter 7

Pruett, Anthony Ronald, 411 Fuller Lane, Sale Creek, Chapter 13

Marlin, James Terry and Linda Kay, 8157 Richland Drive, Hixson, Chapter 13

Rapier, Donald Lee, 7415 Chris Lane, Georgetown, Tenn., Chapter 7

Bracy III, Benjamin and Teresa Susan, 749 Black Creek Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Nelson, Stacy Diane, 1512 Huff Ave. SW, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 7

Mullins, Kimberly Ann, 1350 Sneed Road, Decatur, Tenn., Chapter 7

Hutcherson, Erma Lee, P.O. Box 9171 Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Ransom, Larry Carlton and Sandra Elaine, 4827 Bonny Lake Lane, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Huckabee Jr., William Curtis, 716A Salem Road, Rossville, Chapter 13

Acklin, Violet Lelene, 9613 Pine St., Apartment A, Ooltewah, Chapter 13

Brown, Marc Anthony and Rebecca Lynn, 6854 N. Lee Highway, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Caldwell, Travis Shane and Christy Lyne, 8479 Booth Bay Drive, Hixson, Chapter 13

Gentry, Bonnie Renee, 730 W. James St., Apartment 226, Rossville, Chapter 13

Oakes, Kimberly Ann, 10101 Runyan Hills Lane, Ooltewah, Chapter 7

Johnston Jr., Joseph S. and Carrie Lynn, 193 Stone Circle, Dunlap, Tenn., Chapter 7

Hyler, Joyce Dean, 497 Post Oak Road, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Railey, Wendy Dawn, 137 Davenport Lane, LaFayette, Ga., Chapter 7

Taylor, Tracy Michele, 201 Sequoia Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Stropshire, Glenda Lee, 148 Gate St., Rossville, Chapter 13

Brown, Darrell Lebron, 3203 Hillwood Circle, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Williams, Rekita Denise, P.O. Box 24172, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Hudgins, DeLois Jean, 5532 Old Mission Road, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Atkins, James David and Pamela Marlene, 8712 Kevin Lane, Harrison, Chapter 7

Ervin, Kimberl Dawn, 2421Thompson Lane, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Langley, Robert Warren, 189 Hendricks Lane NE, Cleveland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Cook, Steven Wayne and Jessica Leigh, 570 Moore Road, Lookout Moutain, Ga., Chapter 13

Lawson, Heath Anthony and Elizabeth Lee, 715 Childs Road, Birchwood, Tenn., Chapter 13

Todd, Bryan Alexander, P.O. Box 331, Ducktown, Tenn., Chapter 13

Suttle Sr., Frank Perry, 300 Cooper St., Apartment 101, LaFayette, Ga., Chapter 13

Poole, LeTroy Ronnell and Danielle LaShawn, 506 Oglethorpe Ridge Lane, Fort Oglethorpe, Chapter 13

Whalen, James Joseph and Alisha Gail, 817 Sutton Drive, Hixson, Chapter 13

Travis, Howard Wayne and Lynette Denise, 173 Natures Trail, Graysville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Collins, Lori Angela, 6928 S. Fork Road, Pound, Va., Chapter 7

Del-Pino, Manfredo Nicolas, 107 Goodson Ave., Apartment 34, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Hatfield, Derek Lee and Kimberly Michelle, 8439 Cross Timbers Circle, Hixson, Chapter 13

Turner, April Candace, 206 Dale St., Rossville, Chapter 13

Peterson, Brad Wayne, 234 Rattan Road, Dayton, Tenn., Chapter 7

Haywood, Michael Adrian, 4554 Tricia Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Worley, Melissa H., 84 Park Ave., Trion, Ga., Chapter 13

Smith, Frances Nicole, 7115 Holland Lane, Apartment B, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Harris, Johnny Allen and Brenda Faye, P.O. Box 431, Ringgold, Ga., Chapter 13

Sims, Enest Ervin, 8234 Cavan Circle, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Robinette, Yolanda Ann, 436 S 2nd Ave., Chatsworth, Ga., Chapter 13

Pevehouse, Kristy Rene, 136 Maple Leaf Drive, Rock Spring, Ga., Chapter 13

Delaney, Paul Charles, 13746 Mt. Tabor Road, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 7

Womack, Angela Ruth, 3400 Lisa Drive, Apartment 13, Chattanooga, Chapter 7

Richard, Susan Claire, 402 Sims Drive, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Thompson, Deborah Ann, P.O. Box 5972, Chattanooga, Chapter 13

Browder, Faye Ann, 123 County Road 904, Etowah, Tenn., Chapter 7

Mareske, Bruce Richard, 841 Chicory Place, Signal Mountain, Chapter 13

Smith, Carolyn A., P.O. Box 567, Rocky Face, Ga., Chapter 13

Harwood, Sherrill Ann, 1775 Emerald Pointe Drive, Soddy-Daisy, Chapter 13

Goforth, Juanita Faye, P.O. Box 1024, Dalton, Ga., Chapter 13


Langford, Matthew D., 118 Badenhop Blvd., Fayetteville, Tenn., Chapter 7

Coulter, Sherman M. and Paula, 2115 Warren Road, Manchester, Tenn., Chapter 13

Long, Timothy Troy and Kimberly, 201 Lincoln Ave. South, Fayetteville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Botts, Craig Steven, P.O. Box 158, Tracy City, Chapter 13

Cartwright, Christa Elaine, 529 Welchland Camp Road, Spencer, Tenn., Chapter 13

Keel, Tina Marie, 2615 South Chancery St., Apartment, B-4, McMinnville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Jernigan, Roy, 467 Davis Lane, Bell Buckle, Tenn., Chapter 13

McGee, Phoebe Bernedith, P.O. Box 362, Altamont, Tenn., Chapter 13

Tubbs, Glenda Mallory, 3390 Dietz Drive, Cookeville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Armour, Connie Ruth, 425 Jackson St., Smithville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Barrett, Michelle Danielle, 311 Couch St., McMinnville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Jones, Ashley, 101 Lorien Circle, Apartment B, Shelbyville, Tenn., Chapter 13

Collins, Penny Kay, 4065 Eastbrook, Road, Estill Springs, Tenn., Chapter 13

Dowell, Jonathan Horace and Amanda Lynn, P.O. Box 266, Beechgrove, Tenn., Chapter 7

Payton, Holly Deann, 612-A-South Jefferson St., Winchester, Tenn., Chapter 7

Tigue, Jeffrey Lynn and Melissa Dawn, 124 Donavon Drive, McMinnville, Tenn., Chapter 7

Johnson, Bobbie L., 1619 Beans Creek Road, Huntland, Tenn., Chapter 13

Lipford, Timmy Sanchez, 1015 S. Franklin St., Apartment 10-C, Tullahoma, Tenn., Chapter 13

Boldin, Daryl Dewayne, 14 Piller Road, Ardmore, Tenn., Chapter 7

Lawson, Angela Diane, 502 West End Ave., McMinnville, Tenn., Chapter 7

James, Michael Ryan and April Denise, 43 West Point Drive, Fayetteville, Tenn., Chapter 13