Dayton auction gallery features vintage treasures

Dayton auction gallery features vintage treasures

May 21st, 2013 by Kimberly McMillian in Business Around the Region

Ben Brown, owner of the Gallery on Market Street in Dayton, Tenn., sorts through prints of the 1982 World's Fair that he'll feature at an upcoming auction. Brown's auction showcases auctioneer Doug Colvin's rapid announcement of the antiques and collectibles listed for bidding, the second and fourth Saturday of each month.

Ben Brown, owner of the Gallery on Market...

Name: Gallery on Market Street

Location: 1367 Market St. in downtown Dayton

Contact: 423-285-5865

Products: Antiques, Lionel train sets, modern toys and furniture; consignment items; concession stand food and drink selections

Owner: Ben Brown, 64

Startup investment: Training and licensing averaged nearly $1000, he said, but he estimated up to $40,000 was needed for initial items purchased and expenses. Brown anticipates that he'll reap that investment within the first year.

Price range of services: Bidding for items can start as low as $2, for glassware, up to $100 for a Duncan Phyfe dining room table, said Brown.

Target market: Attendees are "mostly in the over-40 category," he said, but that the younger generations are welcomed to participate.

Biggest hurdle: The investment of time needed to search and categorize items has been a challenge, along with helping younger buyers appreciate the significance of items at auctions.

Lesson learned: As a former consignment, brand-name clothing and accessories store owner, he said that there were details about the new business he hadn't anticipated, such as the challenges of acquiring collectibles across the region to feature.

Five-year goal: Brown said his goal is to grow as a "well-known auction house" and feature high-dollar items that avid collectors would appreciate and purchase.

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