Big Five: Top TV stations in Chattanooga

Big Five: Top TV stations in Chattanooga

August 13th, 2013 in Business Around the Region

The top revenue-producing television stations in Chattanooga during 2012, as ranked by SNL Kagan Research:

• 1. WTVC-TV9, the ABC network affiliate owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., $14.2 million.

• 2. WRCB-TV3, the NBC network affiliate owned by Sarkes Tarzian Inc., $12.2 million.

• 3. WDEF-TV12, the CBS network affiliate owned by Morris Multimedia Inc., $8.2 million.

• 4. WDSI-TV61, the Fox affiliate owned by CP Media Communications, $6.6 million.

• 5. WFLI-TV42, the CW-affiliate station owned by Mps Media, LLC, $1.3 million.

Source: SNL Kagan Research